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#Views: Enjoy the Most Stunning Scenery at These 10 Philippine Resorts

by Maia Marquez
February 20, 2020

Being trapped in the concrete jungle day in and day out is enough to make you crave a change of scenery. After all, looking out the window onto the vast city skyline to take your mind off of things can only do so much.

It’s when we feel caught up in our daily routine that we most yearn for an escape, whether in the form of adventure or a slice of peace and quiet in a sanctuary that echoes with silence. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter where we are, as long as we’re welcomed by a view that lets us get lost in our own thoughts.

As trivial as it seems, a good view paints more than just a pretty picture. It clears our minds, instills inspiration, brings back memories, or even just lets us feel things. Think lush, verdant greens that calm the senses, turquoise waters that open our minds to endless possibilities, and fiery sunsets that fill us with passion—all these are the perfect ingredients for a much-needed reset.

When you’re feeling burnt-out, tired, or unmotivated, let these resorts take you on a visually satisfying journey. Boasting the beauty and wonder of nature, their spectacular views will absolutely breathe new life into you.


Mount Purro Nature Reserve

WHERE: Barangay Calawis, Antipolo

WHAT TO EXPECT: Set within the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, this mountain forest sanctuary puts you right in the heart of nature. Its sprawling greenery, winding treks and trails, and airy stays provide you the tranquility and rejuvenation you seek.

Barangay Calawis Antipolo
(02) 8542 3005
(0949) 398 1799
Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9AM - 5PM

Aquascape Lake Caliraya

WHERE: Cavinti, Laguna

WHAT TO EXPECT: A rustic and charming lakeside escape, it features land-based rooms and floating houses, both close-to-nature and ideal spaces for letting your mind wander. Perfect for those who need a little thrill too, it’s where one can cure their restlessness with watersports and outdoor activities like kayaking, banana boating, and buggy rides.

Brgy. Kanluran-West Talaongan
Cavinti, Laguna

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

WHERE: Balete, Batangas

WHAT TO EXPECT: Fixing your gaze upon an invigorating landscape of mountains and trees can instantly re-awaken you. Imagine being surrounded by just that at this celebrity-owned resort, where everything is thoughtfully designed to help you de-stress. Known for its picturesque estate teeming with verdant grasses and well-maintained amenities, it’s the perfect setting to reconnect with yourself.

JM Katigbak Street, Brgy. Alangilan
Balete, Batangas
(02) 8645 3092
(02) 8534 9644
(0945) 794 7439

Paradiso Rito

WHERE: Mabini, Batangas

WHAT TO EXPECT: More than just a destination that showcases a blue ocean expanse, this diving and leisure oasis offers a view as beautiful as the one you’ll find underwater. As if that weren’t enough to inspire you, it’s also teeming with artworks by esteemed artist, Fil Delacruz, and other notable pieces from several art galleries.

Mabini Circumferential Road, Sitio Saimsim
Brgy. Mainit, Mabini, Batangas
(0995) 548 3519
Office Hours: Daily, 9AM - 8PM


Misibis Bay

WHERE: Bacacay Albay Province, Bicol

WHAT TO EXPECT: Hailed as Bicol’s famed tropical iIsland getaway, this luxurious resort not only spoils you with top-tier amenities, but also mesmerizing views of the almost-perfect cone of Mayon Volcano, the picturesque Albay Gulf, and the vast Pacific Ocean. With a myriad of activities in and near the resort, this slice of paradise has everything you need for that well-deserved break.

Cagraray Island, Bacacay Albay Province
(02) 661 8888
(0917) 599 1606

Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay

WHERE: Barangay Yapak, Boracay

WHAT TO EXPECT: While the world-famous Boracay inevitably draws crowds, let this luxurious island resort take you away from them. Still boasting the same powder-white sand, crystal clear waters, and majestic sunsets, it sits prettily along the pristine Station Zero, and is the exclusive and elegant hideaway for elevated island living.

Barangay Yapak, Boracay
(036) 669 5888
(0998) 596 4626

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa

WHERE: Bulalacao Island, Coron, Palawan

WHAT TO EXPECT: Resting on an island that’s a short boat ride away from the town proper, this 100% self-sustaining resort gives you easy access to a gorgeous shoreline and tranquil waters. While it already provides a delightful visual feast in itself, the true stunners are the limestone formations that surround nearby Twin Lagoon.

Malaroyroy, Bulalacao Island
Coron, Palawan
(0917) 146 4990
Office Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9AM - 6PM

Kandaya Resort

WHERE: Daanbantayan, Cebu

WHAT TO EXPECT: A luxury destination in Northern Cebu, this 5-star paradise gives you a stunning vista of refreshing garden greens, fine white sand, and sparkling blue waters set against the horizon. If scenic garden strolls and swims won’t cut it for you, perhaps a spa indulgence, a horseback ride, or diving down under in the resort’s private estate in Malapascua Island will do the trick.

Agujo, Daanbantayan, Cebu
(032) 260 6006
(032) 260 2513
(0917) 775 1256

Donatela Hotel

WHERE: Panglao, Bohol

WHAT TO EXPECT: Perched on a cliff, this sprawling property is peppered with enchanting gardens and pockets of peace. It overlooks the beautiful Bohol Sea and is thoughtfully designed with curated art and antique pieces—making for a picturesque paradise that captivates the hearts of those who visit.

Km. 16 Hoyohoy Tawala
Panglao, Bohol
(038) 510 8472
(0917) 526 6001

Arena Island

WHERE: Narra, Palawan

WHAT TO EXPECT: A private island and ecotourism destination nestled atop a thriving coral reef, this 4-hectare sea turtle sanctuary is surrounded by white sand and the azure ocean. It’s away from the crowds and is committed to preserving marine life, allowing it to be a true haven of pure and untouched beauty.

Narra, Palawan
(0917) 563 3403

Discover more beautiful local destinations and find travel inspiration for when you need to get away from it all by scrolling through our Getaways collection.

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About Maia
Maia’s passions in life are to travel and tell stories. Born in the States and raised in Manila while having studied in France, her ultimate goal is to travel all countries of the world. While she’s not abroad, she spends time tanning at the beach, exploring the underwater world or chilling with her 14 dogs. Follow her adventures on her Instagram @maiawillseetheworld.

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