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Sit Back and Relax at These Chill Nasugbu Spots

by Ryanne Co
August 28, 2018

Nasugbu to me has always held the kind of charisma that a jack-of-all-trades possesses. It’s got everything, after all: beaches, hiking trails, and an abandoned island in the middle of nowhere.

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If you’ve been here or if you’ve researched about it, then you probably know all about the hot spots and things to do: hike up Mt. Batulao and Mt. Talamitam, enjoy the day and take tons of photos at nearby Fantasy World in Lemery, take a bangka to Fortune Island, or even just catch some sun at any of the numerous beaches or coves that dot the shoreline. There’s plenty of things to do and if you’re looking for somewhere to rest and relax while you explore the lush mountaintops and clear blue aqua of the area, then we've got you covered! Here’s a list of some of the top places to stay in Nasugbu so you can make sure your trip is fun, comfortable, and the best kind of laid-back.

1. Pico Sands Hotel

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Perhaps when one hears about Nasugbu, the first thing that comes to mind is Pico de Loro, the luxurious hotel and resort situated around pools, ponds, and the ocean. A community unto itself, Pico Sands Hotel is surrounded by the lush verdure of a tropical paradise. Rich and relaxing with their seashell white ornaments, sandy creme walls, and their private beach, Pico Sands Hotel is the coastal escape you need after a long week of work.

Pico Sands Hotel
Hamilo Coast, Barangay Papaya
(02) 464 7888

2. Club Punta Fuego

INSTAGRAM: officialclubpuntafuego

Where the privileged go to swim and play golf, Club Punta Fuego is intimate opulence right by the beach. The answer to all your staycation problems with a nine-hole executive golf course, a mini-theatre, a tennis court, and more pools than you can count, this resort is where excitement meets relaxation.

Club Punta Fuego
Barangay Balaytigue, Peninsula Avenue
(02) 843 8700 / (02) 584 4405

3. Amara Residences

INSTAGRAM: officialclubpuntafuego

Sleek and minimalist with its white walls and dark wood, Amara Residences offers serviced condominiums with a kitchen, a living room, and a panorama of Nasugbu beyond their balcony. If you’ve ever just wanted to laze around away from Manila, then this is your best bet. Popular without being too noisy, the Amara Residences is the next best thing to having your own beach house. Plus, you can enjoy free use of the facilities from the neighboring resorts of Club Punta Fuego and Terrazas Beach Club, which include tennis courts, swimming pools, and restaurants to name a few.

Amara Residences
Bo. Natipuan
(02) 843 8700 / (02) 584 4405

4. Tom’s Cruise - Bed on Board

INSTAGRAM: somdangom

Quite possibly one of the coolest places to stay in, Tom’s Cruise is where you go if you’ve ever wanted to recreate a Ralph Lauren ad. Have you ever heard of marina glamping? Harbored along the Punta Fuego Yacht Club, Tom’s Cruise offers more than just a bed. Thanks to the wide variety of boats and yachts available, they also offer sunset cruises, sunbathing stations, and plenty of room for that cocktail party you’ve been meaning to throw. All aboard!

Tom’s Cruise - Bed on Board
(0917) 834 7296

5. Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa

INSTAGRAM: canyoncoveofficial

All wood and white linen, the Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa is the perfect place to be if you want to wake up on the right side of the bed every day. No more noisy honking cars or ambulance sirens, just wake up to the golden sunlight as it pours in from the cracks of your window blinds. And as if a private beach in your backyard weren’t enough, the Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa also has an inflatable playground a few meters from the shoreline, just before you reach the breakwater. It’s an added bonus and a great reason to choose this hotel over every other beachside one there is. Did we also mention there’s a virtual reality game room? Perfect for the kids and the kids-at-heart.

Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa
Far East Road, Piloto Wawa, Nasugbu-Ternate Highway
(02) 908 1111

6. Forest Cove Beach House

INSTAGRAM: carlion07

The Forest Cove Beach House is a simple guest house with a grandiose view of the sunset. Ideal for both honeymoons and family vacations, this beach house is cozy and spacious in all the right ways. While it’s not as opulent or luxurious as the others on the list, it makes up for its simplicity with all the things you can do: It’s right by the ocean, so you have the option to jet ski, snorkel, or go island hopping just a few meters from your home.

Forest Cove Beach House
(0917) 501 7239

7. Chateau Royale

INSTAGRAM: onaldberces

There’s something enchanting about Chateau Royale. With its French flair and rustic wooden accents, it brings us back to simpler days—happy staycations with your parents in an otherwise secluded little area south of the metro. If you’ve ever wondered why Chateau Royale is named Chateau Royale, you should probably check it out to discover for yourself how it lives up to its name. It's a resort, spa, aviary, orchidarium, and sports center all in one. Located on a 100-hectare lot and nestled between the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway and a lush green forest, it’s the perfect getaway for anyone looking for the royal treatment.

Chateau Royale
Km. 72 Batulao
(02) 742-8016 / (0917) 5015 748 / (0917) 703 5876

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Ryanne reads and writes and hopes to one day get paid for doing nothing but these. She tries to be funny and eats a lot of cake. Follow her @rynnco5 on Instagram for amateur travel photos and obnoxious selfies.

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