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Baguio Travel Guide

The City of Pines is always a refreshing change of scenery from the hot and hectic metro.

If you find yourself up in the mountains to relish its cool weather, why not take it up a notch and redefine your vacation experience with our Baguio Travel Guide? Go on a cultural journey to the museums and villages. Sample Cordilleran cuisine and other homegrown dishes. Immerse yourself in the places where the locals frequent, whether it's at the hole-in-the-wall eatery or the public market where all sorts of fresh produce can be found.

Our Baguio Travel Guide has everything you need to help plan your next trip with ease: tourist spots, where to eat, hotels (at the best rates!), tips, what to wear, and more!

This time, experience the Summer Capital beyond the fresh strawberries and crisp, alpine air. There's a lot to love about Baguio, we promise.


Museo Kordilyera - UP Baguio Ethnographic Museum

INSTAGRAM: @fhayefg

This ethnographic museum is the first of its kind. It's a great place to learn about the indigenous people of the Cordilleras and their rich culture. A wide range of photographs, clothes, tools, and other artifacts can be found here. After exploring the museum, visit the gift shop for souvenirs or enjoy a hot drink at the café.

Museo Kordilyera
University of the Philippines Baguio
30 Gov. Pack Rd, Baguio
2602 Benguet
(074) 423 0119
Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM - 5PM

Entrance Fees:
- P30 for non-UP students with valid ID
- P60 for adults
- 20% discount for Senior citizens and PWDs with valid ID
- Free admission to current UP students, faculty, and admin staff

Baguio Museum

INSTAGRAM: @blesroqs

Over the course of the last century or so, Baguio has grown from a tiny Spanish-established community to the highly urbanized college town that it is today. The Baguio Museum is where you can see pictures and dioramas documenting all those changes. The exhibit on the ground floor will give you a glimpse of the indigenous culture of the North.

Baguio Museum
Dot-PTA Complex, Governor Pack Road
Baguio, Benguet
(063) 444 7451
Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM - 5PM

Entrance Fee:
- P40 per person

BenCab Museum

INSTAGRAM: @pattyriciapat

Located far away from the city center and sometimes hidden by the fog, lies the personal collection of National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (or BenCab for short) at a 4-story building.

IMAGE: Benjo Trinidad

If you're artistically inclined, bring a sketchbook to the museum and create your own masterpiece there. It's a place rich with inspiration! Aside from the exhibitions, there are EcoTrails available where you can take a guided walk through the expansive farm and garden area. This is where you can also learn about organic farm produce and indigenous architecture.

BenCab Museum
6 Asin Road, Tuba, 2602 Benguet
(074) 442 7165
Tuesdays - Sundays, 9AM - 6PM

Entrance Fee:
- P150 for general admission
- P120 for students with valid Philippine school-issued ID
- P100 for Seniors/ PWD with valid Philippine government-issued ID
- Special rates for student & organized groups with a minimum of 30 guests

Tam-awan Village

INSTAGRAM: @ahmaniee

For an immersive experience to supplement your museum visits, hang out at Tam-awan Village. Sign up for a workshop to flourish your skills in drawing, oil painting, watercolor, and wood carving!

The village is designed to look and feel like a traditional Cordilleran village. For a fee, spend the night in one of the huts and have a bonfire–it's perfect with the chilly Baguio evening. Contact them ahead of time to book a cultural show too.

Tam-awan Village
366-C Pinsao Proper 2600 Baguio
(074) 446 2949
(0917) 510 8196
(0921) 588 3131
Daily, 9AM - 6PM

Entrance Fees:
- P50 for Adults
- P30 for Students / Senior Citizens
- P20 for Children (10 years old and below)
- Free for Children 3 years old and below

Lodging (with beds and towels):
- P500 for 1 - P1,000 for 2 - P350 for Group (10 pax and more)
- P200 for Picnic Fee, entrance excluded, 9AM – 6PM
- P120 for Bonfire Fee, entrance excluded, 6PM – 11PM
- P8,000 for Function Fee (maximum of 40 pax)
- P5,000 for Cultural Show (must be pre-booked)
- Workshops starts at P450

Laperal House

INSTAGRAM: @feligrapher

This Victorian-style house is actually a museum that features bamboo carving and other wood-based artworks. However, that's not the only thing it's known for. Due to a dark history and stories of violence from World War II, the Laperal House has long been rumored to be haunted. Some believe that if you walk past it at night, you must avert your eyes from the front steps as you might see a gaunt image of a former resident.

