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7 Days in Palawan: Your Ultimate Itinerary

by Gretchen Filart
August 16, 2018

Consistently ranked as the Best Island in the World by Conde Nast Traveler and other award-giving bodies, Palawan boasts an unparalleled repertoire of natural riches: powdery islands and cays, soaring limestone formations, well-preserved caves, dense forests, stunning dive sites, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Luke Wait/

We went ahead and planned your in-depth itinerary for you—all that's left for you to do is pack your bags and discover the wonders that make Palawan's Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron such popular travel destinations.


Several local air carriers fly several times daily to Puerto Princesa and Coron from Manila, Clark, and Cebu City.


The easiest way to El Nido is via Air Swift (also known as ITI), which flies direct from Manila to El Nido daily. It can be a bit costly—ranging from ₱5,000 to ₱7,000 one way.

Below are flight schedules from Manila to El Nido:
- Depart at 5:55AM, arrive at 7:10AM
- Depart at 6:30AM, arrive at 7:45AM
- Depart at 9:05AM, arrive at 10:20AM
- Depart at 11:00AM, arrive at 12:15PM
- Depart at 2:00PM, arrive at 3:15PM


If you're going to spend the entire week in Palawan, the most economical way to get to El Nido would be to fly to Puerto Princesa, spend a day or two there, then take the six-hour Cherry bus ride from the capital to the El Nido town proper. Most tourists opt to do this. It definitely takes longer, but it's also a great way to see the countryside.

Below are bus schedules from Puerto Princesa to El Nido:

- Depart at 9:00AM, arrive at 3:00PM, P480, air-conditioned
- Depart at 11:00AM, arrive at 5:00PM, P385, ordinary/non-AC
- Depart at 1:00PM, arrive at 7:00PM, P480, air-conditioned
- Depart at 3:00PM, arrive at 9:00PM, P385, ordinary, non-AC
- Depart at 9:00PM, arrive at 3:00AM, P480, air-conditioned

- Depart at 7:00AM, arrive at 1:00PM, P385, ordinary/non-AC
- Depart at 9:00AM, arrive at 3:00PM, P480, air-conditioned
- Depart at 11:00AM, arrive at 5:00PM, P385, ordinary/non-AC
- Depart at 1:00PM, arrive at 7:00PM, P480, air-conditioned
- Depart at 9:00PM, arrive at 3:00AM, P480, air-conditioned


Fast craft vessels and regular passenger boats regularly ply the El Nido-Coron route and vice versa. Large outrigger vessels are cheaper by a few hundred pesos, but take much longer, depending on the sea conditions. Montenegro Shipping Lines' daily fast ferry is highly recommended, taking only around four hours. They are comfortable and are equipped with air conditioning and toilets.

- Depart between 7:30-8:30AM, travel time is 5-9 hours, ₱1,400, outrigger passenger boat
- Depart at 12:00PM, travel time is 3.5-4 hours, ₱1,760, Montenegro Shipping Lines fast craft

- Depart between 7:30-8:30AM, travel time is 5-9 hours, ₱1,400, outrigger passenger boat
- Depart at 6:00AM, travel time is 3.5-4 hours, ₱1,760, Montenegro Shipping Lines fast craft


INSTAGRAM: remonrijper

Tricycles are the main mode of transportation in Coron and El Nido's town proper. Minimum fare is at ₱8 per head. Tricycles, along with jeepneys, are available in Puerto Princesa, too.

Since Coron and El Nido consist of islands and coves, there is no other way to maximize your explorations than by boat. The same holds true for Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa.

LANGUAGE SPOKEN: Filipino and English are widely spoken in all islands of Palawan. Cuyonon is the local dialect in Coron.



City attractions

If you've got time to fill, a city tour is an excellent way to do so while giving you the 101 on Puerto Princesa's rich history. Drop by baywalk in the morning and see fishermen with the freshest catch of the day, then proceed to the provincial capitol.

Nearby is Plaza Cuartel, a National Historical Site that served as a World War II garrison for Filipino and American forces. From across Plaza Cuartel, you will find Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the site of the first Mass celebrated in Puerto Princesa. Marvel at its Gothic architecture, a result of a 1961 restoration.

INSTAGRAM: islastoryph

A visit to Crocodile Farm allows you to see the magnificent rescue and conservation efforts being done for crocodiles of all shapes and sizes. Just a few minutes from the farm is Mitra's Ranch, an extensive property with a log cabin and a veranda that overlooks Honda Bay.

