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How a Spa Getaway Can Boost Your Relationship

by Marla Miniano-Umali

In the glossy age of social media, where everything is primped and polished to a hyper-sheen, it’s easy to pretend that everything’s perfect.

We pretend that self-care comes as naturally to us as breathing, that there are no self-destructive behaviors lurking in the shadows. We pretend that we have the best-est friends, that all we do is laugh over mojitos and dance the night away in our stylish party outfits. And when it comes to our romantic relationships, we pretend that it’s all rainbows and butterflies and glitter-dusted unicorns, because that’s what paints the prettiest picture and rakes in the most double-taps.

But in real life, nothing is perfect. We spend our days zooming from home to office and back in a daze, the stress of chasing success welling up inside us. We don’t get to talk to our friends anymore, at least not as much as we used to, and when we do, there are jokes that don’t land and references that don’t make sense and the occasional whiff of awkwardness in the air. In the midst of it all, we do our best to be good partners to our significant others, we really do, but who has time to truly connect on a deeper level when there are so many other things to worry about just to get through the day?

DG Travelers, here’s the healthy middle ground: block off a weekend and book a spa getaway with your significant other, with your best friend, or if you’re feeling extra brave, just for yourself. Think of it as an investment in your well-being and in your relationships. The physical, mental, and emotional detox gives you a chance to get away—not to escape from your problems or pretend they don’t exist, but to appreciate the small, good things and get to the heart of the matter. And at the end of the day, removed from the monotony of your daily motions, maybe the heart of the matter is this: that when it’s quiet enough to listen to your partner’s stories, your best friend’s dreams, or your own hopes and wishes, everything is actually more than all right.

Don’t know where to start? Here are six relaxing spa getaways guaranteed to soothe your soul.

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

Plan a solo trip and find your bliss with a 60-Minute Aum Spa Treatment for 1 at the Philippines’ Best Resort Spa, recognized by the World Luxury Spa Awards. Take your pick from a Reflex Foot Massage, Aum Aroma Massage, Thai Inspired Massage, or Aroma Essential Facial, and feel yourself being reinvigorated from head to toe. It’s not hard to master the art of being alone when you’re tanning seaside at one of TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Luxury Hotels in the Philippines, or reading a good book wrapped in a fluffy robe and buried in the softest, freshest sheets.

Nurture Wellness Village

Take the scenic route when you drive up to Tagaytay with your best friend, and spend all that glorious free time letting all the stories you’ve saved spill out of your mouths. When you’ve had your fill of good conversation and great company, fuel up on some much-needed rest and relaxation with a 2.5-Hour Pampering Session that includes the Asian fusion Kamagong Sports Massage and the Mutya Natural Facial, which uses natural ingredients like honey, yogurt, and pandan to restore your youthful, radiant glow.

Qiwellness Living Tagaytay

Need to rekindle the romance? That’s nothing a peaceful, intimate getaway can’t fix. The Yin-Yang Rejuvenation Package for 2 is not your ordinary overnight stay: it comes with a 90-Minute Silk Signature Massage, a 45-Minute Qireflexology Massage, and a 10-Course Degustation Dinner for 2—the perfect opportunity to sit down and catch up with each other over the finest cuisine and a premium bottle of wine. The next day, bask in the comfortable silence as you eat your congee and dim sum breakfast out on the deck, where majestic Taal looms in the distance.

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

Traveling as a couple is both a relationship milestone and a test of how well you plan and work together. Pass with flying colors in this sprawling luxury resort in Panglao, where the tranquil Handuraw Spa is perched on top of a hill, patiently awaiting your visit. Want to hit two birds with one stone? Bond with your partner and your best friend by making it a double-date getaway: book the 3D/2N Grand Villa for 4 package (complete with private pool, breakfast, round-trip transfers, and an ₱8,000 consumable voucher) and celebrate both love and friendship over the course of an unforgettable weekend.

T House Tagaytay

There’s nothing wrong with Netflix and chill being your default date, but a dose of spontaneity and adventure doesn’t hurt, either. Surprise your significant other with a 60-Minute Full Body Massage for 2 at this charming zen haven, followed by a 3-Course Lunch or Dinner Tasting Menu for 2, where you’ll get to sample unique, creative dishes such as salted egg yolk onion rings, bulalo noodle soup, or dry tinola. The cool, crisp atmosphere combined with the romantic, rejuvenating ambience is the perfect equation for a romantic evening that’ll remind you how it’s possible to fall in love with each other all over again.

The Peacock Garden

Flying solo provides an opportunity to strip down to your bare, unfiltered self, especially when your destination is a prime location for unplugging and discovering parts of yourself you thought you’d forgotten. Set yourself up for a weekend of serenity and introspection in beautiful Bohol, where you can treat yourself to The Peacock Garden’s 2.5 Hours of Full-Body Pampering at Fontana Aurelia Spa. Discover the potency of locally sourced remedies such as ginger, aloe vera, and lemongrass, and go for a long, luxurious soak in their Grecian-inspired jacuzzi, where you can reminisce and realize just how good it feels to be alive.

Looking to indulge in more pampering treats? Browse through out Health and Wellness collection.

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About Marla
Marla Miniano-Umali is the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Philippines, Candy Magazine, and Summit Books. She has written four YA novels and two short story collections, and co-authored two poetry anthologies—including the travel-inspired The Maps that Contain Us. She likes long drives, snack pit stops, and adventures on and off the page.

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