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Savoy Hotel Manila Allows You to Step Away from the Noise

by Jelou Galang
October 1, 2018

Tucked in one of the sunniest spots in Manila, neighbors with an airport, and seatmates with an entertainment haven, is a hotel that breaks through all the noise: Savoy Hotel.

When I asked the friendly lady in the front desk if there’s any chance the name Savoy alludes to something, she said it doesn’t really refer to anything specific. What could this hotel stand for, I thought, knowing it’s only been on the luxurious Newport City grounds for three months as of this writing? I didn’t spend too much time pondering my question though, since checking in was a breeze—I was immediately led to my room on the 8th floor, carrying my passes and invitation that all spelled one thing: space.

Space for your own

IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

Munching on their welcome snacks in the first minutes of my stay with my mom, I noted how their 21-23 sq.m Essential 1 room looked perfectly cozy: two twin beds, a flat screen television, a table for a newspaper and telephone, a well-lit comfort room with a toilet, sink, and shower, and really wide windows overlooking parts of the cityscape and airport. You can chug on their complimentary water in personalized glass bottles while you're at it—Savoy’s pursuance to minimize plastic use.

IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

The Essential 2 room has a larger version of the mentioned details, plus a writing desk, at 24-27 sq.m. Both Essential rooms have exclusively designed bed sheets and comforters. You wouldn’t be able to find the harmoniously-combined color splash-designed sheets anywhere else. Don’t want twin beds? You can also opt for double beds.

IMAGE: Jelou Galang

If you want to have the best view of the airport, take the 35 sq.m. Runway room; you can see a complete picture of the terminal 3 airport runway from its spacious sitting area. Caffeine run? This room has a special coffee maker from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, as Savoy expects on-the-go travelers with NAIA just a stone’s throw away.

IMAGE: Jelou Galang

Retaining the premium features plus a minibar and a comfort room with two entryways, The Deck room, which is 50 sq.m. in size, has a city skyline as its backdrop—so captivating that your window becomes your own cinema. This is also the only room where you can have your own courtesy line.

IMAGE: Jelou Galang

You’d think they’re all about skyline views—they need to maximize being nestled in the city, don’t they?—but The Space room stands out for its unique agenda. With almost the same features of The Deck in 47 sq.m., the view is not the cityscape, nor the airport, but blue-shaded walls and plants from a neighboring building—perfect for those wanting to stay for an unbothered time, and prefer seclusion and serenity over tons of activity.

How Savoy Hotel’s goal of promoting one’s own space in the middle of bustling Manila speaks of how they value privacy, too. The pass that is handed out to you upon check-in is a pass not only for your room, but also for the elevator—making sure you avoid straying to other floors except for the floor of the room assigned, and to the 2nd floor which houses the amenities. Residents of Savoy’s 684 rooms won’t have to worry about being disturbed in any way. Even Persons with Disabilities can quietly have their own space as the hotel has designed 8 PWD rooms.

IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

For business or leisure, Savoy is literally just one call away—in case of a bad tummy or jetlag-fueled dizziness, you can call them up so they can provide medicine for you. 24-hour room service and familiar amenities within your room? A no-brainer. If phone calls feel like a hassle, you can reach out to their front desk through text, Viber, WhatsApp, or WeChat. Communication’s never an issue; Savoy ensures high-speed Wifi access throughout the hotel.

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Space for your quirks

IMAGE: Jelou Galang

Truth be told, the comfort in Savoy’s luxurious rooms might make you want to just doze the day off, yet you also wouldn’t want to miss what it can offer you outside your secured hallway. Officially start by going back to the hotel lobby to take a quick photo op as guests are welcomed by expressionist paintings, a huge flower pot, and light camouflage-designed carpets. Nearby is Zabana Bar, in which we were given our refreshing four seasons-flavored welcome drinks. Open from 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM, this hangout spot is home to Philippine-based cocktails as its name, according to a Zabana server, equates to the brand of rum under the Emperador family. You might want to try the mojito Mabuhay (₱275), their signature cocktail infused with chamomile and mango flavors, or share a bottle of Zabana White (₱1,795), a fresh rum that highlights the Filipino sugarcane bliss, with your friends while watching an acoustic band on a weeknight. Cheers!