INSTAGRAM: daizangelica

Cap off your tour at Baker's Hill, a pastry institution in the city. Don't forget to buy some for pasalubong!

Because the sites are closely located, you can complete the tour in four to six hours, perfect if you're leaving for El Nido in the afternoon.

You can do a DIY city tour three ways:
- Rent a motorcycle at the airport for ₱100 per hour.
- Hail a tricycle to take you for ₱500 to ₱700 per tricycle. This is definitely cheaper if you are coming along with friends, because you can split the cost among yourselves.
- Do a combination of tricycles, jeepneys, and multicabs. This is the cheapest way to do it.

Honda Bay

INSTAGRAM: redpalomera

Situated on Puerto Princesa's western tip, Honda Bay is home to islands with immaculate beaches and thriving coral reefs. A full-day island hopping tour can easily be done from any point in the city, since it only takes 30 minutes to get to the Honda Bay wharf. From there, you can rent a boat (₱1,000 to ₱1,500 depending on how many islands you plan to visit) to visit the following spots:

INSTAGRAM: pitzzza

Pambato Reef. Seen approximately 20 feet underwater, locals call this “Little Tubattaha”. Giant clams, fishes, and various corals thrive.

INSTAGRAM: dezsairahble

Luli Island. A portmanteau of two Tagalog words, lulubog (to be submerged) and lilitaw (to appear), this sandbar appears only during low tide. Check out the mangroves surrounding it.

INSTAGRAM: andreatamundong

Starfish Island. Also a sandbar, the island is named after the countless starfishes inhabiting it. The waters surrounding it are teeming with snappers, puffer fish, and other sea creatures.

INSTAGRAM: pandanisland

Pandan Island. So called for the pandan trees lining it, Pandan Island features an extensive strip of white sand.

INSTAGRAM: kryzzzie

Snake Island. Resting near Starfish Island, this sandbar takes its name from its snake-like strip that spans two kilometers. It's a popular site for snorkeling.

INSTAGRAM: idonncare

Cowrie Island. Once brimming with cowrie shells, this island is a haven for beach lovers with its pristine waters and white sandy shore.


INSTAGRAM: pinasobeautiful

Fun fact: El Nido features over 100 coves and beaches surrounded by sky-high limestones that are home to native swiftlets, whose nests are used for the coveted nido soup. It sits at the center of Bacuit Bay, allowing you to enjoy a diverse ecosystem teeming with colorful marine life, endemic flora and fauna, secret lagoons, and powdery beaches.

Corong-Corong town proper

INSTAGRAM: kajenkaostryzova

From Corong-Corong, where majority of hotels are situated, Marimegmeg Beach or Las Cabanas Beach can be accessed in a few minutes by tricycle. This is one of the most tranquil beach spots in town, where you can simply sit back on a long stretch of cream sand and enjoy ice-cold beer. Drop by at dusk for the best view of the sunset.

INSTAGRAM: lisaernlothsson

En route, request your driver to stop by the view deck for a panoramic perspective of the entire Bacuit Bay. Or better yet, take the 30-minute El Nido canopy walk (₱500/head). If you're not a fan of heights and dangerous treks, the El Nido canopy walk is the safest and easiest way to explore Taraw Cliff, El Nido's highest peak. The entire trek is done with a safety harness, up and down secure ladders and bridges. Even kids can do it!

Island hopping tours

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An El Nido trip won't be complete without exploring its off-shore islands. There are four packages to choose from: Tour A, B, C, and D. The most popular ones are Tours A and C, but if you're having a hard time choosing, you can do a combination tour, which offers the highlights of two or more tours. Standard rate for a tour is ₱1,400.

INSTAGRAM: tix_anna

Tour A brings you to El Nido's stunning lagoons and snorkel spots. Your first stop will be the Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon, which feature shallow emerald waters running through towering limestones. Sea turtles and sea snakes abound in both, so don't forget to bring aqua shoes! You will also visit Secret Lagoon (also called Hidden Lagoon), where you will slip past a tiny opening at the base of jagged limestones to get to the “secret” side. The opening can only be accessed during low tide.

Lunch is served at Simizu (Shimizu) Island, a long white beach strip fringed with coconut trees. Last stop is usually the 7 Commandos Beach, whose name comes from seven soldiers that once inhabited and fought in the island.

