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This Laiya Resort is Built for Families Who Love the Beach

by Abby Singson
May 8, 2019

Log into any social media app these days and it seems as if everyone you know is heading to the beach. Scroll upon scroll fills your feed with photos of the sand and shore, and bite-sized videos of your friends holding up their martini glasses in front of a majestic sunset.

Because of their pristine white sands and unmeasured beauty, the beaches here in the Philippines have become ideal party places all year long. They are the perfect venue for unlimited cocktails, a whole night of dancing, and karaoke from dusk until dawn. That may be the perfect way to unwind for some, but there are days when you just want to take some time away from the crowd and spend your beach trip with nothing but the summer sun and the sound of ocean waves.

There are studies dedicated to how the sounds of nature, like soft waves or the rustling of trees, can calm our minds. There are even apps designed for you to customize your own background noise by mixing their collection of ambient sounds. It’s definitely not unnatural finding yourself tuning in to nature sounds to find a sense of calm while finishing a heavy task. It is easy to find rest in the sea.

Quiet time for families

Palm Beach Resort believes in how simple moments of silence can calm the body and the mind. The workings of life and the daily routines we’ve set for ourselves make it difficult to find peace in the in-betweens. By placing itself seaside, this resort has made ease and comfort accessible and approachable for anyone who wishes to simply take a step back from their pressing responsibilities.

Located at the end of the popular stretch of white-sand beach in Laiya, Batangas, the resort manages to safeguard its intimate atmosphere, so you can focus on the feel of the soft, powder-fine sand between your toes, the sight of clear blue waters, and the soothing sound of the waves coming and going. Lush tropical trees and tasteful beachside cabanas line the shore, making for a truly picturesque view that still feels like home.

“Most of our guests are families, and you see that they really keep coming back,” shared our resort guide. She mentioned that one of the best things about working at Palm Beach is seeing kids laughing and playing by the shore, with everyone else in the family just lounging around in the cabanas. It’s such a simple sight but it is undoubtedly what lifts the spirits of those working here. There’s nothing like knowing that this beach resort remains to be a safe space for families, and an oasis where just about anyone can set all their worries aside and feel comfortable, secure, and content.

Since its humble beginnings as a private getaway for the family who founded the resort, it has carefully maintained its main purpose to serve as a serene hideaway for other families who come and visit.

As the resort grew, it began customizing services to big groups wishing to unwind for the weekend. They now cater to companies planning team building activities or overnight summer outings. Palm Beach has a whole area dedicated to day trips, complete with function rooms, a full-scale obstacle course, and rock climbing and rappelling walls for the daredevils in the team.

There’s never anything complicated at Palm Beach Resort—all their accommodation options are simple and straightforward. All you have to think about, for the most part, is how many people you would like to share this calming getaway with. Their rooms and full units take inspiration from Balinese design, with open-air areas for that beachfront view. Each of their resort accommodations is equipped with air-conditioning, hot and cold showers, a mini refrigerator, and Wi-Fi connection among many other room essentials. Perhaps the best part of all this is that once you leave your room, the beach is just a few steps away. What’s unique about their beach is that when it’s low tide, you can still go about 40 to 50 meters out and the water is still shallow. There’s no big drop to the deeper waters so it’s a great place to swim and snorkel.

Though there are team building events in the daytrippers’ area, several family activities in the overnight area, and watersports on the beach happening simultaneously, the resort doesn’t ever look or feel crowded. There’s hardly any noise apart from that of the waves and the trees. As you take your leisurely walks in the afternoon, it might just feel as if you’d booked your own private beach resort.

The simplicity of home brought to the beachfront

After a long day of activities, whether they be with your family, your friends, or your best teammates, you will all find yourselves gathered around one place—the buffet table.

Palm Beach Resort provides full-board meals for guests, all of which are served buffet-style. They have several menus that change regularly, but trust that the food here is always home-cooked and served fresh. While you’re there, try some (or all) of their crowd-favorite menu items: the Batangas lomi, turon, cassava cake, and pichi-pichi. DG Traveler’s top pick? The turon, hands down.

As you scour the dining pavilion, you will come across a large coral seeding aquarium. With help from the Department of Science and Technology, the aquarium and coral planting became part of the resort’s efforts to maintain an eco-friendly environment for the benefit of the sand and sea that surround them, as well as for the educational awareness of their guests.

Palm Beach also hopes to create a good environment for sustainable energy. Go for a walk around the resort’s amenities and you might just notice that their street lights are equipped with solar panels. Once you’ve explored every inch of the resort, stay for a while in their outdoor cabanas. There’s no fine dust here. There’s only the cool sea breeze and the hot cup of Batangas barako coffee in your hands.

“It’s not much, just some peace and quiet,” Palm Beach tells us, “and if you want some quiet time and peace of mind, this is the place to be.” Nothing here is extravagant and grand. It’s simply the weekend routine of one’s home brought to the beach. For one, they have anticipated masses every Saturday so guests don’t have to leave the area for church. They owe much of this serene environment to their beginnings as a private family resort. What is home for them, the owners thought, might best be shared to other families as well so that they remain close to each other for as long as they are able.

Unlike most beaches that are simply sand and sea, there are several trees that line the shore and surround this area. Walks along the beach on a hot summer day still feel cool and shady, and it’s almost always windy throughout the day. As the kids play along the beach, settle in a nearby cabana to listen to the ocean waves, this time not through noise-cancelling headphones and a two hour-long “Calming Water Waves” video on the internet. This time, it’s just you and the sea. A weekend getaway at the beach has never felt easier.

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Palm Beach Resort
Barangay Hugom, Laiya, San Juan
(02) 850 9544; (02) 836 8956
(0917) 884 4425; (0917) 628 7439
(0920) 928 9432; (0920) 938 8425

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About Abby
Abby is a Manila-based photographer and writer enjoying her early twenties taking photos of her casual adventures and trying new yoga poses. She graduated with a Communication degree focusing on multimedia production so she can fulfill her childhood dream of shooting food and travel for magazines. Clothed with a passionate soul, she writes about anything she can overshare on.

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