Laperal House
Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio
2600 Benguet
Daily, 8AM - 5PM

Entrance Fee:
- P50

Mount Costa

INSTAGRAM: @mountcosta

It is a common misconception that the valley just north of Baguio is part of the city. That is actually a separate municipality called La Trinidad. If you're visiting La Trinidad, stop by Mount Costa to reconnect with nature and take gorgeous pictures while you're at it. If you have a green thumb or simply love being surrounded by greenery, this is the perfect place for you.

Mount Costa
ME 33 Lamtang
Pico-Lamtang Road
Puguis, La Trinidad
2601 Benguet
(0917) 702 8292
Daily, 9AM - 5PM

Entrance Fee:
Peak Season
- P350 for Adults
- P250 for Students (with Valid ID)
- P250 for Senior Citizens & PWDs
- Free for Children below 3

Off Season
- P280 for Adults
- P200 for Students (with Valid ID)
- P200 for Senior Citizens & PWDs
- Free for Children below 3

Burnham Park

INSTAGRAM: @aryel_jansen

Burnham Park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, especially during weekends. Bring the whole family to enjoy some outdoor recreation in the form of biking, roller skating, and boating. Or, simply lay a mat on the grass and take in the fresh air and sunshine. Walk around a bit and you might chance upon someone offering henna tattoos or fortune-telling.

Burnham Park
Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio
2600 Benguet

Baguio Cathedral

INSTAGRAM: @jon_christoffer

This Neo-Gothic style cathedral sits atop a hill. It connects to the Porta Vaga mall through the parking lot and Session Road through a 104-step staircase. During World War II, the building served as an evacuation center. Nowadays, it's a serene place to hear mass or even exchange vows.

Baguio Cathedral
2600 Mount Mary
Cathedral Loop, Baguio, Benguet
(074) 304 4061

Mines View Park

INSTAGRAM: @tui.scott

Shop, eat, and go sightseeing all in one place at Mines View Park. Named for the wide and wonderful view of the Cordillera mountains that it offers, the park is also home to many stalls where you can purchase woven, knitted, and wooden souvenirs of all kinds. A handful of restaurants can be found in the area too if you're too hungry to sit through the traffic back to the city center.

Mines View Park
Mines View Observation Deck
Mines View, Baguio, Benguet

Lion’s Head

INSTAGRAM: @randitecson

Conceptualized in 1971 and unveiled to the public the following year, this giant icon was a project of the Baguio Lions Club. Ifugao woodcarver Reynaldo Lopez Nanyac was commissioned to make what was once a limestone boulder into the sculpture it is today. If you're feeling fierce, have your picture taken next to this majestic beast on your way up to Baguio.

Lion's Head
Kennon Road
Baguio, Benguet

Bridal Veil Falls


You will have to go a bit out of your way to see this natural wonder. The waterfalls are aptly named for resembling long weight veil. Taking a dip isn't advisable unless you are confident with your swimming skills. The freezing temperature of the waters is also something to take note of too. Nonetheless, it's a great place to take photos and relax.

Bridal Veil Falls
Kennon Road, Tuba, Benguet

Botanical Garden

INSTAGRAM: @itsmekryss

Formally known as the Centennial Garden, the Botanical Garden is more of a park that's rich with history. Inside, you'll find reminders of Baguio's friendship with foreign countries like the bridge and pond on the Chinese Pavilion and the Buddha statues lined up on the path to the Japanese tunnel. The tunnel itself was once used during World War II to transport supplies. Nowadays, it is open to the public for tourist purposes.

Botanical Garden
37 Leonard Wood Rd
Baguio, 2602 Benguet
Daily, 6AM - 6PM

Ifugao Woodcarvers’ Village

INSTAGRAM: @anjh_b

The Cordillera Administrative Region is populated by proud but warm locals. It so happens that many of them also have an artistic streak! The Ifugao Woodcarvers' Village is where you can appreciate it up close. Tiny figurines and practical furnishings are just some of the wood products you can find here.

