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Pregame Strong: 10 BGC Restaurants with the Best Cocktails

by Chandra Pepino

Bonifacio Global City has always been a go-to for an upscale nightlife experience.

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If you and your friends are planning to party the night away, then a pregame location is necessary: think of it as a fun meetup point where you can get a bite to eat and that first buzz. We’ve narrowed down 10 places, from cult favorites to new kids on the block, where you can enjoy the best pregame drinks for your cocktail crawl. Who knows? Maybe you’ll forget about the club altogether and stick around here…

1. Hacienda Comida y Cocteles, Burgos Circle

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“Comida” is Spanish for ‘food,’ and “cocteles” is...well, take a wild guess. Nestled in the beating heart of Burgos Circle is a new joint that’s stacked from floor to ceiling in decor imported from Mexico itself. The good news is their food is just as authentic. But their Jalisco Margarita, packed with reposado tequila and triple sec lemon juice, puts a spicy twist on your typical tita margarita.

2. Big Bad Wolf, Forbestown Road, Taguig

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Everybody eats like a true big bad wolf over here, what with their selection of steaks and delicious comfort food. But flip over to their bar menu and you’ll find a selection of both soft cocktails (for the “I’m pacing myself” AKA liar friends) like the perfumey Apple Hibiscus, and house cocktails (for your friends who keep it real). The Gayuma, for instance, contains Barik Supremo lambanog and calamansi liqueur for that local kick.

3. Locavore, Burgos Circle

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Chef Kel Zaguirre was really onto something when he decided to revamp Filipino food—this joint's sizzling sinigang and oyster sisig are marvelous—but their cocktails are all inspired by existing bar classics. Take for example their Sexy Sili inspired by the margarita, and their Perlas, which is a fresh take on the Zombie.

4. The Bowery, Burgos Circle

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The OG Bowery of New York City always bustles with life and laughter, and this homage to the highway captures the vibe almost perfectly. With crazy cocktail names like Passionate Bitch, Praying Mantis, and Pink Lady, you and your friends could make a game out of trying cocktails out by name without checking out the ingredients list.

5. Yes Please, The Palace

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All right, so Yes Please isn’t technically a restaurant—it’s more of a dive bar with really good snacks—but we had to include it on this list by virtue of its proximity to big clubs like Revel, Valkyrie, and The Island, which means it's the perfect pregame spot. Their Girl Scout Colada is your familiar piña colada topped with marshmallow foam, and the Flying V comes in a crazy parrot glass and is a mix of mango and melon. Yes, please.

6. Tipple and Slaw, The Forum

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If you want comfort food, Tipple and Slaw is your man. Grilled cheeseburgers? Ramen butter noodles? Mac ‘n’ cheese lasagna? Count us in. But flip over to their cocktail menu and you’ll find some strong contenders, like the Corpse Reviver 2 packed with gin and cointreau, and their Spicy Mango Margarita with tequila, cointreau, and chili flakes.

7. Agave Mexican Cantina, The Fort Strip

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Agave is a longtime BGC staple for folks who want to shy away from luxury pregaming...and who appreciate unlimited margaritas. From the Cilantro Margarita to the Cucumber Basil and Apple Margarita, you’ll have a wide list of options that pair well with their fajitas and quesadillas.

8. Tomatito Sexy Tapas Bar, BGC Corporate Center

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You can’t miss those big, red, block letters: “TOMATITO” will call out to you and reel you in, their food will keep you seated, and their cocktails will make sure you never wanna leave. When you’ve had your fill of their paella valenciana, the next move is to order one of their Spanish-inspired cocktails. The Despacito is a deadly mix of Cuervo silver and palo cortado, and their Livin’ La Vida Loca is a softer blueberry-raspberry-peach mix for those who truly want to take it despacito (which means ‘slowly.’ Thanks, Biebs!)

9. Mamou, Serendra

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We recognize that steak is probably an odd pregame choice when compared to finger food or pizza, but if you think about it, it’s also a good one: the more protein you have in your body, the later you’ll feel the alcohol kicking in. But don’t sleep on their cocktails! The Bloody Mamou is their special edition Bloody Mary, and their Mamou, Hello! is a sweet, peachy ending to your steak dinner.

10. Hey Handsome, Net Park

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Walk the streets of Singapore and you’re sure to hear “Hey, handsome!” from local hawkers trying to peddle their snacks—that was the idea behind this Peranakan venture by acclaimed chef Nicco Santos. If you haven’t had a dinner date at this restaurant, now’s the time to change that—but if a quick pregame is all you got time for, then sit at their bar and have one of their minimalist mixes. The Genmaicha has tanqueray, yuzu, and ginger, and the tangy Kaffir Lime has sipsmith gin and a dash of Thai chili.

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About Chandra
Chandra Pepino has written for Cosmopolitan, Candy, FHM, and Esquire, among other magazines. She graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2016. Follow her on Twitter @chandrapepino

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