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Why Citadines Salcedo is a Favorite Among Expats and Millennials

by Anna Duque
June 15, 2018

There is an unexpected warmth and happy vibe upon entering Citadines Salcedo Makati.

Quite a surprise considering there is the preconceived notion that the serviced apartments seem to cater to the upper crust of Makati CBD, and the expats who are in town for business. It is not snooty nor regaling of pomp, but it is cozy, fresh and hip. The apart'hotel makes you feel excited to call Citadines your home. And it is.

The youthful appeal transcends the colors of the interiors to the whole ambiance of Citadine. The quirky appeal is that one-character asset that regularly brings customers, young and old, local and expat alike, into the apart’hotel and engages them to stay longer.

Don’t let it all fool you, though. Citadines Salcedo takes its job seriously when it comes to making guests feel right at home and comfortable.

The apartments of Citadines are anything but boring. They are modern, very trendy, and so easy to fall in love with. The studio apartment alone is designed in a way where any working millennial would want it to be—straightforward, modern, and comfortable. Its amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, entertainment system and of course, dependable Wi-Fi.

The 1-BR Deluxe offers a bigger space to accommodate another friend or family member. Amenities are the same, including daily housekeeping services, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your room neat and clean. If it’s ample space that you’re considering, this apart’hotel has the perfect one suited for your needs.

The gym and pool is found on the 9th floor which is perfect for those who like a bit of peace and quiet. The pool overlooks the Makati business district, so if you’re going to take a dip, please don’t be shocked at seeing employees from nearby buildings busily going through their day while you lounge like a boss.

What sets the amenities of Citadines Salcedo apart from their counterparts? Their very own herb garden and yoga area. We’ve never heard of any local hotel having their own herb garden and relaxing yoga area (with greens and the works, mind you).

The Flying Pan is Citadines Salcedo’s very own restaurant. It is always full and never without a customer. Employees in the business district come here for lunch and sometimes even stay until merienda. The ambiance of the restaurant makes you forget time (and work). Not to mention that they have gastronomic specialties that one will keep coming back for. We encourage you to try their sumptuous Porchetta that is only available in limited quantities throughout the day.

What truly sets Citadines Salcedo apart from neighboring hotels is its staff and service. Perhaps because, they’re family, that’s why. At least, that’s what you sense when they communicate with you and their colleagues. Service is personalized yet discreet. It is warm and engaging without being intrusive. Staff do go out of their way to make you feel at home, so you don’t get homesick especially during extended periods of being away. They remember your name, how you like your eggs done and even how you want your room cleaned. Oh, and you’re allowed to pick herbs from the garden and borrow a cookbook for nights when you want to stay in for dinner. Only family allows that.

Extended stays at Citadines Salcedo is a welcome respite from the usual hotels we’re used to. There is comfort in knowing you are home and now we understand why guests keep choosing and coming back to these particular serviced apartments in Makati.

We would do the same anytime.

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About Anna
Anna likes coffee, reading, and writing in that order. You can usually find her in a coffee shop or at the beach, where she spends most of her time. When traveling for work, she makes sure to find the time to squeeze in a quick tour of the city’s cultural sites or museums. Her idea of a break from the hustle and bustle is a quiet day at the beach with an awesome breakfast buffet the following morning.

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