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Boracay Travel Guide

When the topic of the best beaches in the Philippines come, Boracay comes as no surprise as one of the top mentions. Also known as the “Party Island”, Boracay has become the pinnacle of a world-famous tropical paradise. People from all over the world flock to witness its gorgeous white-sanded beach and turquoise waters.

And with its recent reopening after a 6-month rehabilitation, visitors can finally experience a quieter, cleaner version of Boracay.

Whether you're in need to escape the daily grind or simply want to enjoy the tropical climate by the world-famous, DG Traveler's Boracay Travel Guide is here to show you everything you need to make the most out of your trip!


Sunrise Walk at White Beach

While Boracay is home to the best sunset views, what might go unnoticed are the equally beautiful sunrises. Take an early morning stroll along White Beach and find solace in the beauty of the sand, sea, and sky.

Secret Beaches (llig Iligan Beach and Tambisaan Beach)

While we’re more acquainted with the more popular beaches of the island, there are also quiet pockets of paradise where you can revel in peace and tranquility. Secret Beach #1 near Ilig Iligan Beach is where you can enjoy nature that’s completely untouched—rugged, wild, and for the strong and confident swimmers.

Secret Beach #2 close to Tambisaan Beach takes you across a little forest with high-up views of the area in all its natural beauty. For these two, surely there’s no filter needed!

Local Beach Life at Malabunot Plaza Beach

Ever wondered what Boracay would be sans the tourists, restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, and all those water sports? Malabunot Plaza Beach is the answer to that. While its beach doesn’t have White Beach’s powdery white sand, a glimpse on authentic local life awaits.

Malabunot is located near the southernmost tip of Boracay and is accessible via an approximately 20-30 minute tricycle or van ride.

Marine Life at Tambisaan Beach

You’ve seen the color of Boracay’s bustling beach, now’s the time to see the colors of the largest marine life in the island, Tambisaan Beach Not a licensed diver? No problem! Bring your snorkelling gear and take a short walk and swim into the bay will for breathtaking underwater views.

360-Degree View of Boracay from Mt. Luho

The different beaches are great, the view underwater is sublime, but the view on top is a different beauty altogether. Marvel at an unobstructed 360-degree view of the whole island and pinpoint where you want to go next!

Aerial View of Boracay via Boracay Helicopters

Take your sightseeing up a notch—literally! Take a helicopter ride, fly high, and enjoy views of the beautiful Boracay. While fit for a king, this fancy ride of a lifetime will give you the perfect adrenaline rush and the best stories to tell your family and friends back home.


Streetmarket Boracay

With its wide variety of cuisine offerings and food choices, the newly opened Streetmarket has a little something for everyone. This backyard picnic-style locale is the perfect place to chill out after a hot morning or afternoon at the beach.

Two Season’s BarLo Restaurant

A trip to Boracay will never be complete without a meal at BarLo. This beachfront restaurant satisfies your comfort food cravings (which are as Instagram-worthy as the beach view). Do not leave without trying their 4-Cheese Pizza and Oyster Sisig!

Blue Jade Café at D’Talipapa

An island vacation is never complete with a feast of the freshest catch cooked any way you like it! Have your favorite seafood sautéed, fried to perfection, or even in soup— all at an affordable price.

Balinghai Beach

If romance is you’re looking for, head over to Balinghai Beach for a private dining experience by the shore. The trek to this place is quite the journey, but a meal at this secluded beach cove will definitely make up for it.


Island Hopping at White Beach

No matter how many times you’ve been to the island, island hopping is a must! For about 3 hours, you get the full island experience of seeing the beautiful and hidden Crystal Cove, cliff diving at Magic Island, a visit to the famed Puka Beach, and a few snorkeling stops too.

Boracay Pub Crawl at Exit Bar, Boat Station 2, and White Beach

A trip to the Party Island isn’t one without at least one night of partying. Thanks to Boracay Pub Crawl, your itinerary for the night is covered. Enjoy the best of Boracay’s nightlife, meet new friends, and dance the night away. After this, you can really say that you’ve had the complete Boracay experience!

Paraw Sunset Sailing at White Beach

Sail into the Boracay sunset and bask in its beauty as you cruise along the vast waters. Sit back, relax, and let the sky and sea take you through one of the most beautiful spectacles you’ll ever see.