Ifugao Woodcarvers’ Village
Asin Road, Baguio
(0920) 110 4648

Camp John Hay (The Bell House, Cemetery of Negativism, Secret Garden & Amphitheater)

INSTAGRAM: @kath624

Hit not two but four birds with one stone at Camp John Hay for just one entrance fee! Visit the historical Bell House, the Cemetery of Negativism, the Secret Garden, and the Amphitheater.

INSTAGRAM: @explorephmag

INSTAGRAM: @jennicelle

Here, travel back in time to the US occupation at the Bell House before embarking on the outdoor portion of your visit. There are no people laid to rest in the Cemetery of Negativism, only tombstones with exaggerated or parodical “causes of death”. The Secret Garden and amphitheater are a short trek from the Bell House and feature some perennial flowers and greenery.

Camp John Hay
Camp John Hay, Baguio, Benguet

The Mansion


Architecture buffs will recognize the distinct Spanish Colonial Revival style in which this summer-residence-turned-tourist-attraction was built. The Mansion has been a popular venue for conferences and other events, such as the Baguio Conference of 1950 that was convened by then President Elpidio Quirino. When it’s not being used to host political leaders and international delegates, it is open for the public to see and enjoy.

The Mansion
‎Leonard Wood Road
Baguio 2600


Ili-Likha Artist Village

INSTAGRAM: @gemsuyan

This is not your average food court! "Ili" means "village", and "likha" means "to create" – a name well-suited to a food community situated in a building made of recycled materials. The treehouse of sorts was built with the wood of fallen trees, broken tiles, and old window and door frames.

INSTAGRAM: @joreyhenns

Sit anywhere you please and take your pick of rice meals, burgers, Italian-Filipino fusion cuisine, or one of their many vegetarian offerings. For a taste of authentic Cordilleran food, look for Café Cueva.

Ili-Likha Artist Village
Assumption Road
2600 Baguio
(074) 442 0980
Monday to Friday, 8AM - 7PM

Good Taste

INSTAGRAM: @the_eating_adbentyurero

If a dinner at Good Taste is in your itinerary, brace yourself for a long line. Tourists and locals alike flock to this Chinese-Filipino restaurant for their bestselling fried rice, chop suey, and buttered chicken (the top 3 must-tries!). This is the go-to place for big groups after events or late shifts since it's open 24 hours. It's also popular among college students since their dishes are budget-friendly and most can feed for three or more people.

Good Taste
Carino Street
corner Carino and Otek Streets
Rizal Monument, Baguio
(0919) 123 4567
Daily, 24 Hours

Pizza Volante

INSTAGRAM: @daviddrivera_

Get your pizza and pasta fix in a cozy, casual setting. Volante is another 24-hour establishment that you can visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a nightcap. Whatever time you end up there, you'll definitely want to save a little room for dessert and try the decadent Choco-Vanilla Affair. There are three branches to choose from; the biggest and most convenient one is at Session Road.

Pizza Volante
Session Road, Baguio
2600 Benguet
(074) 445 0777
Daily, 24 Hours

Barbeque at Burnham Park

IMAGE: Chino Chow

No city in the Philippines is complete without a selection of street food. After a stroll and a boat ride in Burnham Park, head down Lake Drive and turn right at Perfecto Street to find a row of establishments grilling meat right next to the dining tables. Take your food with you to snack on as you walk to your next destination, Or, sit down and add soft drinks and add a few cups of rice to your order. Not in the mood for barbecue? Just walk to the other side for roasted chicken instead.

Burnham Park
Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio
2600 Benguet

Mamita's Bulaluhan

INSTAGRAM: @jeydeng

This humble eatery is where you can dig into incredibly affordable and filling dishes. As far as turo-turo restaurants go, it has a fairly wide selection of dishes to offer. Bring a scarf or jacket and enjoy steaming bulalo al fresco. On some nights, there's even live acoustic music. Mamita's is a local favorite for bingeing on comfort food, or for recovering from a night at the bar.

