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Baler Weekend Itineraries for All Types of Millennial Travelers

by Danielle Uy
August 23, 2018

Filipinos are naturally people of the sea, which makes it no surprise that coastal towns like Baler have become our go-to vacation spots.

You don’t have to wait for summertime to plan your beach getaway in the beautiful capital of Aurora. Here are itineraries for every type of traveler to enjoy Baler for a weekend—you're guaranteed to find something to suit your style!


INSTAGRAM: kahanamokubaler

Your excitement for spontaneity has been replaced by your meticulousness in planning your travel itinerary to the minute. Being a super tita-in-training traveler means that you have outgrown the need to use up all your energy during your trip. It’s a vacation, after all! Your plan is to have a well-rested and relaxing weekend far away from the demands of work and all your other #adulting responsibilities, and you'll feel right at home in Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast, where you'll forget all your stresses and woes.

Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast
Purok 7, Sitio Cemento, Barangay Zabali
(0998) 857 4851 / (0917) 833 9615


Morning Activity

INSTAGRAM: bianccuuh

If you take the regular night trips via Genesis Bus, you’ll most likely arrive in Baler in time to catch the sunrise. Grab this opportunity to have your dose of Vitamin D by strolling around Sabang Beach. You may also ask the front desk in Kahanamoku to hook you up with a surf instructor for your morning surf lessons.

INSTAGRAM: jecca.snts

The best way to reward yourself for a surf session is to have a hearty early brekkie. Get your coffee and bread fix at Dialyn’s Bakeshop, which has the tastiest confectionaries. If you chance upon meeting the owner, Dialyn Tolentino, you could even have a nice chat with a kindred spirit and co-tita!

Dialyn’s Bakeshop
Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Brgy. Sabang
Open daily, 7 AM – 8 PM

INSTAGRAM: wonalin

After regaining your energy, go on tourist mode and visit the Museo de Baler and the Doña Aurora Ancestral House. These two spots will expose you to the history and culture of the province of Aurora. While you’re at it, don’t forget to drop by the pasalubong stalls in front of Museo de Baler. You can opt to buy Diarabasin coffee and other local delicacies, or settle for the traditional keychains and native purses.


INSTAGRAM: ralpharagon

If you’re a fan of sandwiches and pasta, Madison’s Café offers a variety of dishes you would definitely enjoy. We highly recommend their spicy tofu sandwich or their tuyo pesto to satisfy your tummy.

Madison’s Café
Quezon Highway, Brgy. Suklayin
(0915) 407 3369
Open daily except for Wednesdays, 10 AM - 9 PM

Post-Brunch Activity


Near Madison’s Café, there are a lot of ukay-ukay stalls that sell cheap but good quality clothes. You might be surprised how great thrift shopping in Baler actually is! Just make sure not to spend all your money in one go—you haven’t had the best of Baler yet.

When your thrift shopping tires you out, you might want to go back to your resort. Don’t worry, even when Kahanamoku is a bit farther away than the resorts in the town center, Barangay Zabali is the home of the Baler Fishport. You can try strolling around and simply listen to the ocean around you.


INSTAGRAM: ilovecarnee

Once you’re ready for dinner, you can chill at SeaSta Beach Resort’s restaurant which sits just beside the fishport. They offer delicious food and an amazing view, and the place is usually quiet and uncrowded, so you can even enjoy reading a good book as you lie down on their hammock.

SeaSta Beach Resort
Sitio Cemento, Barangay Zabali
(0919) 529 9751
Open daily, 7 AM - 9 PM



INSTAGRAM: kahanamokubaler

Grab your complimentary vegetarian breakfast in Kahanamoku’s dining area. Try walking around afterwards, or check out their wall art showcase, before heading on to your next activity. Make sure to fill your stomach—it’s gonna be a long, beautiful day!

Morning Activity

INSTAGRAM: kahanamokubaler

Kahanamoku offers daily yoga classes, so why don’t you try one out before heading off? You could definitely freshen up after with a long shower using their complimentary all-natural toiletries.


INSTAGRAM: charlie.does

Head out to Sabang and check out Charlie Does Café. Read up on the magazines they have about Aurora and surfing, or simply enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you have your second tasty vegetarian meal of the day.

