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This Baler Resort with Repurposed Container Vans is a Surf Town Paradise

by Danna Peña
July 3, 2019

If you frequent Baler, chances are you’ve already caught a glimpse—or furtively surveyed—this elusive new hotel. A low-rise property paving way to expansive views of Baler’s sky, its crisp, all-white exteriors are reminiscent of bright summer days, and it’s easy to see why it would catch anyone’s eye. A fresh addition to Baler’s lineup of resorts and from the same creators of the highly-esteemed Costa Pacifica, CUBE Baler was made with modern travelers in mind: it features repurposed container vans that fuse creative design, utility, and comfort.

If La Union prides Vessel Hostel as its sustainable architectural masterpiece, then Baler can claim the same for CUBE. Opening its doors to surfers and beachgoers in early 2019, the boutique resort has already been gaining an impressive amount of traction for its smart design and promising word-of-mouth reviews. Notably, the boutique resort doesn’t only cater to millennial travelers and seasoned surfers—it appeals to young families and couples seeking some fun in the sun as well.

Take all the stress out of the long winding road trip to Baler and experience an unforgettable stay at the cool, cozy, and picturesque CUBE. Read on to discover what it’s like to experience a vacation in this surf town gem.

Shipping containers turned tropical paradise

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In contrast to typical resorts with lofty or mid-rise heights, CUBE offers a unique bungalow-style silhouette. Instead of stacking repurposed shipping containers on top of each other, the boutique resort lays them out evenly on the ground to create an expansive low-rise property. Minimalism, simplicity, and convenience for the elderly and disabled aside, the one-story lodging design serves a beautiful purpose: to give guests an unadulterated view of Baler’s vast sky.

All of CUBE’s 80 rooms boast crisp all-white exteriors that resemble minimalist Scandinavian design; despite this, it looks right at home amidst Baler’s locale of accommodations. Converting shipping container vans into accommodations is an innovative way to reduce carbon footprint, and at CUBE you can appreciate the resort’s ingenuity and bask in the smoke-free property that has turned thousands of kilograms of steel into a surf town haven.

Ultra-clean and cozy lodging akin to a hotel room

Aside from its resourceful design, what’s impressive about CUBE is how their rooms make you forget you’re inside an actual shipping container van. You’d be surprised to bask in chic, simple, and well-furnished interiors that make you feel like you’re having an indulgent hotel staycation. Fitted with impeccably comfortable beds, cable flat screen TVs, and powerful air conditioning units, its rooms are perfect for lounging all day, making it quite a challenge to leave its comforts.

Designed in 2 to 3 single bed configurations, the rooms are ideal for groups of friends and young families looking for a modern and comfortable stay. All rooms offer free wifi, toiletries, towels, and housekeeping on request, while suite rooms feature a receiving and dining area with a kitchenette. Whether your Baler agenda is to catch waves all day, explore its rich cultural spots, or simply dwell in the serene surf town, this no-frills yet comfortable stay is a stellar pick that will already have you daydreaming about your next visit.

A hearty breakfast at The Cube Restaurant that fuels a day of surf and exploration

Brilliant design and impeccable amenities aside, the cherry on top has to be CUBE's glorious breakfast that’s served by the warmest staff. Revel in The Cube Restaurant's thoughtfully curated menu that caters to all kinds of gustatory preferences, may yours lean towards savory picks, vegetarian fare, or sweet treats. Take your pick from their all-day breakfasts, big bowls, kids’ menu, and dessert selection during your stay, and eat to your heart’s content while delighting in the daydream-inducing view of the pool.

Must-tries include their Diarabasin Coffee (local coffee sourced from Aurora), their Good Morning Surfers breakfast, a breakfast-in-a-bowl with your choice of Baler longganisa, beef tapa, pork tocino, daing na bangus, and corned beef served with garlic rice, freestyle eggs, and homemade atchara, and their Suman & Mango Rolls made with Baler suman rolls topped with ripe mango, coconut cream, and tapioca.

An idyllic al-fresco cocktail setup poolside

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At the heart of CUBE’s property is a vast pool made for boundless days of lounging, swimming, and sunbathing. The outdoor pool connects to the kids’ pool, so both parents and children can have fun in the sun without losing sight of each other. Wade through its refreshing waters, work on your tan, and float the hours away while appreciating the canvas of Baler’s skies—may it be spotless or painted with a sail of clouds.

If you’re traveling with friends, by the pool is where you can create unassuming yet timeless memories. Grab an ice-cold beer with your crew at the relaxing outdoor cocktail setup, best experienced in that hazy transition from sunset to dusk before you head out for the night. Indulge in intimate or low-key conversations and say a toast to that good island life, all while taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Do these while watching the sky meld into sunset shades of lavender, orange, or pink.

A private setting at the heart of Baler’s scene

Peace and quiet—both literally and mentally—isn’t easy to come by these days. Surprisingly, despite the resort’s accessibility to Baler’s main scene, a stay in CUBE allows you to immerse in calm surroundings that can refresh your inner state. Saunter along the property’s stoned pathways and easily hear the comforting sway of towering palm trees and the quiet hum of the sea breeze. Expect to be lost in thought when you’re leisurely strolling the property, and after a sun-soaked day of basking in the dreamy surf town, you can be assured that CUBE will grant you the best sleep ever.

When you’ve got plenty to tick off your Baler bucket list, staying at CUBE is as convenient as it gets. Ask the concierge to arrange tours for you at the best rates, take a stroll with your surf crew to the best dining hubs nearby, catch waves at Sabang Beach that’s only a 5-minute walk away, or drive to Baler’s many rich destinations nearby. A serene ambiance coupled with a dynamic location is what you get at CUBE, making it a winning pick for creatures of comfort who want a taste of adventure.

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This uber-hip boutique resort doesn’t sacrifice blissful comfort for responsible design. Polished yet modest, sustainably made with upcycled shipping container vans, and welcoming all kinds of travelers, CUBE epitomizes—and reinvents—that alluring surf town charm, providing its guests a glittery, unforgettable experience amidst endless days of surf, sand, and sea.

CUBE Baler
Seta Street Brgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora

For Inquiries & Reservations:
(02) 519 4249

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