Mamita's Bulaluhan
Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio
2600 Benguet
(0908) 813 7110
Daily, 24 Hours

Farmer's Daughter

IMAGE: Benjo Trinidad

Farmer's Daughter gives you an authentic taste of the Cordilleras with dishes you may not have heard of before. Their pinikpikan is a must-try. Affectionately called "killing me softly", the chicken in this dish is prepped by repeatedly hitting ("pikpik" in Ilocano) the chicken while it is still alive so as to cause bruising, which is said to improve the flavor. If you're feeling extra adventurous, order the Ibaloi pig blood sausage (pinuneg) as well.

Farmer's Daughter
Long Long Benguet Rd
Awan Village Baguio
2601 Benguet
(074) 428 1253
Monday to Saturday, 9AM - 6:30PM
Sunday, 9AM - 3PM

Café Yagam

INSTAGRAM: @ahmaniee

Head to Café Yagam for a warm, relaxed evening with great food and drinks. It's one of many Baguio cafés that was converted from residence to restaurant without losing the homey feeling. Familiar café fare like sandwiches and finger food can be found, plus traditional Cordilleran dishes. If you opt for the latter, be sure to taste the kiniing yogurt pasta or any of the meals that feature this savory smoked pork.

Café Yagam
25 J.Felipe Street
Lualhati, Baguio
2600 Benguet
(0977) 705 7831
Daily, 11AM - 11PM

Oh My Gulay!

INSTAGRAM: @nxpadilla

The vegetarian restaurant Oh My Gulay and the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space are one and the same. You’re in for a full experience, but you’ll have to earn it by climbing up a lot of stairs. One step inside, however, and you’ll see that it’s totally worth it. With a fish pond in the center, a stage for performances, and half of a boat as the main dining area, Oh My Gulay is one-of-a-kind. If you're a sweet tooth, finish your vegetarian meal with a crêpe for dessert.

Oh My Gulay!
108, Session Rd
Baguio, 2600 Benguet
(074) 446 0108
Monday, 7PM
Tuesday to Thursday, 11AM - 8PM
Friday to Sunday, 11AM -9PM

Baguio Craft Brewery

IMAGE: Benjo Trinidad

There's always something to celebrate, so there's always a reason to stop by Baguio Craft Brewery for a beer or two. Their beers are brewed right there in the building and come in flavors like "Message in a Bottle" and "Rolling Fog". Whether you're an occasional drinker or a beer connoisseur, the sheer detail given to handcrafting these beers puts them a notch above your standard, store-bought brew.

Baguio Craft Brewery
4 Ben Palispis Hwy
KM 4, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
(074) 620 2278
Monday to Friday, 5PM - 12MN
Saturday to Sunday, 1PM–12MN

Good Shepherd Place

INSTAGRAM: @jojogloriaphotography

Although they're famous for their ube jam, strawberry jam, and peanut brittle, Good Shepherd sells all kinds of sweet and savory treats. Their toasted peanuts are great to snack on while you're on the road. Take home a jar of guava jam to enjoy with crackers, toast, or pandesal for breakfast or merienda.

Good Shepherd Place
Gibraltar Road, Baguio
2600 Benguet
(074) 424 1109
Wednesday to Monday, 8AM - 5PM
Tuesday, 10AM - 4PM

Cafe by the Ruins Dua

INSTAGRAM: @kainclub

The original Cafe by the Ruins tragically burned down in 2017, but the second branch (called "Dua" since it is Ilocano for "Two") does a fantastic job of carrying its legacy. Indulge in a plate of Baguio Bagnet or sample their famous bread and coffee. The cafe is also home to many art pieces, including the mural on the building's facade.

Cafe by the Ruins Dua
225 Upper Session Rd
Baguio, 2600 Benguet
(0927) 957 4172
Daily, 7AM - 9PM

Cafe Sabel

INSTAGRAM: @karkikay12

The feast for your eyes doesn't stop at the exhibits in the BenCab Museum. Cap it off with a bite to eat at Cafe Sabel and take in the magnificent views of the pond and the forest. Everything that goes into what they serve comes straight from BenCab's nearby farm.