TIP: This relaxing ride is best enjoyed with a fresh fruit shake from Jonah’s!

Mandala Signature Massage at Mandala Spa & Villas Boracay

Treat yourself to a soothing massage of long strokes and gentle stretches at Mandala Spa. With a brand of luxury just like this, it's an indulgent pampering you didn’t even know you were missing.

Sunset Sessions at Spider House

Famous for its gorgeous sunset views, Diniwid Beach’s Spiderhouse is the epitome of chill. And with a stairway that leads to the water, a cliff for the thrill-seeking divers, and the perfect beach music, Spiderhouse has become the perfect hidden gem for all types of beach bums.

Base Camp Tribal Adventure

If it’s a change of scenery you crave, Base Camp is the place for you. Set in the jungle on the Nabaoy River, a trip here gives you a glimpse of Boracay's wilderness in its most natural and vulnerable state. Excursions like caving, river tubing, waterfall swims, and others, may be added and certain fees apply.


  • The ideal time to visit Boracay is the months of November to May. Considered the peak season, these months are typically dry with temperatures ranging from 25-32 degrees Celsius.

  • The easiest and most convenient way to get around the island is via tricycle. Rides around Boat Stations 1 through 3 start at around ₱40.

  • Always bring small change with you. Some establishments only accept cash, and some vendors may not have change readily available.

  • Befriending the locals for the best island experience. They can not only give you the best rates on island activities, but it can also be the start of a friendship that will last a lifetime!

  • Join a beach volleyball or soccer pick-up game along White Beach for 2 purposes. One, it’s an easy way to make friends; and two, it’s the best last-minute way to achieve your beach body goals.

  • There are lots of good eats around, but leave room for snacks. We recommend trying some Chori Burgers from Merly’s BBQ and Calamansi Muffins from Real Coffee & Tea Café—they’re only ₱45 each!

  • While we’re on the subject of food, don’t fall prey to beautiful beachfront food displays and attractive promos. The best meals might be those you’ve never even thought of or seen off the bat.

  • The island and its people give much importance to their environment by having sustainable waste management processes. Do your part in helping to maintain the pristine beauty that is Boracay. Something simple such as not littering and bringing a bottle for drinks will help!

  • Traverse the island in search of the best live music you can find—various bars and cafés offer a multitude of genres to satisfy even the most discerning music critic.

  • Live like a local and take part in the island’s festivities for Ati-Atihan in January. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Boracay’s culture than this!


There are plenty of accommodations to choose from. For the budget-conscious, there are hostels and lodges that can go as low as ₱200/per night.

Station 1 is where all the high-end resorts are located. You can't go wrong with gorgeous beachfront resorts like Astoria Boracay and Two Seasons Boracay Resort.

Station 2 is the vantage point of Boracay's action. Be in the heart of it all with stays like the beachfront The District Boracay which offers premium service and amenities.

Station 3 is the most laidback option out of the 3 stations. If you want to experience a peaceful side of Boracay, we recommend you stay at the serene Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel. Astoria Current offers a more vibrant spin with its signature bold colors and modern lines Astoria is well-known for.

On the other hand, Savoy Hotel Boracay is located in Boracay Newcoast, a 150-hectare tourism estate that was just recently built. Guests can enjoy an idyllic beach vacation set within a private chic village resort away from the crowds.


Get ready to show off your trendiest beachwear with those endless OOTD pictures! Whether it’s a stylish one piece, a fashion-forward bikini, the coolest board shorts, a fun and summery sundress, or whatever you fancy, always remember that in the island of Boracay, being beach-ready also means being party-ready.

Flip flops or going barefoot as you walk along White Beach is highly recommended. Bring water shoes if you are doing water sports and other island activities.


By Air

Skyjet Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia Philippines has daily direct flights to Caticlan and Kalibo from Manila. Since Caticlan is the nearest airport to Boracay, it's the more convenient option. From Caticlan, it will take a 10-minute trike ride and a 15-minute boat ride to get to Boracay.

On the other hand, the journey from Kalibo to Boracay takes about 2 hours via a van or taxi.

By Ferry

From Batangas Port, you can take a 2Go Ferry. Travel time will be around 8-9 hours.

Illustrations by Ce Manalang

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