INSTAGRAM: jcharguson

Tour B is for beach bums. Here, you will experience chalky beaches and snorkeling spots, including Entalula Island, Pinagbuyutan Island, and Snake Island. The latter is what tourists often look forward to for its unique snake-shaped sandbar. There are also two caves included in this tour: Cudugnon Cave, passable only through a tiny hole, is believed to be a pre-historic burial site. Cathedral Cave is located inside a cathedral-shaped limestone in the middle of the sea, and also features a narrow opening. Be on the lookout for sea snakes and amazing stalactites!

INSTAGRAM: thepharchipelago

Like Tour A, Tour C is best suited to beach lovers, with favorites such as Star Beach and Helicopter Island (so-called for its shape) on the itinerary. There's also Secret Beach, which requires you to swim through a small hole to access. Surrounded by karst limestone walls, the circular beach is rumored to be the true inspiration for Alex Garland's novel-turned-movie The Beach.

INSTAGRAM: patrik_henry

One of the highlights of Tour C, however, is Matinloc Shrine in Matinloc Island where the film The Bourne Legacy was shot. Built in 1982, the shrine, along with an on-site museum, has long been abandoned. Visitors can do a short trek to the top of a cliff for a bird's eye view of the surrounding islets, including nearby Tapuitan island.

INSTAGRAM: iamlienmilanes

If you prefer a mix of remote and popular beaches, Tour D will certainly fit the bill. Included in the tour are popular white beaches, including Ipil Beach and Nat-Nat Beach. The secluded islands of Bukal Island and Paradise Beach will leave you breathless as well. For snorkeling enthusiasts, Cadlao Lagoon won't disappoint. Part of the largest island in El Nido, Cadlao Island, the massive lagoon boasts a vibrant array of corals and fishes surrounded by dark, soaring limestones.

Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach

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Although no longer part of El Nido, the twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang are not to be missed. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an extensive stretch of white beach. A walk to one tip of the beach ends on a small hill that affords visitors a panoramic view of two contiguous beaches: Nacpan Beach on the left and Calitang Beach on the right. Stay until sunset for one of the most dramatic and fiery sunsets this side of Palawan!

DG Traveler Tip: Prepare yourself for a bumpy, rough ride going here. It's best to hire a tricycle or rent a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire usually ridden beyond its passenger capacity) from town.

Sandflies also exist in some sections. Be sure to apply a generous amount of citronella lotion—their bites can get pretty uncomfortable.


INSTAGRAM: elnidoboutiqueartcafe

Get whisked away to a world of soaring limestones, world-class islets, and spectacular marine life. Regarded by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Scuba Diving Sites in the World, Coron Island in Northeastern Palawan features vast coral gardens, stunning lagoons, 50-plus limestone-studded islands, and two brackish lakes that are Hall of Fame awardees for Cleanest and Greenest Lakes.

Coron town tour

INSTAGRAM: jr.glariana

Start your day with a 700-step sunrise trek to Mt. Tapyas, the second highest mountain in Coron. View the surrounding islands and bay from the summit, or snap a jumpshot at the famous cross at the peak.

Delve into Coron's history with a tour of town attractions: Lualhati Park, St. Augustine Church, and the municipal plaza. Then, visit the town’s renowned cashew factory, L. Escarda's Coron Harvest, to see how export-quality cashew nuts are peeled and packed fresh from the tree. Cap off your tour with a soothing dip in Maquinit Hot Springs, 15 minutes away from town.

Coron Island Tour

INSTAGRAM: nicolejornacion

The Coron Island Tour provides a quintessential introduction to what makes Coron the paradise that it is: flawless lakes, limestone-ringed lagoons and beaches, wreckage sites, and vibrant reef systems.

The tour takes you to the destinations surrounding Coron Island (not to be confused with Coron town proper), a group of islands considered sacred by its inhabitants, the indigenous Tagbanua.

INSTAGRAM: jacktwong

Banol Beach. Arguably the most popular beach in Coron, Banol is a small pocket of white beach flanked by karst limestones. This is usually where lunch is served during the tour.

INSTAGRAM: bdbm_coron

Skeleton Wreck. One of many wrecks scattered across Coron and Busuanga, Skeleton Wreck is actually a fisherman's boat that got submerged near the shore. The wreck sits pretty close to the surface, and is accessible simply by snorkeling, with the stern visible above water during low tide. Nudibranchs, lion and stone fish, and other fishes have made this shipwreck their home.

