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The Foodie on a Budget’s Guide to Maginhawa, QC

by Renzo Salao
November 16, 2018

Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is a well-known treasure trove for all kinds of foodies and all kinds of cravings.

Whether you’re an adventurous eater or simply looking for some good ol’ comfort grub, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger in this little corner in Teachers Village that has become an institution for reasonably-priced meals. But with so many restaurants to choose from, sifting through every establishment can make it hard to find the hidden gems. Lucky for you, we’ve got the right map to lead you straight towards the diamonds in the rough.

Romantic Baboy

INSTAGRAM: paulinepaguia

Maginhawa’s own version of the latest Korean BBQ craze, Romantic Baboy has everything you’d want in a go-to samgyupsal spot. Their service is attentive, their side dishes are complete, and their grilled pork is all you can ever ask for. Romantic Baboy sets itself apart by offering unlimited melted cheese to go along with your meat and sauces. Just make sure you line up early, as people just can’t get enough!

Romantic Baboy
97 Maginhawa St.
Teachers Village, QC

Tornado Peri-Peri

INSTAGRAM: mattalcanzaren

There’s a storm coming through, and it’s spicier than usual. Tornado Peri-Peri offers a unique experience for the budget-conscious chicken lover. With spicy sauce names such as Dragon’s Breath and Tiger’s Fury, customers must come ready for the heat. Their side dishes complement their flavors perfectly as well. An order of their specialty peri-peri chicken with some grilled pumpkin and their aromatic rice will not disappoint! 

Tornado Peri-Peri
1040 Maginhawa St.
Teachers Village, QC
(0917) 592 0901

Snack Shack

INSTAGRAM: philihappy

A UP Diliman cult favorite, Snack Shack puts other burger joints to shame. Their classic quarter pounder with cheese gives loyal customers a glimpse of a cheeseburger’s ultimate potential—for under a hundred bucks. They also offer Bockwurst and Hungarian sausages if you ever get tired of their burger (you won’t!). We highly recommend trying to order a burger plain, without dressing or condiments, just to taste the quality and natural flavor of the beef you’re criminally underpaying for.

Snack Shack
109 V. Luna Ext. of Maginhawa St.
Sikatuna Village, QC
(0926) 512 2257

Crazy Katsu

INSTAGRAM: samfrial

One of Maginhawa’s long-standing original gems, Crazy Katsu has maintained its consistency in its simplicity. With just a short list of options on its menu, Crazy Katsu makes it easy for its customers to order what they’re known for: Chicken Katsudon. They serve huge portions of chicken cutlet on a bed of cabbage, along with that classic Kikkoman soy sauce flavor. Add on an order of Gyoza and their must-try Sukiyaki bowl and you’ve got a belly-busting (and wallet-friendly) meal for two!

Crazy Katsu
81 Maginhawa St.
Teachers Village, QC
(02) 435 0030

Griddle: Steak x Wings

INSTAGRAM: psalmsatienza

Looking to add a destination to your food trip? Travel-themed restaurant Griddle offers specialty steak meals that would make any journey worth it. Where else can you get a full steak feast, complete with gravy, rice, and sides, for under two hundred pesos? They also serve up some other American staples such as Southern-style fried chicken, buffalo wings, and milkshakes.

Griddle: Steak x Wings
106-B Maginhawa St.
Teachers Village, QC
(02) 358 5196

The Breakfast Bin

INSTAGRAM: kylalapena

Don’t sleep on this breakfast place along Maginhawa. Although small, The Breakfast Bin will definitely catch your attention with its elegant breakfast plates and quaint yet cozy ambience. They serve classic FIlipino breakfast meals such as Beef Tapa, Naked Longganisa, and Garlic Tuyo for just a scratch over a hundred pesos. Their BB Traditional Sets offer a have-it-all American breakfast platter: waffles, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and a hot cup of coffee for just above two hundred. Don’t be shy to customize your plates, either!

The Breakfast Bin
Unit C, 168 Maginhawa cor. Mapagkumbaba St.
Sikatuna Village, QC
(02) 435 6191

Papa Diddi’s Ice Cream Company

INSTAGRAM: nina_almeda

The only place to hit up for any post-meal sweet tooth cravings, Papa Diddi’s captures the essence of the Maginhawa foodie spirit. With its homemade ice cream and 100% locally-sourced ingredients, it literally is your charming neighborhood mom & pop establishment. But its the truly Papa Diddi’s recipes that stand out and keep the customers coming back for more. Their flavors keep things fun and interesting, with local favorites such as Roasted Forbidden Rice and Sweet Basil. They serve up their ice cream in unique ways with various add-ons as well, so always make sure to leave room for dessert.

Papa Diddi’s Ice Cream Company
168 Maginhawa St.
Sikatuna Village, QC

Ate Fe’s Kitchen

INSTAGRAM: youjay13

Maginhawa’s take on the beloved karinderya-style dining. Ate Fe’s Kitchen is a hole-in-the-wall favorite for those looking for staple Filipino dishes at crazy-affordable prices. Nothing beats their signature Sizzling Sisig with a steaming cup of rice, with an order of lechon to boot if you’re really hungry. With nearly every menu item below the century line, you can enjoy all the ulam your tummy can accommodate!

Ate Fe’s Kitchen 87-B Maginhawa cor. Magiting St.
Teachers Village, QC
(02) 433 0523


These places are technically a few paces away from Maginhawa, but are just too good to leave off the list. Behold, our honorable mentions:

Buen Comer

INSTAGRAM: arkitekton_matabuff

For comfort Mexican food with a Filipino twist, Buen Comer, which roughly translates to “Good Eats” is a Tex-Mex fusion restaurant with locally-infused inspiration for their dishes. The strong flavors and smells will surely resonate with any customer before, during, and after the meal. Their Kare-Kare Burrito generates the most buzz and certainly lives up to the hype!

Buen Comer Poquellas
Mapagkawanggawa cor. Mahabagin St.
Teachers Village, QC
(0927) 302 6075

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub

INSTAGRAM: Unclemoesshawarma

Looking for some flat-out tasty Mediterranean meals? This oldie but goodie (and a constant favorite among all walks of life) has got you covered, with affordable Middle Eastern eats that are just plain good. Solve your starvation with a Kebab Platter, while splitting a plate of Kofta Balls to provide a contrasting zesty flavor. They also have ice cream cups to top it all off, providing a sweet ending to an extremely satisfying meal.

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub
49 Malingap St.
Teachers Village, QC

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