Cafe Sabel
Ground Level, BenCab Museum
Km 6. Asin Road, Baguio
2603 Benguet
Tuesday - Saturday, 9AM - 6PM

Calle Uno Food Hub

INSTAGRAM: @judylaineps

This outdoor food truck park can be found on the compound of the Calle Uno coworking space, but it’s open to anyone who wants to enjoy their wide selection of food. Don't limit yourself to just one food truck. They have burgers, pizza, rice meals, healthy food, Japanese food, and towering milkshakes loaded with little treats you wouldn’t usually put in a milkshake.

Calle Uno Food Hub
3 Escoda St., Corner Naguilian Road
Quezon Hill, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
(0917) 501 7787
Daily, 6AM - 5PM

Arca’s Yard

INSTAGRAM: @jonalouise

Arca’s Yard is a sweet escape from the rush of the city proper. This home-turned-cafe is worth a visit if you want to kick back with a slice of camote pie and hot tea. It also serves as a mini-library, which makes it a nice getaway for solo travelers or anyone who just needs some quiet alone time.

Arca’s Yard
Ambuklao Rd, Baguio, Benguet
(074) 442 9706
Daily, 9AM - 8PM

Choco-Late de Batirol

INSTAGRAM: @mickeysee

Don’t let the name fool you! While Choco-Late de Batirol is indeed famous for its hot and cold batirols, they also serve sumptuous and affordable food. Drop by for breakfast and order one of their silog meals. Or, make it a dinner date and you might even hear some live music. If you do visit them in the evening, bring a jacket since their “indoor” seating is not covered by concrete walls.

Choco-Late de Batirol
Igorot Park, Camp John Hay
Baguio, 2600 Benguet
(0916) 375 6510
Daily, 8AM - 9PM


INSTAGRAM: @jezreelfaith

If your budget isn’t too tight, treat yourself to a hefty serving of authentic Japanese food at Chaya. Sushi lovers will their Chirashi Sushi rice bowl that's topped with fresh sashimi. They also offer several different salads that are made with organic vegetables. Even the simple Kani Salad with crab stick, cucumber, and shrimp roe is a delight.

72 Legarda Rd, Brgy. Campo Sioco
Baguio, 2600 Benguet
(074) 424 4726
Daily, 10AM - 9PM

Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna

INSTAGRAM: @sherylann16

This place is a hit among tourists and locals alike. If you’ve never tried Greek food before, Lemon and Olives is a great place to start. Their signature appetizer is saganaki, fried Greek cheese served with a slice of lemon to bring out the flavor. If you’re looking to eat something heavy, you can’t go wrong with a souvlaki plate. Drizzle your souvlaki with the sauce, but don’t get too carried away! Especially with the extra-hot chili dip.

Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna
26 Outlook Dr. S, Baguio
2600 Benguet
(074) 442 4079
Daily, 11AM–3PM, 5–10PM

O’Mai Khan

INSTAGRAM: @planetumeboshi

The funny thing about Mongolian barbecue is that it’s neither Mongolian nor barbecue. It’s actually a type of stir-fry which first gained popularity in Taiwan. Eat at O'Mai Khan for a hands-on experience. You choose what goes into your bowl—meat, veggies, sauces, and spices—then leave it to the crew to cook it all together on a hot griddle. Don’t worry about missing out on another combination you thought would taste great, because you can go back for second rounds.

O’Mai Khan
Session Road, Baguio, Benguet
(074) 442 5885
Daily, 10AM - 10PM


FACEBOOK: @sagebaguio

Some places feel like fine dining but don't leave the same void in your wallet. Sage is one of those places. They have your standard filling meals like spareribs and pork chops, and they also have some unique offerings you won't find elsewhere. The Mexi-delights section of their menu includes salty, sinful Carne Asada Fries and Chicken Chimichangas with salsa and ranch dressing.

5 Military Cutoff Rd, Baguio, Benguet
(074) 422 2954
Daily, 10AM - 9PM


FACEBOOK: @BaguioYamashita

Fight the cold with a steaming bowl of ramen from Yamashita. There are no preservatives or artificial flavorings in their ramen. Plus, they even make the noodles and broth fresh at the restaurant. If you're not in the mood for soup, you can also try one of their curries or sushi rolls.

