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Here's What You Need to Shop in Baguio

by Kim Meadows

Part of being on vacation is loosening up the purse strings and spending a little more than you normally would.

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And like other places, Baguio has certain staples that every visitor must include in his or her shopping list. Scroll below!


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The ukay-ukay scene in Baguio (where it’s called “wagwagan”, the Ilocano term for “to shake”) draws fashionistas and bargain hunters from all over. It’s easy to get excited about a great deal, but don’t let that excitement distract you from ensuring the quality of your purchase.

Check clothes for stains and rips both inside and outside. If you see any, gauge whether it’s something easily reparable. If you’re gifted with a thread and needle or have a knack for taking out stains, it might still be worth the buy. If not, put it back on the hanger. Chances are, there are plenty more treasures that are waiting for a new home.

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The Night Market is a must-visit on any Baguio trip. Serious shoppers, however, will want more options. Set aside some time and money for Skyworld Commercial Center and Bayanihan Lodge on Session Road and Hilltop behind the Baguio City Public Market.

Clothes sell for as low as P10 at these spots. If you’re willing to spend a bit more than that, you may find some bags by high-end brands at an outlet store. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount, especially if you’re buying more than one item from the same vendor.

Fresh Produce

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When it comes to produce, the sure way to get the freshest food available is to shop right after the trucks come in. You won’t have to get up bright and early, just early, as the vegetable shipments come in before the sun rises.

The same goes for fish, poultry, and meat. When you do trek over there, be sure to wear comfortable, closed shoes, as the wet section of the market lives up to its name no matter the weather outside.

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There are a few things you can buy in the Baguio market way cheaper than any market in Manila and the lowlands in general.

For many people, lemons are the best buy. You can squeeze their juice and pulp into lemonade, use slices or rinds to season your cooking, or sniff on a wedge to combat nausea on the ride home. Also, check out fresh herbs like basil and mint. Buy them by the bag, usually for under P50. One bag goes a long way if you make your own pesto. Alternatively, throw basil leaves into a salad for a kick of bold flavor, or crush up mint leaves for your homemade mojito.


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It’s never too early to shop for Christmas or even for an upcoming birthday. Baguio is a good place to find gifts for your loved ones—or yourself. Woven pouches and bags, for example, are a practical present. Compare prices and styles before you settle on one to buy; you’ll find dozens to choose from.

The dry section of the market even offers arnis complete with carrying cases for the MMA buff in your life.

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The Woodcarving Village is popular among event organizers for unique party favors for debuts, corporate functions, and weddings. It’s worth checking out if you’re due to tie the knot soon. Find the right vendor and get your giveaways customized. For an additional fee, you can have it shipped right to your home!

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