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Extensions, Lifts, and Rebirths: The Ultimate Guide to Luscious Lashes

by Kat Gutierrez

Who doesn't want to look bright-eyed all the time?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so a small change in them can instantly make a difference to your entire vibe. Playing up your eyelashes is one of the easiest ways to make your peepers pop and amp up your look; simply curling them or layering on mascara makes you seem refreshed, well-rested, and more “awake” in a snap.

But if you're always rushing in the mornings, and for girls who have to work with short, stubby lashes, sometimes mascara and a curler just won't cut it. Worry no more—we’ve got the semi-permanent solutions for lashes of all types.


WHAT THEY ARE: These are pretty much self-explanatory—lashes made out of silk, mink, or other synthetic material which are glued to your real eyelashes by a professional. As compared to temporary falsies (which are glued to your lash line instead), semi-permanent lash extensions can last about 6-8 weeks.

BEST FOR: Those who aren’t satisfied with the length of their lashes. Eyelash extensions are perfect for people with shorter lashes. When getting extensions done, you get to customize how your lashes look, from the length, thickness, and even the way they curve from your lids (you’d be surprised how many types of curves there are). If you’re looking for a total reinvention and a dramatic change, and don’t mind touching them up every few months or so, extensions are for you.

WHERE TO GO: Hair Salon Hide2A from Tokyo

Japanese Eyelash Extensions & Eyelash Nurturing Serum now 47% OFF!

We all know the Japanese strive for nothing but perfection. And yes, they have a similar mindset with the way their Japanese-trained therapists treat eyelashes at Hair Salon Hide2A. With this package, you get to up your lash game, taking on 100 pieces of extensions (50 per eye), plus an additional application of luxury beauty brand Shiseido’s Nurturing Serum. It’ll help enhance growth of your natural lashes underneath the extensions. Time to stow away your mascaras and eyelash curlers because you’ll be taking all those woke-up-like-this selfies in no time.

Hair Salon Hide2A from Tokyo
Ground Floor B and P Building, 843 Arnaiz Avenue
Legaspi Village, Makati
(02) 779 8435
(0908) 299 1290
(0927) 228 7470


WHAT IT IS: Lash lifting is essentially the lash perm’s lazier but more glamorous cousin. Lash perms are recommended for people with longer eyelashes who are looking for that perfect curve. Lash lifts, on the other hand, while using the same chemicals as the lash perm, manipulate shape using a silicone shield rather than a cylindrical rod. These tend to “lift” your lashes rather than curl them, and the process makes your lashes look longer rather than shorter, which perms tend to do. In about an hour or so, you’ll be feeling like an entirely new person with lifted lashes that’ll have heads turning in your direction. These last up to two months before you need to go back to the salon to have them done again.

BEST FOR: On-the-go gals. The reason lash lifts have gotten so popular within a short amount of time is because they’re so much more low-maintenance than extensions and other eyelash enhancements. You can also still put on mascara and rub your eyes without risking pesky fake lashes falling off. Lazy girls, you’ve found your savior!

WHERE TO GO: Jesi Mendez Salon

Celebrity Lash Lift with Repairing Keratin Serum now at 60% OFF!

Jesi Mendez Salon’s package isn’t called ‘celebrity’ for no reason. Giving you that superstar treatment you deserve, the salon will use Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift products to keep your lashes curled and lifted, looking effortlessly good even in close-up shots. Not only will the session give you longer-looking eyelashes, but it also includes lash tint to coat them in a darker and more dramatic hue. Once the perming lotion, neutralizer, and conditioning cream have been applied, a repairing keratin serum will also be applied to create a protective barrier that strengthens your lashes.

Jesi Mendez Salon
The Fort Pointe Building, 7th Avenue
BGC, Taguig
(02) 809 4688
(0995) 275 0313


WHAT IT IS: A technique that originated from the US and Taiwan, digital lash rebirth is a procedure that allows your eyelashes to grow out naturally with the help of hair follicle stem cells inserted into your roots via nanoneedles. This won’t just help make your lashes longer but also allows them to grow out thicker as well. Thanks to this new technology, you can bid those sparse and short lashes farewell.

BEST FOR: People with lashes that often fall off and get brittle due to age, stress, or overtreating. Digital lash rebirths use nanoneedling and stem cell serums in the process. The package is also great for those with shorter lashes who are averse to getting extensions or resistant to growth serums. Though a session is definitely pricier than your usual lash perm, lift, or extensions, it is a painless, chemical-free way to get luscious lashes that still look natural.

WHERE TO GO: Benibana Beauty Hub

3 Sessions of Digital Lash Rebirth now 41% OFF!

Benibana Beauty Hub’s 3-session bundle will give your lashes the boost they deserve using stem cell serums which will be nanoneedled into the roots of your lashes, meaning no more sparse and minute growth! Though needles are involved, you don’t have to worry because the process is totally painless. Each 30-minute session stimulates your lash follicles without any damage or harmful chemicals. Three ampules will be added, for prep, lengthening, and sealing. Make sure to space out your visits every 15 days to maintain your thick and long lashes.

Benibana Beauty Hub
Flossom Place, 187 N. Averilla St.
Brgy. Sta. Lucia, San Juan
(02) 400 8990

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About Kat
Kat Gutierrez is a former magazine editor who enjoys writing about pop culture, travel, beauty, and lifestyle. When not working, she loves hanging out at home, binge-watching random Youtube videos, and keeping up with the latest in Korean pop culture.

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