19 Outlook Dr S, Baguio, Benguet
(0917) 780 8788
Daily, 11AM - 11PM


Go ukay-ukay

IMAGE: Benjo Trinidad

From the Night Market to Bayanihan Lodge to Skyworld Commercial Center, Baguio is overflowing with secondhand clothes, bags, and shoes. Have a tight fist and a sharp eye as you look for a huge bargain on something you'd love to add to your wardrobe. This isn't an activity you want to rush. There are so many stores and so many styles for sale, so it's best to allot a few hours (and enlist a few friends) to make the most of your shopping trip.

Shop for non-perishable souvenirs

IMAGE: Chino Chow

Venture into the Baguio City Public Market and look for the dry goods section. There's an entrance right across from Abanao Square. Although we all love peanut brittle and ube, reasonably-priced pieces to redecorate your home with make for a nice change of pace. It's also a sweet pasalubong gift for your friends and family back at home. Check out the colorful woven placemats and table runners, the pine needle pot holders, and the wooden coasters and wall hangings.

Load up on fruits and veggies

IMAGE: Chino Chow

There is no shortage of greens in Baguio, which makes it the perfect place to stock up on vegetables for all of your home cooking. If you're at a loss due to choice overload, ask around about what's in season. You're guaranteed to find at least a few ingredients for a decent salad, which you can top off a with dressing that you can buy in the same vicinity.

Go strawberry picking at La Trinidad

INSTAGRAM: @angiemarie1130

La Trinidad is known for supplying strawberries not just to Benguet province, but also to the rest of the country. In 2004, La Trinidad made its mark in the Guinness Book of World Records for baking the world's largest strawberry cake as part of their Strawberry Festival celebration. You can easily buy a good batch of strawberries there, but visitors are also welcome to take a hands-on approach and pick their own strawberries.

Explore Session Road

INSTAGRAM: @jrdnbayacsan

At any point along Session Road, you are never more than a few meters away from a convenience store. Walk a little farther and you’re bound to run into a clothing outlet, a hardware store, or a place selling ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Hit lower Session Road and you’ll find electronics shops with all manner of gadgets and little things that make your gadgets work better or faster. For anything you would need on the fly, you won’t have to stray far from the heart of the city.

Experience a Tree Top Adventure

IMAGE: Benjo Trinidad

Thrillseekers will definitely want to add Treetop Adventure to their itinerary. Fly through the air on the Superman zip line or go rappelling and experience a 60-foot freefall. Can't stomach the action? No problem. They also offer trekking, so you can appreciate nature with both feet on the ground.

Tree Top Adventure
Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio

Read a book or two at Mount Cloud Bookshop

IMAGE: Benjo Trinidad

Tucked in a corner of the cozy Casa Vallejo Hotel, Mount Cloud is an independent bookshop that carries many titles by local authors. Unlike other bookstores, in Mount Cloud, you're welcome to take a book off of the shelf and leaf through the pages, or even settle into one of their chairs and finish a few chapters. If you time your trip just right, you can witness the live spoken word scene up close and personal during poetry slams and open mic nights.

Mount Cloud Bookshop
Casa Vallejo Bldg
DPS Compound Access Road
Baguio, 2600 Benguet
(074) 424 4437
Daily, 10AM - 7PM

Shop at Baguio Night Market

IMAGE: Benjo Trinidad

At night, Harrison Road transforms into an ukay-ukay mecca. It gets jam-packed with people looking to score cheap secondhand finds. Be aware of pickpockets! They are just as common here so keep your valuables safe and out of sight.

Baguio Night Market
Harrison Road, Benguet, Baguio
Saturday, 6:30 - 2AM
Sunday to Friday, 9PM - 2AM


From Manila
- Drive through NLEX
- Take the Exit 85 right into SCTEX
- Go straight and take TPLEX.
- Exit at Pozzorubio, which is only 14 minutes away from Kennon Road

Take a bus from Cubao or Pasay. The regular aircon fare costs around P455 and departs every hour. For the fastest and most convenient option, Victory Liner offers first-class trips that go from Manila to Baguio without making any stops along the way. There are bus schedules in the early morning and at night. One ticket will cost P750. Genesis offers similar trips through their Joybus service.


