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These 7 Filipina Surfers Will Inspire You to Ride the Waves

April 22, 2019

It’s no secret that the Philippines has become one of the world’s most popular surfing destinations over the past couple of years. With so many things to love about our sun-drenched islands, tourists from all corners of the world flock to our shores to experience the warm, crystal-clear waters, the friendly vibes from local surfers, and the exciting beach nightlife. With the influx of visitors, a number of Filipino pro surfers have also been gaining global attention and prominence—and today we shine the spotlight on the female Filipino surfers you need to watch. From Cloud 9 to Baler, here are the strong, capable ladies who have made catching waves a way of life.

INSTAGRAM: monalisaneuboek

Mona Lisa is a half-Austrian, half-Filipino surfer who was born in the US, raised in Austria, and eventually moved to the Philippines to reconnect with her roots and hone her surfing. With a challenging, storied past that involves a turbulent home life, she has reaped the lessons to become one of the most inspirational surfers in the country. A vegan chef and visual artist, she currently resides in Subic, where she surfs and practices yoga.

INSTAGRAM: ikit_agudo

Soul surfer and longboarder Ikit has spent her entire life riding the picturesque waves of majestic Siargao, and currently works at Buddha’s Surf Resort on the island, teaching surfing to locals and tourists. A Philippine Surfing Championship Tour finisher, Ikit’s skills are a combination of natural talent and determined hard work, earning her fans from all over the country.

INSTAGRAM: tracianne A photographer, skater-and-surfer chick, and entrepreneur all rolled into one, Tracianne wanted to turn her love for color and fashion into a business, while still sticking to her familiar surfing roots. In 2015, she decided to launch Float Swimwear, which features a functional and fashionable collection of UPF 50+ protection swimsuits for women, as well as stylish resort wear like dresses and tees that can do double-duty in the city.

INSTAGRAM: camillepilar

When she’s not writing poetry or working at El Union Cafe, Camille is out catching the waves on her wavestorm. A part of the Manila Surfers Association Cup since 2013, she has proven that perseverance pays off, working her way through the Novice Divisions all the way to the Women’s Internationals, where she won the Women’s Shortboard Invitationals.

INSTAGRAM: elaineabonal

Elaine is the founder of the local Siargao surf company, Surfista Travels. When not out shredding the waves, she’s organizing surf camps and lessons for locals and tourists in the area. Since the true birth of surfing in the Philippines during the early 2000s, she has grown with the surf culture and helped shape it into one of the country’s most popular watersports.

INSTAGRAM: lovewesay

If you’re looking to discover a true soul surfer and Earth wanderer, you have to check out Isabel. Curator of the Love We Say blog and minimalist traveler, she leads the seemingly perfect, carefree life of a nomad, but keeps it real about the beauty and hardships of traveling, surfing, and living out of her own van. (P.S. she takes gorgeous photos, too!)

INSTAGRAM: alessaquizon

If you watch women’s pro surfing, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Alessa, a Hawaiian pro surfer with Filipino roots. Currently sponsored by Billabong and traveling the globe while dominating the world of professional surfing, Alessa inspires and motivates aspiring Filipino surfers with her vibrant personality and colorful journey.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, we hope these incredible Filipino women have stoked the fire in you and inspired you to go out to catch some waves of your own! Planning a surf trip? Check out our Baler, La Union, and Siargao Travel Guides for tips and tricks.

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