INSTAGRAM: thepharchipelago

Twin Lagoon. Similar to El Nido's famous lagoons, Twin Lagoon consists of an outer and inner lagoon surrounded by limestones. The inner lagoon can be accessed by swimming through a small passage from the outer lagoon. During high tide, the only way to access it is to go up a flimsy wooden ladder that leans on pointy craggy rocks.

INSTAGRAM: camilleibayy

Siete Pecados. Siete Pecados is a marine-protected reef area ringed by seven islets (hence the name). Various fishes, corals, and other marine life inhabit the place.

INSTAGRAM: bucketlistnow

Kayangan Lake. The lake is one of two Hall of Fame recipients in Palawan for Cleanest Lake. The water is brackish and crystal clear, offering visibility up to 10 meters deep. To get to the limestone-walled lake, you must tread over 300 steps up and down an earthen path. The view up top is truly postcard-worthy!

INSTAGRAM: kayimito

Barracuda Lake. Another Cleanest and Greenest Lake awardee, Barracuda Lake is similar to Kayangan in features but does not require treks. The lake takes its name from the resident barracuda that's purported to be living in its deepest depths.

Beach Bumming/ Island Hopping Escapade

INSTAGRAM: bdbm_coron

Off the coast of Coron Island lies tens of sparsely populated islands with tree-fringed white-sand beaches, thriving reefs, and sparkling blue waters. Among the most well-known ones are Malcapuya, Banana, and Bulog Dos Islands off Culion and Malaroyroy—a two-hour journey from the port in Coron. Sitting close to each other, all these islands offer fine sands and coral reefs that could rival the best in the world. In fact, world-class resorts such as Two Seasons in Bulog Island have been developed, while a Henann installment is underway in Malcapuya.



Mid-Budget Hotels

Canvas Boutique Hotel
This design-forward hotel awes with its beautifully curated spaces, stunning installations, outdoor pool; and spacious, well-equipped rooms. Its restaurant, Painted Table, is also lauded for its vast selection of local and international specialties.

Book a twin room for 4 with breakfast and RT transfers for only ₱6,500 via Deal Grocer.

Canvas Boutique Hotel
Palawan North Road corner San Juan
Brgy. San Miguel

For inquiries & reservations:
Welcky Verso or Keanu Verzosa
(02) 894 3105
(0917) 807 1360
(0998) 844 5054

Astoria Palawan
Designed by the renowned Almario sisters, Astoria Palawan prides itself in the Astoria brand of hospitality. This beachfront oasis is the first of its kind in the capital to offer a waterpark. Just a few meters off shore, you'll find a vibrant marine sanctuary, too.

Enjoy a Superior Room for 2 with breakfast, transfers, and waterpark access for only P4,380 via Deal Grocer.

Astoria Palawan
Puerto Princesa North Road
Puerto Princesa

For inquiries & reservations:
Ms. Alexis Masangkay
(0998) 961 3419

Budget Hotels

INSTAGRAM: carlaaamarieee

Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn
One of only a few inns in the Philippines that's awarded with a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence from 2014-2016, the Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn features 11 quirky and colorful accommodations, ranging from lofts to family suites within five minutes of Puerto Princesa Airport. Must-tries too are the cheesecakes and brewed coffee from its on-site cafe.

Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn
Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa
(048) 434 2430
(048) 434 2430
(0917) 537 2772
(0999) 882 5800

INSTAGRAM: naru7_henry

Cleon Villas Pension
A unique pension that features contiguously built villas over koi ponds, Cleon Villas Pension is a favorite among those who value both serenity and convenient access to city attractions. Each room has a bathtub and its own veranda. Barbecue grills and a grassy common area can be enjoyed for outdoor cookouts.

Cleon Villas Pension
Pineda Rd, Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa
(0916) 736 7637


Luxury Hotels

INSTAGRAM: taraleeb

El Nido Resorts Apulit Island
El Nido Resorts Apulit Island is a secluded holidaymaker's paradise at the heart of Taytay Bay. Fifty water cottages, each with its own veranda, are built against imposing limestone cliffs. Guests here can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities in the island, including trekking and kayaking in the resort's private beach.

