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Bohol, As Told By Travelers

by Charlene Co
February 15, 2018

With all the beautiful destinations to discover in the Philippines, it’s a challenge to decide where to begin.

But there is a province so diverse that holds the best of what the country has to offer all in one place—Bohol.

Photo courtesy of Chai Moral

In an island rich in history and filled with breathtaking natural wonders, one visit (or even two) is never enough. Find out what these travelers have to say and what keeps them coming back to this charming island again and again.

1. What fascinated you the most about Bohol?

Lorraine: I’ve traveled to many places but out of all the destinations that I’ve been to, there’s just something about Bohol that makes me want to stay. Its amazing turquoise waters are so pristine and the weather is excellent for a beach trip throughout the year.

Its natural wonders have a sense of order and rhythm, which makes Bohol a place to find peace and tranquility.

Its raw and untouched beauty is uncorrupted by commercial tourism with their best efforts to retain their heritage. The old churches specifically are pure art. I've attended several weddings in Bohol too, and treasured memories are just some of the things keep bringing me back to the island as it will always have a special place in my heart.

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Tala

Mark: Fascination is an understatement. I've traveled to different provinces throughout the country but Bohol is one of my favorite destinations—Panglao Island to be specific. In fact, I enjoy this island so much that I’ve featured it several times in my travel and lifestyle blog.

Photo courtesy of Mark Monta

Bohol has everything that every kind of traveler will love! It features different kinds of nature destinations such as the pristine and long white-sand beaches of Panglao Island, the relaxing float at Loboc River, an exhilarating experience at its Twin Hanging Bridge, the world-famous Chocolate Hills, the historic Blood Compact Shrine, and encounters with the smallest primate on the planet. I couldn't list them all but trust me, Bohol is a precious gem in the Visayas!

Photo courtesy of Mark Monta

Chai: The continuous discovery of what Bohol has to offer every single time I visit. At first, I thought that the Chocolate Hills and Philippine Tarsier were the only reasons to visit Bohol but with the information that the locals and friends have shared about its attractions and activities, it makes me want to come back to experience it all.

Photo courtesy of Chai Moral

I’m lucky to have seen its beaches including Anda and even some of its world-class resorts but there are so much more to see, eat, and do, I don’t even know where to start!

2. What type of travelers will enjoy Bohol?

Lorraine: If you are a nature lover—whether you’re looking for a quiet and serene vacation or one that’s filled with adventure—Bohol is the place for you. Culture vultures will also enjoy Bohol because of its rich history and the beautiful sites you can see.

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Tala

Mark: All kinds of travelers are bound to fall in love with Bohol. If you’re into the beach, Panglao Island has got it all for you. If you’re into trekking, hike up to the peak of Danao where you can see a sea of clouds. If you're into chasing waterfalls, the magical Can-Umantad Falls in Candijay will leave you breathless!

Photo courtesy of Mark Monta

Chai: All types of travelers! But as a mom, I’d recommend this to young families who want to have bonding time with their kids and loved ones. It’s a kid-friendly and a romantic destination at the same time.

Photo courtesy of Chai Moral

3. What tips can you share for first-time travelers or those who are considering a trip to Bohol?

Lorraine: Book accommodations ahead of time especially during peak season and don’t forget to pack your beach essentials and sunscreen. Squeeze in church visits—they are really beautiful!

Mark: If you're a foreign visitor, you can converse freely with Boholanos in English. Always bring food and drinks most especially if you plan to travel to the mountainside. If you’re visiting Bohol for the first time, I suggest you visit the white beaches in Panglao first and then explore greener side of Bohol. And if you wish to experience the nightlife and chill with a beachfront view, head to Shot's in Restobar in Jagna!

Photo courtesy of Mark Monta

Chai: Maximize your trip by staying a minimum of 3 nights. Do your research and plan your itinerary well. Booking a tour can be pricey and its covered locations may not be what you want to visit. Depending on who you are traveling with, consider hiring a private transport service (with a driver) that will charge based on the number of hours (regardless of the location/s) or for those traveling solo, it would be cheaper to join a tour with other travelers.

Photo courtesy of Chai Moral

If you are the adventurous type, explore 2-3 towns like Panglao, Anda, and Danao so you can experience more activities and attractions. You can also download the Bohol tourism app, Behold Bohol, which is very informative and helpful!

4. Share a memorable experience that you had in Bohol.

Lorraine: I cannot pick one in particular because every trip I had was memorable. I travel to learn, discover, drink coffee with a view, and to be with my loved ones. There's no better feeling to look back on!

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Tala

Mark: I've been to two other river cruises, but the Loboc River Cruise is different as it is grand! Their process from reservations to the lunch buffet and the cruise itself is definitely amazing. They also prepare a quick dance presentation at one of the stops. The experience is worth it!

Photo courtesy of Mark Monta

Chai: My first trip will always be the most memorable one. I was so amazed at the warmth of the people and the tranquility of the town.

While there were developments in the area and new resorts were being built, the vibe was still very welcoming and homey.

The developments seemed to blend well with the environment and I hope they’ll keep it that way.

Photo courtesy of Chai Moral

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Photo Credits: @cebubloggers, @mmonta

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