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Paleo vs. Keto: Which Diet is Perfect for You?

by Chinggay Labrador
October 16, 2018

We all know how easy it is to just hop onboard the next big diet craze.

If you’ve run through the gamut of Cohen-Alkaline-Blood Type-Whole 30, had a short-lived vegan stint, and believed that being pescatarian would be your gateway to wellness, then you know there are tons of options out there for those who want to get healthy.

But finding a plan you can commit to and that gives you enough margin for an actual lifestyle change is a little more challenging. Do your due diligence and read up on two of today’s buzziest diet trends—the Ketogenic Diet and the Paleo Diet—and make the right choice for yourself and your body.


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You’ll be sacrificing your carb intake in favor of fat, and a lot of it. But if you think you’ll be having a field day because you can give up your unlimited rice in favor of chicharon all day, every day—think again. Keto may be lenient when it comes to how many calories you consume, but it’s strict as far as ratios are concerned. If you’re comfortable figuring out how much fat versus protein versus carbs (5 to 10% of total calories) you consume every time you eat, then this structured regimen could work for you.

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This diet transports you back to the Paleolithic age, when humans were hunter-gatherers who didn’t have gut problems caused by processed food. It’s basically bringing your body back to what it was designed to consume pre-Internet, pre-Industrial Revolution, pre-Renaissance, pre-Modern Civilization. It’s all about making a healthy lifestyle change, focusing on the quality and nutrients of food, rather than counting calories.


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The state of ketosis refers to the body burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. The diet aims to bring down and deplete how much glucose you’re storing so you end up burning the fat you technically want to get rid of. What happens, aside from losing fat, is your insulin resistance is improved and you’re able to better manage chronic symptoms.

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Cavemen made it to the top of the food chain for good reason—their bodies evolved because they were able to adapt to the environment and make it work for them. We’re essentially still built like these caveman, except we’re inundated with food, stressors, and an environment that resembles nothing like the caves and forests of the Paleolithic Age. This means that if we eat the way cavemen did—with nutritious, whole foods, then we rid ourselves of all the junk and chemicals that wreak havoc on our modern bodies.


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You’ll be filling your plate with healthy fats—think avocados, nuts, full-fat dairy, seeds, and healthy oils. Vegetables like leafy greens, kale, cucumber, cauliflower, and asparagus are also recommended. Get ready to bid goodbye to pasta, bread, oats, cereals, and grains that count as carbohydrates. Both natural and refined sugars are off the table too.

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Feast on good quality meats and properly grown vegetables. Fill your diet with protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats—anything that was manufactured in a factory is basically out of the picture. Think organic. Think clean. Say farewell to anything that isn’t all-natural.


Weight loss is almost a given when it comes to Keto, and most people who hop on the bandwagon show results pretty quickly. People who embark on their Keto journeys show an improvement in energy levels as well.

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Better gut health and digestion, which will eventually spill over to better health on all levels. If all the fuel you’re feeding your body is healthy, then your body will eventually transform into a healthier version of itself too. Weight loss may not be an immediate given, but if the quality of the food you’re consuming is good, then you can expect results long-term.


If you’re dealing with a chronic disease, Keto could help alleviate suffering—it’s actually used as a protocol for some patients. If you’re comfortable with a structured regimen, then this could also fit your personality.

If you’re not too particular about your protein, then this diet could suit you, too. Keto relies heavily on macros, but doesn’t exactly concentrate on the “quality” of protein you consume. It doesn’t really matter if you’re getting your proteins from organic, free-range turkey or are chomping on a fast food burger patty.

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Easygoing folk who aren’t pressured to meet a deadline when it comes to weight loss will find this diet easy to adapt to. Because there is no need to compute for calorie intake, macros, and the like, the Paleo diet is relatively easy to follow. If you’re a high-performance athlete, this diet may pose some challenges—although if you do think about it, Paleolithic humans were probably Olympians in their own right!


No matter which diet you adhere to, transforming your body and your lifestyle involves a deep commitment and a whole lot of self-love. Encourage the changes you want to make by surrounding yourself with a foodie support group you can talk and vent to and seek advice from, and fill yourself up with a proper nutrition plan that suits your needs.

Want to try out a Paleo or Keto-specific meal plan? Here are some options available for when you’re ready to make the switch.

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Paleo Manila’s Signature High-Protein + Low-Carb Meal Plan (Paleo)

This bestselling Signature High Protein + Low-Carb Meal Plan has been tediously recalibrated for people who have body composition targets or want to drop body fat. It’s ideal for managing weight and lean muscle mass while reducing body fat. Still with that same distinct Paleo Manila signature taste that made it a household brand, it now has a 30-40-30 protein/fat/carb macronutriental ratio—with the meals high in protein and nutrients, as well as low in carbohydrates and calories. The high micronutrient content allows you to maintain your vitamin and mineral intake while giving you the healthy fats your body needs to achieve ketosis.

Paleo Manila’s Signature High-Fat + Low-Carb Meal Plan (Keto)

The Signature High Fat + Low-Carb Meal Plan was created with the keto diet's principles the Paleo way—only using all-natural Paleo-approved ingredients and the good kind of fats in each meal—combining the best of both worlds. With your meals calibrated to a 5-75-20 carb/fat/protein macronutriental ratio, you can be assured that the food you eat is high in fat and nutrients. Going ketogenic helps you retrain your body to essentially burn fat for energy, so you can say hello to optimized fat loss.


After five years of operations, Paleo Manila recently went through an overhaul by calculating, re-engineering, and redeveloping their meals to better serve every customer’s needs. The recently launched new version of Paleo Manila has calorie and macro-computed meals, making each plan more goal-focused, as well as hundreds of new, re-engineered recipes carefully put together by their Executive Chef and Food Technicians. Their dedicated R&D Team also collaborated with their in-house Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians to tediously curate new recipes with the customer in mind. They even spruced up their packaging for you!

Best of all, if you want meals that adjust to your lifestyle, Paleo Manila can customize and deliver a flexible meal plan for you, whether your current diet requires you to consume three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or two meals a day (lunch and dinner). It’s a plan that actually works for and with you—how cool is that?

Paleo Manila
(0917) 777 7657

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About Chinggay
Chinggay Labrador is a freelance writer and published author. She also runs Practical Magic, a tarot business, which specializes in readings that aim to bring the magic of intuition together with practical, everyday guidance. When she’s not writing or slinging cards, Chinggay practices and teaches yoga and meditation, finds inspiration through travel, and bakes super fudge brownies. Find her on Instagram at @practical_magical and @superrrfudge.

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