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7 Reasons SandBox Pampanga Should Be on Your Weekend Getaway List

by Vero Zamesa
October 21, 2018

Who knew that in Porac, Pampanga lies an adventure park perfect for adrenaline junkies looking for a different kind of fun?

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Say hello to SandBox Pampanga, a huge playground that offers various facilities and play areas to satisfy the hunger of outdoor activity lovers and thrill seekers.

The 2-hectare adventure park is the perfect quick escape for groups of families and friends seeking a special bonding experience. For an entrance fee of only ₱100 per head, SandBox Pampanga guarantees a whole day of fun and action everyone will enjoy.

Need a little more convincing? Here are 7 foolproof reasons why SandBox Pampanga needs to be on your list of upcoming weekend getaways!

1. Live the fast and furious life at SandBox’s City Kart Racing.

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Got the need for speed? Try out SandBox’s City Kart Racing, the Philippines’ largest karting facility. Operated by City Kart Racing, enjoy a 4-hectare karting complex and challenge your buddies to an exciting morning or afternoon of kart racing. Opened June of this year, it’s slowly becoming one of the hottest activity destinations within SandBox.

If you’re worried your driving skills won’t make the cut, don’t fret. City Kart provides a crash course on kart driving before they let you use their go-karts. They also remind you of safety precautions to make sure that your experience is fun and safe at the same time. The staff provides helmets for drivers as well, because safety is their number one priority.

If you think grownups get all the fun here, think again! Even kids get a taste of this heart-pumping activity with City Kart’s kiddie tracks. For adults, there are options to go for a FunKart (ideal for beginners) and a SuperKart (perfect for intermediate kart drivers). 1 heat is approximately 12 minutes of driving and rates range from ₱450-₱700.

2. Splash around on a large floating inflatable.

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A fan of the hit reality TV series Wipeout? Then you’re in for a treat! SandBox’s newest attraction is the Splash Tub: a waterpark made of inflatable courses where you can duck, dive, and jump around! Prepare to get drenched as you play with Splash Tub’s inflatable balls, slides, ropes, and ramps, all while finishing the course in the best time possible.

Having formally opened early this year, Splash Tub offers another great bonding activity to share with friends and family. Some companies even use the course as part of their teambuilding itinerary. Once done, you can hang out at the lounge pool where uber-cute unicorn, burger, and pizza inflatables are also available to use (or simply take IG-worthy photos with!).

Solo rates for those who want to try the Splash Tub starts at ₱250 for adults and ₱100 for kids.

3. Overcome your fear of heights.


Paying a visit to SandBox will definitely help you face your fear of heights. Known to be the hub of extraordinary outdoor activities, SandBox offers awesome facilities such as the Giant Swing—the tallest swing (about 10 meters high) in the country. The ride launches two people so high up, you’d totally get flashbacks of the first time you tried a swing when you were a kid.

Still not extreme enough for you? Then go for the kill and try the Roller Coaster Zip Line. Probably one of the most popular activities in SandBox, the Roller Coaster Zip Line introduces different patterns and curves as you complete the zip line course. Imagine being on a roller coaster, without any seats and hanging 25 feet in the air. Wouldn’t that give you an amazing rush?

Another activity you can try is the Adventure Tower. In this attraction, you get an awesome view of the whole SandBox area through the 15-meter tall tower. Once up in the tower, you can try different activities such as wall climbing, rappel, and—check this—the heart-stopping free fall. Now if that doesn’t help you overcome your fear of heights, we don’t know what will!

4. Try out a cool new sport.

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Dying to try out a new sport? Why not go for some archery? SandBox Pampanga’s Outdoor Archery station is perfect for beginners who are looking to try and learn something fresh! The Outdoor Archery can fit around 10 to 15 archers at a time, so go with a buddy when trying this one out.

Time to pick up that bow and arrow, and aim for the bullseye! Who knows, getting started with archery at SandBox may eventually pave the way to becoming a future Olympian.

5. SandBox Pampanga is family-friendly.

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Although most of their activities are for the extreme and adventurous, kids can also enjoy the amenities offered by SandBox as there are various activity centers children can play in. Just be sure to tell the staff so they can give proper instructions and safety gear to your little ones.

If you’ve got kids who are uncomfortable to try out the attractions, they can still enjoy the huge space of SandBox by running around and playing in the huge playground.

6. Get a different kind of relaxation.

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It sounds a little crazy but an adventure park such as SandBox can actually help give you a relaxing time. While the activities are heart-pounding and exhilarating, there is a different sort of relief one gets after finishing such a daunting task. Imagine yourself focusing on the physical challenge at hand and passing with flying colors.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Stepping into SandBox and enjoying the attractions will help take away your stress, as long as you keep an open mind and heart for a unique kind of challenge.

7. It’s accessible!

Part of an awesome weekend getaway is enjoying the road trip that goes along with it. SandBox is approximately 2 to 3 hours away from Manila—not bad for a quick out-of-town trip! Whether you take your own car or hop on a provincial bus, this huge playground is pretty hassle-free to get to. Can’t get enough of that thrill? The convenient location makes it easy to return as many times as you want.

SandBox Pampanga
Alviera Subdivision
Sapang UWAK Road
Porac, Pampanga
Wednesdays to Sundays, 9AM - 5PM

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