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Q&A with Harvey, a Siargao Local

January 4, 2018

Exactly how do you plan an authentic travel experience? You ask those who know the place by heart, of course. On our Living La Vida Locals series, we feature trusted locals and their insider tips and experiences.

For Siargao, we interviewed self-taught user interface designer Harvey Enrile.

Photo courtesy of Bren Fuentes @brenstormin

Getting Around Siargao

Rent a motorbike to get around places. Make sure you know how to ride one and that you always wear a helmet. Renting one for the whole day would cost around ₱400-500. If you don’t know how to ride one, there is always a habal-habal available.

The Local Dish of Siargao That Every Traveler Needs to Try

Pan de Coco or Choco Lanay for your afternoon snacks! They are freshly baked bread with coconut jam or sweet native chocolate inside. It’s best to get them early in the afternoon—they sell out fast!

The No. 1 Etiquette Rule in Siargao

Respect the place and don’t litter. Always bring a reusable water bottle and an eco bag. As much as possible, avoid using single-use plastic.

The Best Tip for a First-Time Traveler to Siargao

Stay a week, at least.

The Secret Spots or Hidden Gems of Siargao

Visit Mapupungko, Sohoton Cave, and Sugba Lagoon—a lot of resorts organize group tours there.

The Best Ways to Get to Know the Locals More

Eat where the locals eat. Learn to surf and hire a local guide. You’ll never have a hard time getting to know the locals. A nod or a simple greeting is also a good start. You'll have friends in no time.

The Must-have Souvenir(s) from Siargao

Memories and friends! The new friends you make and the fun memories are what will make you come back.

What He Loves About Siargao

I don’t think there’s that one thing that I love, but definitely, there are a lot of things I love about Siargao: the surf, the vibe, and the community.

Siargao in Just One Word


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