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Puerto Galera’s Secret Charm: 6 Hideaways You Need to Discover

by Stephanie Escuadro

Puerto Galera, known for its white beaches and crystal clear shores, is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country.

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People often come from all across the globe to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and calming relaxation this place has to offer. Despite being a favorite tourist spot, many of its treasures have yet to be discovered. For those who are looking for a vacation unlike any other, we’ve compiled some of Puerto Galera’s beautiful hidden gems that deserve their time in the spotlight as well.

1. Hang Out at Talipanan Beach

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Talipanan's unassuming beauty easily rivals that of the more crowded White Beach and Sabang. What makes this beach even more appealing is that it offers you a sense of quiet solitude. It’s a relatively undeveloped area compared to other parts of Puerto Galera, which will truly make you feel like you’re in your private island getaway. If you’re feeling stressed from work (or from life, in general), this is the ideal place for you.

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In the midst of Talipanan Beach is a world-class boutique resort which offers a heightened experience of relaxation during your getaway. Infinity Resort is a premier travel destination that offers endless opportunities for enchanting exploration, ultimate rejuvenation, and thrilling water sports activities.

How to Get There: From Manila, ride Victory Liner in Gil Puyat (or Cubao) for P165. You’ll be dropped off at Batangas Pier. From there, proceed to Puerto Galera Terminal and book a direct drop-off to Talipanan beach or another port, and ask if there will be a shuttle service to take you to Talipanan. The one-way boat fare is P275, while a round-trip ticket is P500. Extra costs include the Batangas Terminal fee, which is P30, the Puerto Galera Departure fee for P10, and the Environmental Fee for P50. If you were dropped off at White Beach, ride a tricycle going to Talipanan Beach, which costs P150.

Infinity Resort offers its own transportation options. You can check out their official website for more details.

DG Traveler Tips: Apply mosquito repellent before going around the area. You don't want to add to the clutter of Talipanan Beach, so remember to throw your trash properly!

2. Island Hop in Bulalacao

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Endowed with unspoiled natural resources and amazing people, Bulalacao is a promising getaway for those in need of an adventure. Its beautiful islands and waterfalls are yet to be explored by tourists, and the huts and tent space accommodations can truly make you feel like you’re an islander.

Bulalacao is well-known for its Island and Beach Hopping packages which feature Buyayao Island, Suguicay Island, Tambaron Island, and many more. The tours are segregated into two categories: the North Tour and the South Tour. The North Tour includes Target Island, Silad Island, and Aslom Island, with the option to explore Tambaron Island, as well. The South Tour includes Buyayao Island, Suguicay Island, and Maasin Island.

The range of the tours can cost at least P6,000. If you don’t have prior contacts in Bulalacao, you can inquire for referrals in your selected accommodation.

How to Get There: If you’re coming from Manila, ride a bus going to Batangas Port for P167. In Batangas Port, catch a Ro-Ro ferry to Calapan at P240 plus P30 terminal fee. Finally, transfer to a van going to Bulalacao for P240.

DG Traveler Tips: We recommend spreading out the island hopping over the course of 2-3 days to enjoy the full experience. Try to catch the Biniray Festival, which happens every second week of January.

3. Discover Coco Beach Resort

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Coco Beach Resort is an island resort made of 100% all-natural materials—everything in the facility is designed to complement its natural surroundings. This is the perfect place to stay in if you want to be comfortable while still being one with nature.

Coco Beach Resort has four restaurants in its vicinity. Among these are Carabao Restaurant, which offers homemade Filipino dishes, and Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle, which serves classic Italian cuisine.

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How to Get There: Coco Beach Resort offers its own transportation service with the Coco Beach Express and Coco Banca. You can check out their fares and checkpoints on their official website.

DG Traveler Tip: Try as many activities as you can. From soap making to happy hour, Coco Beach knows how to inject some fun into your beach getaway!

4. Hike to Tukuran Falls

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Tukuran Falls, also known as the hidden paradise within a paradise, is a waterfall oasis within a picturesque landscape. Here, you can swim and have a picnic, or just hang out and chill. The journey to the falls won’t be easy, but the experience will surely be one for the books.

Dive into Tukuran Falls’ pool, where the water that flows from the crevices of the falls comes fresh from the mountain. The water is cool and clean, which makes it almost drinkable, and the place is perfect for cooling down. The water cascading into the pool also makes for a good back massage.

How to Get There: From Puerto Galera Town, ride a jeep bound for San Teodoro. The fare costs around P40. When you reach San Teodoro, settle an arrangement with a local tricycle driver who can take you to and back from the falls. This will cost around P200 to P400, depending on the driver. If you want to take a hike to and from the falls, you may ask the locals for directions to the area.

DG Traveler Tips: Rent a carabao going up to the falls! Although if the carabao has had a long day, it’s probably best to try and hike up to the falls on foot. Do not hike from the city proper to the falls—many locals will warn you against this as well, as it is nearly impossible to achieve. Bring insect repellent on your way here.

5. Catch the Sunset at Aninuan Beach

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Aninuan Beach is a popular spot for honeymooners, couples, and families. A fresh stream of river rushes down to the calm open sea water in an ideal romantic setting. The coral reefs beneath its waves are teeming with marine life.

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Quiet and serene, Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort is truly a place for relaxation. It provides solitude and tranquility for a peaceful escape, with a beautiful sunset view that will rival that of Manila Bay’s. Walk down the beach in the late afternoon, and set up camp there until the sun sets.

Aninuan Beach provides helpful instructions on how to get there on its website. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

DG Traveler Tips: Jam to some lo-fi hip-hop songs while you watch the sun go down. If you’re in need of a night out, walk up to White Beach to experience its nightlife. It isn’t far from Aninuan.

6. Fridays and Chill at Fridays Puerto Galera

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Fridays Puerto Galera takes all the comfort of your home in the Metro and brings it to your Puerto Galeran island getaway. Found inside the lagoons of UNESCO-protected Muelle Bay in Boquete Island (also known as Paniquian Island), this eco-friendly and luxury resort has one of the best beaches in Oriental Mindoro. Enjoy breathtaking views from within its vicinity (its fine white and pink sands perfectly match the deep blue sea!) and experience the teeming marine wildlife underneath its waters, which you can explore by diving or snorkeling.

How to Get There: Fridays Puerto Galera provides instructions on how to get to the resort. You can check it out here.

DG Traveler Tips: Explore everything there is to explore on Boquete Island. You might just discover untouched spots and locations on the island. Be sure to check out their AirJuan and Jetski services!

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