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IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

Nicely-accented couches. Mac computers. Printing services. A mini café filled with pastries, and a flat screen television open for movie requests. Once you get to the far-stretching room with relaxing beige shades on the 2nd floor, you’ll chance upon the two types of hotel people: those who chill and those who find it hard to (because maybe they still need to catch up on some emails?). Worry not, because The Squares obviously caters to both. You can bring a book, a friend, or your laptop and enjoy these social spaces—open 24 hours! For those who need a more spacious, private room, head to the Connect Lounge, an exclusive area for VIP guests.

Space for your taste

IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

It’s impossible not to be intrigued by Savoy Café, with the receiving area of the dining hall glimmering to greet you. The ambiance is as bright as its dinner buffet menu that crosses borders: Asian, Western, and European fare all laid out in a splendid spread. In some parts of the café, you’ll find yourself reading their tagline, “Always delicious, never boring,” and I was surprised to experience the mantra all the way to my taste buds.

IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

Feel the kick of salty, sour, and the sea with their crusted fish fillet with herb sauce, and pair it with the bacon corn chowder soup for a balanced feast. Feel at home with their adobong sitaw, or take a bite of the creamy broccoli salad or their colorful assorted maki. Their beef shortplate was my instant favorite for its tenderness, large serving, and generous taste—no wonder it’s a crowd-pleaser, too! It can be found in a separate station along with the paella, and don’t forget to choose between mushroom or mustard as the sauce.

Request for fettuccine carbonara in their pasta station, which also offers linguine, penne, pesto, and bolognese. Take a sip of their tropical juices in between dishes, then grab a plate of their pork schnitzel before you get too full. Mini cakes are a given for desserts, but Savoy’s exclusively-made ice cream will sign and seal your dining experience. I like how it’s creamy, thick, and not sore throat-sweet—it’s almost like gelato! Pair it with freshly-cooked crepe for a surprise. It’s sad that I won’t be able to find their vanilla and pistachio ice cream anywhere else, but I guess this is how “Always crazy, never boring” tastes like.

Take it from me, a breakfast food connoisseur: Savoy has mastered the breakfast menu as well. Skip the plain and take the garlic rice to go with chicken sausages and potato wedges—so mouthwatering that you’ll take five more. But wait: breads are here for a reason! Pick french toasts and waffles, both supplemented with the right amount of syrup and sugar. The café also has special stations for both bacon (in very long strips!) and eggs (pick your type!). Cap it off with their coffee or my favorite, their hot chocolate drink (I kid you not, it’s the best I’ve tasted). Cereals are on the menu too, of course! You can choose from classic corn flakes to more playful Koko Krunch.

Savoy Café can house 120 people, and is open from 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM for breakfast, 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM for lunch, and 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM for dinner. You can avail of a private dining room at the Savoy Café counter; in-room dining services are also available.

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Space for your break

IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

Savoy is armed to give your whole system a day off. Hang out by their Poolside before making a splash in their 6 ft. pool, and for those who’ll come with kids, worry not because they also have a 3 ft. pool space on the left side—you can watch over them at the Poolside extension upstairs while sipping your Tropical Rainbow, a satisfying mix of Bacardi 151, melon liquor, red wine and many more. The Poolside is open from 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM, and you can swim from 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM.

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IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

Their Move Health Cub embraces a fully-equipped and spacious gym and spa. Get a 60-minute Swedish Massage (₱900) or go all out with a 120-minute Thai Massage (₱2,160). Take a few steps and you’ll enter an enticingly quiet comfort room that triples as a locker room and steam and sauna station. The arrangement is pleasing enough, and of course, relaxing. The fitness center (gym + sauna + steam) is open from 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM and spa at 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM, although you can avail of the in-room service round the clock.

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IMAGE: Jelou Galang

In case you need to go around Newport City or need to secure a ride to the airport, Savoy has a Mini Cooper, T2 & T3 buses (kindly wait for 5-20 minutes), and a scooter waiting for you and your luggage at reasonable rates.

Throughout your stay, Savoy ensures that you make the most out of the space you take, and that you get a balance of everything you’ll ever experience—without sacrificing your wants, needs, and your precious safest zone.

Savoy Hotel Manila
Andrews Avenue, Newport City, Pasay
(02) 317 2869

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