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8 Reasons Why You Should Take a Staycation

by Anna Duque

Mini vacations are essential, and we can’t stress it enough.

IMAGE: Ronan Espadero

That’s why staycations have become quite the trend as of late because you need that short break in the middle of a toxic project. If you’re still not convinced, here’s six compelling reasons to take a staycation:

1. It lets you save money.

INSTAGRAM: @iamlarbs at Azumi Boutique Hotel

Going on a trip out of town equals higher expenses on airfare, hotels, food and rental cars. A staycation will require either zero or minimum cash outflow. Now, who doesn’t want that right?

2. There is significantly lesser stress.

INSTAGRAM: The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

Traveling for vacation builds the anxiety and the stress from the planning down to the actual travel date itself. With a staycation, you do away with the hassle of all the nitty-gritty stuff and instead enjoy binge-watching on Netflix with a glass of wine.

3. You don’t need to pack.

INSTAGRAM: @jana_ogladina at Astoria Plaza

Well, sort of. The worrying over what wardrobe you need to bring with you to make your IG story pretty isn’t going to be a problem. Oh, and you wouldn’t have to nag your family to be ready with their own needs.

4. It’s an easier alternative to get family and friends together.

INSTAGRAM: @reshil at The Henry Hotel Manila

Going on a trip outside the metro can take a lot of scheduling and rescheduling. Everyone just seems to have their own thing or two to do that gathering everyone for even just an overnight at Batangas is a test of patience. Good thing, a staycation at your favorite hotel can fix that.

5. You don’t have to spend a lot of your time just traveling.

IMAGE: Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia

The worst part of any trip is having to stay cooped up in the car for long hours or waiting at the airport even and then spending another few more hours in a plane just to get to your destination. Lining up at the immigration doesn’t even count. With a staycation in the city, you just get to chill and enjoy the places around you.

6. It's a great way to spend the weekend with your loved ones.

INSTAGRAM: @nixvasquez at The Cirque Serviced Residences

If you’re lacking time but itching to go on a quick getaway, this mini-vacay is your best bet. Aside from not having to use the period traveling, you can enjoy the weekend in a hotel, getting cozy, relaxed and rejuvenated for the following work week.

7. There’s no need to recuperate.

INSTAGRAM: @raniibeatriz at Somerset Olympia Makati

The Titas of Manila may or may not agree with me here, but you know how sometimes you get the feeling of needing another day off before going back to work just to recuperate from the travel stress? You get to do away with this when it’s a laid-back staycation you’ve booked for.

8. Discover your city’s sweet spots

INSTAGRAM: @eleanorsimon27 at Fort Santiago

You spend so much time in the office that you don’t have any time to discover what your neighborhood has to offer. You might even be surprised at the great eateries you find, especially with the food industry booming these days. Explore new restaurants, cafés and bars with your family and friends during your mini-break.

With so many staycation options to choose from, you won’t have a hard time picking one for each time you want to go on a quick break.

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About Anna
Anna likes coffee, reading, and writing in that order. You can usually find her in a coffee shop or at the beach, where she spends most of her time. When traveling for work, she makes sure to find the time to squeeze in a quick tour of the city’s cultural sites or museums. Her idea of a break from the hustle and bustle is a quiet day at the beach with an awesome breakfast buffet the following morning.

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