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More Than Inasal: 10 Other Must-Try Delicacies in Bacolod

by Anna Golez
July 12, 2018

The City of Smiles is also a city of great food. And while some of its most popular dishes have made their way to other parts of the Philippines, there are still a handful of delicacies whose best, most authentic versions you can sample only when you’re in this part of Negros Island.

On your next visit, dedicate a huge chunk of your itinerary to trying these dishes. Share the love by bringing some home for your family and friends, too!

1. Bailon's Piaya

INSTAGRAM: tatumski

The original crispy piaya is not quite the same as the piaya you'll find on supermarket shelves. Traditional piaya is a simple but tasty treat made of flour and muscovado (unrefined sugar). Unlike the thicker, chewier variety you might have tried before, Bailon’s piaya, is much thinner, almost wafer-like, and coated with just the right amount of muscovado.

Bailon Food Specialties
17 San Sebastian St., Bacolod City
(034) 434 7997

2. Pendy's Half-Moon Cakes


You won't regret biting into Pendy’s specialty, the Half-Moon Cakes—their trademark light and fluffy golden sponge cakes are covered in creamy egg custard and seriously addictive. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Pendy’s Snack Bar and Restaurant
Lacson Street corner 25th Street, Bacolod City
(034) 434 0269

3. Sugarlandia's Barquillos and Biscocho

INSTAGRAM: wattoeatbcd

Sugarlandia has been in business for decades, producing Bacolod’s best barquillos (thin, crunchy wafer rolls) and biscocho (crunchy baked bread with sugar and butter). Popular as pasalubong, these treats are both dessert and snack in one!

Lizares Yulo Street, Bacolod City
(034) 435 0053

4. Felicia's Ensaymada

INSTAGRAM: suzettelucerotonogbanua

Felicia’s cheesy, gooey, soft-as-clouds ensaymada is even better paired with thick, hot tablea chocolate dip. The sweet and savory contrast is a pleasant surprise for your taste buds.

Felicia’s Pastry Shop

6th Street, Bacolod City
(034) 433 6586

15th Street, Bacolod City
(034) 431 1807

SM City Bacolod
Rizal Street, Bacolod City
(034) 431 2838

5. Roli's Napoleones

INSTAGRAM: micthebeach

This unique pastry features a tempting custard cream sandwiched between layers of buttery, flaky crust, and topped with a white sugar glaze. Even the most discerning locals trust Roli’s to make the best version of this delicacy.

Roli’s Cafe
Roli’s Arcade, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City
(034) 432 2663

6. 21's Batchoy

INSTAGRAM: arpee_pengson

The best place in Bacolod to have this popular Ilonggo dish is undoubtedly at 21 Restaurant. Enjoy the rich noodle soup's explosion of flavors with a side of buttered toast on a cold, rainy afternoon.

21 Restaurant
Lacson Street corner 21st Street, Bacolod City
(034) 433 4096

7. Mushu's Chicken Inasal Sisig

INSTAGRAM: mushu_bacolod

A new take on the local chicken inasal, Chef JP Anglo’s Mushu serves chicken inasal sisig on a sizzling platter. This sinful dish is perfect to pair with heaps of garlic rice, and tastes even better when washed down with an ice-cold bottle of beer.

Mushu 2/F Azotea Building, Lacson Street, Bacolod City
(034) 703 1022

8. El Ideal's Guapple Pie and Buko Pie

INSTAGRAM: genesonescaros

While technically in Silay City, it’s not hard to miss El Ideal on your way to or from the airport. This decades-old establishment serves a number of delicacies you can bring home, but their most popular desserts are the Guapple Pie (perfectly crumbly pie with guava and apple filling) and the ever-reliable Buko Pie. Grab a slice for yourself—or an entire box for the whole fam.

El Ideal
118 Rizal Street, Silay City
(034) 495 4430

9. Emma Lacson's Lumpia Ubod

INSTAGRAM: apephotography

Emma Lacson, another Silaynon who’s been a hit with locals and tourists alike for years, is responsible for the best lumpia ubod in town. These fresh spring rolls are stuffed with ubod (heart of coconut), shrimp, pork, and green onions, and are both healthy and hearty. But what makes this delicacy truly stand out is the secret sauce that’s been passed down through generations.

Emma Lacson's Delicacies 120 Rizal Street, Silay City
(034) 495 5047

10. Calea's Cakes

INSTAGRAM: jabytotz

When in Bacolod, a dessert stop at Calea is always a non-negotiable. Their bestsellers include the Chocolate Mudpie (chocolate ice cream cake topped with almonds) and Semifreddo (a lighter ice cream cake in either chocolate or strawberry flavors). Their scrumptious cheesecakes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, too.


Balay Quince, Lacson Street corner 15th Street, Bacolod City
(034) 433 8664

Robinson’s Place Bacolod, Lacson Street, Bacolod City
(034) 441 3835

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About Anna
Anna L. Golez is a Bacolod-based writer who only likes to leave the house if there's good food, great company, extraordinary views, and interesting stories.

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