Baguio has continued to remain a road trip favorite among city dwellers. Check out our 48 Hours in Baguio: A Weekend Itinerary article!


  • The word "Baguio" came from the Ibaloi word "bagiw", which is translated to "moss".
  • Baguio has been selected as one of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its thriving crafts and folk art scene. Read more about the 6 Places Where You Can Appreciate Baguio's Artsy Side.
  • Baguio is also famous for its haunted places. It's Check out our experience on the Infamous Ghost Tour.
  • The city was originally designed to accommodate around 30,000 people. Today it houses 13 times more people and counting!


  • If you're prone to motion sickness, remember to stock up on medicine such as Bonamine before traveling to Baguio. The long journey there is not for the faint of heart, especially with the narrow turns and twists as you approach the mountain area.

  • The best way to experience Baguio is on foot or public transportation. You can hail a taxi just about anywhere, and most locals will be glad to guide you through the jeepney routes. If you feel like you absolutely need to take your car, drive up in your own vehicle then park it at your hotel or transient house. Commuting around the city is cheap, quick, and easy.

  • Getting around Baguio won't be hard, but it can get quite congested especially during the weekends and holidays. When planning your itinerary, take traffic time into consideration (Waze or Google Maps will be your best friend here!).

  • Baguio locals are emphatic about keeping the city clean. You can help simply by picking up after yourself when you go out and putting trash in the appropriate bins. Also, keep in mind that smoking in public places was banned in Baguio a while before the rest of the country followed suit, and the ban is still implemented today.

  • If you're planning on buying fresh produce, consider bringing a cooler to make sure it stays fresh longer. No one wants soggy vegetables!

  • Baguio is known for being a pasalubong haven, so make space in your bags or luggage for it! Be an eco-friendly traveler and bring canvas totes to replace the plastic bags when you go shopping.

  • Given Baguio's location, it's quite easy to make a side trip to nearby Northern Luzon destinations such as Sagada, Vigan, and La Union! Why not squeeze in an extra day or two to your itinerary and visit these gems as well?


While it's known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is known for its relatively cold weather compared to other cities. This is because the city is located in the mountains of Benguet, Luzon. Baguio sits approximately 1,540 meters (5,050 feet) above sea level.

Lightweight clothes will only be comfortable for a few hours a day—around mid-morning to afternoon to be exact. Any time before or after that, be sure to have a jacket on hand. Baguio is also a great place to break out your leggings, bonnets, scarves, and gloves, especially from November to February, which is the coldest months.

Some destinations like the parks will require you to do a lot of walking. Don a pair of practical shoes and the hills and stairs will be much easier to climb. For trips between May and October, rain boots and umbrellas will also come in handy when you brave those afternoon showers.


Baguio offers a wide range of accommodations that cater to the budget-conscious to luxury travelers. The Manor at Camp John Hay is considered the No #1 Hotel in Baguio for its luxurious lodge-style amenities and ideal location inside an iconic tourist destination.

Grand Sierra Pines is a recently opened boutique hotel that offers a contemporary take in Baguio hospitality without losing its Cordillera roots.

St. Patrick Village Baguio offers cozy homestyle villas that are perfect for large groups of family and friends.

Cozy and well-equipped, Le Monet Hotel is a specialty lodging that's conveniently located in Camp John Hay too.

When it comes to decor, Kamiseta Hotel Baguio triumphs with its quirky yet one-of-a-kind vintage aesthetics. No two rooms are alike!

Aside from being an affordable option, the homey Vybe Travellers Pad is also the perfect jump-off point for you and your friends to explore the city’s famous tourist places as well as under-the-radar restaurants.

Awarded as the Best Urban Hotel 2017 by Kohler Bold, G1 Lodge Design Hotel boasts a sleek take on the Cordilleran art deco design that will inspire even returning travelers to see Baguio in a whole new light.

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This article was last edited on February 15, 2020 by the DG Traveler team.

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