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7 Inspiring Places in Tagaytay for the Creative Soul

by Chinggay Labrador
November 21, 2018

Practically everyone has a Tagaytay story.

Whether it was a summer staple for your family growing up, your barkada’s go-to for spontaneous road trips, the easiest place to head to for a romantic weekend getaway, or where you’ve spent every long weekend, holiday, and out-of-town vacation since you can remember, the cool and idyllic city just south of Metro Manila has made its mark on—and earned a place in the hearts of—most Filipinos.

But what many people don’t know is that Tagaytay has also evolved into a secret enclave for artistic and creative folks looking for some inspiration outside of the city. If you take time to drive past your favorite attractions, you’ll find that beyond being vacation central, the city plays host to pockets that spark wonder and feed the soul.

Visit these spots to give your creativity the nurturing it needs!

1. Dreamland Arts and Crafts Café

INSTAGRAM: gehazziemoon

Connect to Mother Earth and live out your best and brightest bohemian life at this 24-hour pit stop. With a colorful, welcoming atmosphere that supports all things handmade, makers and aspiring crafters will find a wealth of inspiration in this eight-year-old institution. Dreamland holds a collection of handmade jewelry, home accessories like chimes and mats by local artisans, and local apparel. It is also run by Indie Green Culture—a community and movement that supports sustainability. Laidback and chill, their café offers comfort food faves like sandwiches and s’mores, appetizers and pasta, and a range of refreshing slushies. Dreamland’s many gigs and events inspire a festival-like atmosphere, pooling together folks who want to live and manifest a higher vibe life.

Dreamland Arts and Crafts Café
Purok 157 Brgy. San Jose
(0977) 826 3271
Facebook: DreamlandTagaytay

2. Bodhi Library and Café

INSTAGRAM: joycee012

If you’re a yogi who wants to learn more about your practice beyond what happens on the yoga mat, a city dweller seeking a more spiritually charged path, or are just plain curious about the mind, body, and spirit connection, a trip to this charming tranquil spot will be just what the doctor ordered. Tucked within La Bella Boutique Hotel, Bodhi Mind and Body Shop is a beautiful nook that supports holistic wellness. The pull of the place goes beyond its clean, rustic interiors and relaxed atmosphere. It houses a library full of books on the metaphysical, inspirational, and more—all the reads to keep your heart and soul happy as you indulge in a treat or two from their in-house café.

Bodhi Library and Café
La Bella Boutique Hotel
Brgy Neogan, La Bella Market Village
(0922) 772 3092
Facebook: bodhimindandbodyshop
Instagram: @bodhi_ph

3. Memory Lane

INSTAGRAM: janarias

Memory Lane may be a restaurant, but its popularity springs from its interiors and styling over its menu. Owned by actress, singer, and host Jolina Magdangal, the idyllic country home is a virtual time capsule that takes you out of the 21st century and back a couple of decades. From the outside, the restaurant offers storybook charm and appeal. If you’re a creative soul who can’t leave home without the kids, Memory Lane will hit two birds with one stone—it’ll keep spark some old school hits for you while keeping your children happy, too. With a mishmash of old movie posters, vintage, black and white family photos, retro signs and home décor, this colorful outpost can tune you out of modern day life and bring you back to simpler times in an instant.

Memory Lane
Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay
(046) 483 2479

4. Museo Orlina

INSTAGRAM: billielorica & jenfromdblk

The country’s most famous glass sculptor, Ramon Orlina, has found a home for his prolific works that span decades at Museo Orlina. The multi-level museum plays host to the Reflections Gallery, where current exhibitions featuring contemporary modern art are held. Another gallery features Orlina’s early works that eventually propelled him to the masterpieces he’s known for today. If the outdoors is more your style, Museo Orlina’s sculpture garden allows you to interact with his art in a landscaped environment that encourages you to take in Tagaytay’s cool weather amidst solid sculptural forms. In a fun and surprising twist, the museum also hosts an Art Cars exhibition featuring vehicles turned into actual canvases by Elmer Borlongan and National Artist BenCab.

Museo Orlina
Hollywood St., Hollywood Subdivision
Tolentino East, Tagaytay City
(046) 413 2581
(0995) 735 4462
Facebook: museoorlina

5. Puzzle Mansion

INSTAGRAM: thezamdorado

If puzzles have ever sparked your curiosity and creativity, then a trip to this Guinness Book of World Records (2012) winner should be right up your alley. With over a thousand solved puzzles on display, this fascinating museum showcases everything from two and three-dimensional puzzles to a framed 17 x 6 foot puzzle (the largest one in the world!). Not only do these puzzles encourage you to get into a creative flow state, they work wonders for dexterity and mental aptitude as well.

Puzzle Mansion
Cuadra St., Brgy Asisan
(02) 661 0019
Facebook: PuzzleMansion

6. Brahma Kumaris Retreat Center

INSTAGRAM: ratrapcheese

Nothing supports creative living and wellness better than a consistent and dedicated meditation practice. If you’ve ever been curious about this centuries-old spiritual practice, the Brahma Kumaris Center for Spiritual Learning provides an idyllic, quiet environment that supports the practice of introspection. Brahma Kumaris holds events and retreats that help you nurture your mind and support you as you explore your spiritual journey.

Brahma Kumaris Retreat Center
1020 Magallanes Drive
Tagaytay, Cavite
(0917) 502 0243
(0946) 483 2128

7. Gratchi’s Getaway

INSTAGRAM: yoyenshmoyen

This eco-resort takes the best that farm life has to offer and packages it in an environment that encourages education, leisure, relaxation, and wellness. At the Artist’s Nook, folks are inspired to use the proliferation of trees, greenery, and native-inspired cottages and structures to tap into their creative muse. Nature lovers will appreciate both flora and fauna, while artists looking for an energetic, adrenaline-driven push will find thrilling ATV adventures and zip lines invigorating for the soul.

Gratchi’s Getaway
Kabangaan Road, Brgy. Cabangaan
Silang, Tagaytay
(0920) 956 5673
(0922) 891 0963
(0917) 726 5484
Facebook: gratchisgetawaytagaytay

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This article was last edited on April 23, 2019 by the DG Traveler team.

About Chinggay
Chinggay Labrador is a freelance writer and published author. She also runs Practical Magic, a tarot business, which specializes in readings that aim to bring the magic of intuition together with practical, everyday guidance. When she’s not writing or slinging cards, Chinggay practices and teaches yoga and meditation, finds inspiration through travel, and bakes super fudge brownies. Find her on Instagram at @practical_magical and @superrrfudge.

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