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Here’s How You Can Glow Up Just in Time for the Holidays

by Marla Miniano-Umali
October 2, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a very large and immovable rock, you’ve probably heard of The Glow Up.

It’s essentially the stuff teenage dreams are made of, and a major turning point in rom-coms and coming-of-age films—a transformation so good and so drastic that it acts as a cure-all to life’s big and small miseries. You get the job. You get the guy (or the girl) of your dreams. You find true friendship, redemption, closure, or simply yourself. When you glow up, sure, your appearance changes—but apparently, according to pop culture, so does your life.

Many people will attribute glow ups to the naturally occurring process of puberty, and will tell you that a proper glow up takes years to achieve. But just between you and us, we think it’s actually possible to undergo a glow up in a matter of months (and no matter how old you are!), giving you lit-from-within radiance and a brand new vibe that’s just impossible to ignore.

Another secret we want to share with you? At the end of the day, no glow up can compete with the confidence that comes from knowing you’re taking care of yourself. Here are four ways to do just that, so you can strut into the hectic holiday season armed and ready for all those parties, reunions, and yes, even those awkward comments from the most overbearing titas.

Skin Rejuvenating Facial with Diamond Peel

Beauty clinic SlevT’i’s bestselling facial treatment is back, and available at the best price for a limited time only! Get baby soft and smooth skin with thorough cleansing and scrubbing, facial steaming, and a relaxing massage that promotes collagen production. A diamond peel isn’t exactly magic, but it sure comes close as it sloughs off dead skin cells and battles pigmentation to reveal your most radiant complexion. Don’t be surprised if you receive compliments on your flawless skin left and right!

Underarm Hair Removal and Whitening

Who run the world? Raise your hand if you know the answer—unless you’re too shy to do so because you’re worried about your underarms. Time is of the essence when you’re trying to conquer the universe, so don’t waste any of it fretting about the state of your ‘pits. Enter the Diode Laser Hair Removal, a safe, painless, and permanent solution to fuzz-free underarms. This treatment packs a potent one-two punch with the Special Whitening Peel, which will give you visibly lighter underams even after a single session.

3-Step Skin Whitening Treatment on 3 Areas

Even-toned skin all over? Yes, please! If it’s a glow up you’re after, you need to experience SvelT’i’s popular 3-Step Whitening Treatment on 3 areas of choice—you can use it on your underarms, groin, elbows, knees, nape, butt cheeks, or inner thighs. The cleansing scrub, whitening mask, and special peeling solution all work together to give you a refreshed, rejuvenated head-to-toe glow that will make you feel like the true kween you’ve always been!

2-in-1 Slimming Package

We can’t stress this enough: You’re perfect just the way are. Nevertheless, the changes you make to your body to help you feel your best are your own and no one else’s—which means if you need a little confidence boost in the form of a slimming treatment, that’s your decision and nobody can judge. Who says you have to just sit there and swallow all the tactless weight gain comments thrown your way, especially when the holidays roll around?

SvelT’i’s slimming package features Thermogenic Treatment and Accufirme, which help tone your tummy, arms, thighs, back, or lower back by generating heat in the tissues, muscles, and bones. It’s completely safe, and can burn up to 800 calories per session! It’s also a great way to detox, making you feel like a brand new person—even though we all know good ol’ you is just fine.

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About Marla
Marla Miniano-Umali is the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Philippines, Candy Magazine, and Summit Books. She has written four YA novels and two short story collections, and co-authored two poetry anthologies—including the travel-inspired The Maps that Contain Us. She likes long drives, snack pit stops, and adventures on and off the page.

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