Charlie Does Café
Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Brgy. Sabang
(02) 902 0900
Open from Mondays to Thursdays, 7 AM - 10 PM;
Fridays to Sundays at 7 AM - 12 AM

Afternoon Activity

INSTAGRAM: kahanamokubaler

It’s finally time to get your energy levels up! Book a motorcycle tour from Kahanamoku and explore the wonders of Baler with the wind on your face. Enjoy it for the rest of the afternoon, so you can end the day with your tita heart happily rested and thrilled.


INSTAGRAM: bookieph

To you, traveling isn’t worth it without feeding your epinephrines. Admit it, you’d rather try out that death-threatening ride than lie peacefully on a five-star bed. We don’t blame you—why settle for things you can do at home when you’ve already come so far? Easy Adventure may just be the answer to all your stored-up energy. As they say on their website, “Why stay at a 5-star hotel, when you can stay in a 5-billion star campsite?”

Easy Adventure
Charlie's Point, Reserva
(0916) 767 7971


Morning Activity

INSTAGRAM: easyadventure

If you’re in a group of six, or just one person willing to splurge on the best trip of your life, try out the Easy Express, Easy Adventure’s luxury van. For the price of ₱5,000 (inclusive of driver, toll charges, gas, and driver’s food and lodging) from Manila to Baler, you and your friends could sit back on the leather recliner seats and watch your favorite show on the van’s TV set. It even has WiFi, water, and snacks for you to really enjoy the trip.

Your hearty breakfast and fresh buko await you at the conservatory. Don’t shy away from eating! You’ll be needing as much energy as you can get.

INSTAGRAM: easyadventure

Start the day right with a surf session. Easy Adventure is conveniently located right in front of Charlie’s Point, where the famous surfing scene from Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now was shot. The campsite crew can hook you up with the top local surfers for private surf lessons, or you can also rent a surfboard if you’re confident that you can manage the waves on your own.

After an hour or two of surfing, have a little bit of rest in their hammocks while maybe drinking a cup of coffee and munching on some bananas. Easy Adventure offers an unlimited supply of both!


INSTAGRAM: easyadventure

You can opt for Easy Adventure’s package that covers all your meals throughout your stay, so no need to worry about getting hungry. Instead, divert your attention to what you will be doing next! Easy Adventure promises only fresh and organic meals for you.

Afternoon Activity

INSTAGRAM: easyadventure

Rent a dune buggy from the front desk and explore Baler on your own! Drive all the way to Balete Park and check out the Millennium Tree. You can climb up the roots and enjoy taking pictures around the majestic 600-year-old tree, followed by a drive to Ditumabo and a trek to the Mother Falls. It will take you around an hour to cross through rivers and rock formations, but the 140-foot waterfall will definitely be worth the trek.

INSTAGRAM: jobertson.feliciano

Post-Dinner Activity

INSTAGRAM: apalabyab

During the weekends, Easy Adventure usually has special events lined up. Try asking the staff if you can have a stargazing session with their astronomers to cap off your day. Being away from city lights, you’ll have more chances of seeing the constellations and heavenly bodies above you.

INSTAGRAM: easyadventure

If you’re rather thirsty from all your activities, you may instead opt to grab a bottle of ice-cold craft beer, also offered by Easy Adventure. Chill by the bonfire with your friends, and if you brought some marshmallows and hotdogs, you could even have your s'mores full-on camping style!


Morning Activity

INSTAGRAM: easyadventure

You’ve already had a taste of Baler’s waves; why not try out the flatter waters this time? Swim or rent a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak from the desk and enjoy the calmness of Aguang River, which is located right in front of the campsite. You can also ask the crew if you could try out the hovercraft tour, an activity that Easy Adventure prides to be first in, and discover local wildlife and river rapids.

Afternoon Activity

INSTAGRAM: jobertson.feliciano

Even when Easy Adventure isn’t in the town proper, it isn’t hard to travel to other parts of Baler. You can visit Ermita Hill, the highest point of Baler, and see the beauty of Baler Bay, Sabang Beach, and the Pacific Ocean from the top. And since you’re already in Barangay Zabali, why not get a taste of their water, too? At the Baler Fishport, you can try out Buoyancy Water Sports Baler’s UFO Couch and the exciting Jumbo Ride.

Buoyancy Water Sports Baler
Fishport, Barangay Zabali
(0929) 080 6923

Pre-Dinner Activity

INSTAGRAM: easyadventure

Finish off your energy-filled Baler weekend with some buko juice from Easy Adventure. Bask in the feel of wilderness for a few more hours before you go back to the concrete jungle. Just a quick reminder that even when you feel like bringing home a piece of Baler with you, Easy Adventure is passionate about preserving nature for more people to enjoy, so apply the Leave No Trace principle even to the last minutes of your stay: leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time.


INSTAGRAM: lsirene_Life

You do it for the 'gram, and you’re unashamed of it. Besides, pictures say a thousand words. When traveling to a breathtaking place like Baler, why waste time trying to describe your awe when you can just share it with one click? (Or maybe a few more, for some post-processing edits. Don’t worry, we totally salute your efforts!) One of our feed goals now is actress Sam Pinto, and her Instagram’s aesthetic has just become super accessible by checking into her very own L’Sirene Boutique Resort.

The actress claims that L’Sirene is the first boutique resort in town, which makes it the perfect destination for stylish Instagram kweens. It hosts only a few guests (just 15 rooms!), but its ambience could compete with the more luxurious resorts in Baler. Almost always, boutique resorts have a very unique personality, and Sam Pinto’s brain child carries that of a mermaid wonder.

L’Sirene Boutique Resort
Purok 6, Barangay Reserva
For inquiries and reservations, contact Riza Rubin
(0917) 743 8556


Morning Activity

INSTAGRAM: lsirene_Life

Tranquil L'Sirene has an exclusive beachfront for its guests. Stroll by the beach and capture your first morning in Baler effortlessly with the backdrop of the beautiful Aurora sunrise. As Baler has become a popular tourist destination, uncrowded beach areas like this are hidden treasures.

INSTAGRAM: jasonthejman

If you’re already looking for a thrilling morning activity, make the sea your playground and book a surf lesson from the desk. With an uncrowded spot, barely anyone will see you wipe out! You also wouldn’t have to worry about running someone over with your surfboard. No surf-safe and Instagram-worthy swimwear ready? Not a problem, either! Sam has her own line of swimwear available for purchase at the reception area. Tell us, what else could you ask for?


INSTAGRAM: lsirene_

If you’re looking for some fresh and quality seafood, look no further. The resort’s bar and restaurant, Siren’s Bar and Restaurant, serves mouthwatering dishes with a twist. Need to upload your pictures? They have free WiFi, too!

Afternoon Activity

INSTAGRAM: isaiahbpinto

Have your siesta session in fashion with the hammocks in your room’s veranda. You can also chill in the resort’s swing beds or gazebos. With these amenities surrounded by several coconut trees, a siesta at L’Sirene is the tropical dream.

Try not to sleep throughout the whole afternoon, though! Why not go fishing (the resort offers fishing rods for rent)? And right before you head off for dinner, take a dip in L’Sirene’s jacuzzi-type pool, which is in the heart of the resort. Your swim at the pool would definitely be picturesque, especially if you have a drone to take a bird’s eye-view photo!


INSTAGRAM: louise.dr

Since L’Sirene sits pretty far from the town proper, we recommend that you enjoy your dinner in the resort instead. Besides, they have a wide variety of exciting meals to choose from in the Hngry Mrmd. Try their pork salpicao or pako salad for a well-balanced supper.

Post-Dinner Activity

INSTAGRAM: aikonavarro

After dinner, there are still a lot more activities you can do without even having to head out. You can opt for a movie night, as the rooms have flat screen televisions with cable. If you’re out with friends, spend quality time with each other by renting board games. Our personal favorite post-dinner activity? Having a bonfire by the beach, complete with some in-house beer and snacks in hand!



If you do enough research, you would know that the best way to explore Baler in a limited amount of time is by asking a certified tour guide to escort you around the area. Ask L’Sirene to book you a day tricycle tour, and you won’t have to stress about planning your day. With this convenient tour, you’ll get to travel to the following IG-worthy locations: Ampere Beach, Balete Tree, Caunayan Falls, Museo de Baler, Quezon Ancestral House, Baler Church, Ermita Hill, Aniao Islets and Rock Formation, Diguisit Falls, and Sabang Beach. By the end of the tour, you’ll surely have maximized your Baler weekend—with a lot of pictures to prove it!

Extending your stay in Baler? Check out the Travel Guide for extended travel inspiration, too.

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About Danielle
Danielle is a freelance writer who is either enjoying her time at the beach or daydreaming about it. With all that time she spends around nature, she has developed a relentless bias towards the environment, but her first love — exploring the human narrative — remains her greatest love until today.

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