El Nido Resorts Apulit Island
El Nido Resort, Northeastern
Taytay, 5312

For inquiries & reservations:
(02) 902 5934
(02) 902 5951
(0917) 584 1576
Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Mid-Budget Hotels

INSTAGRAM: inna_z__

El Nido Bayview Resort
Perched on a hill fronting Marimegmeg Beach, El Nido Bayview Resort affords its guests a 360-degree vista of Bacuit Bay from the comforts of their suite. Guests love the outdoor pool, as well as the utter serenity of being surrounded by foliage and the sea.

El Nido Bayview Resort
Sitio Marimegmeg, Brgy. Corong Corong
El Nido

For inquiries & reservations:
Roxanne Mercado or Cecile Lacanilao
(0927) 977 7930
(0917) 889 2727
(0921) 989 6907

INSTAGRAM: nathaliegutierrez

El Nido Cove Resort
Created by the visionaries behind El Nido Resorts Apulit Island, El Nido Cove Resort lies on a serene beachfront location in Lio, just minutes away from Lio Airport. Guests can choose from spacious and eco-friendly suites on the beach or amid a lush garden. Fronting El Nido's famous limestones, a day by the pool or on a hammock will guarantee that you'd forget all your worries.

El Nido Cove Resort
Sitio Lamoro, Barangay Pasadeña
El Nido

For inquiries & reservations:
(02) 902 5969


Luxury Hotels

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa
The first eco-friendly 5-star hotel in Coron, Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa sits in the middle of Malaroyroy Peninsula, surrounded by turtle and giant clam sanctuaries, a sandbar that connects the resort to an islet (Bulog Island), a house reef, and mangrove forests. Guests will never run out of things to do here, whether it be in their opulent bungalow or on the beach.

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa
Malaroyroy, Bulalacao Island

For inquiries & reservations:
Miley Gandingan
(02) 410 2075 to 80

INSTAGRAM: luxuryhotelphotos

Busuanga Bay Lodge
Hosting Bermuda-style suites and a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the bay, Busuanga Bay Lodge is the only 4-star resort in Busuanga. It's well-known for its commitment to sustainability too, as well, as an upscale spa and three gourmet restaurants.

Busuanga Bay Lodge
Sitio Lawi, Barangay Concepcion

For inquiries & reservations:
(02) 625 8627
Mondays to Fridays: 9 AM – 6 PM

Mid-Budget Hotels

Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel
One of the latest hotel additions in the Coron town proper, Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel boasts the same luxurious offerings as its sister in Bulalacao Island. Located just steps away from Coron pier, it lets you enjoy easy access to island hopping tours and the town's dining hubs, as well as unparalleled sunset and sunrise views from an infinity pool and a jacuzzi lounge.

Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel
National Highway, Brgy. Tagumpay

For inquiries & reservations:
Suzeth Dela Cruz
(02) 410 2075 to 80

Budget Hotels


Sea Coral Lodge
Popular with backpackers and budget-conscious couples, Sea Coral Lodge offers basic, rustic rooms within walking distance of Coron's pier. You can get an air conditioned room with TV and private bathroom at this Biyahe ni Drew-recommended lodging for less than ₱1,000 a night.

Sea Coral Lodge
Barangay Poblacion 5, Coron
(0939) 924 0187


Darayonan Lodge
Situated along the roadside, this homey lodging features Filipino-themed rooms, each with a private veranda from across the pool.

Darayonan Lodge
132 National Highway, Bgy. Poblacion 1, Coron
(0977) 807 9353

Manila office:
Marilyn Nunez
(0917) 586 6098

Chin Fernandez
(0917) 881 5121



INSTAGRAM: itsmebitches15883

Baga Baga Puerto
One of the best ways to food hop in Puerto Princesa is to visit Baga Baga Puerto, an al fresco food park housing over a dozen world cuisine stalls. Each kiosk has its own specialty. Some are dedicated to Japanese, others to local cuisine, and others to Italian. It's also a popular place for locals to grab ice-cold beer while watching acoustic performances.

INSTAGRAM: olablake

A household name for decades, KaLui is popular for its fruit shakes, fresh seafood, and vegetable dishes. The rustic ambiance is well-loved by families and big groups—so much so that you need to often book ahead to reserve seats.


INSTAGRAM: aprilcp and kahlanyin

Dos Quadros
There are plenty of pizza places in El Nido, but for budgetarians, one of the more popular ones is Dos Quadros, a small roadside pizzeria that offers cheap, thin crust pizzas. Order the marinara (Italian tomato sauce-based) and alfredo (combined fettuccine and butter sauce) pastas too. They won't disappoint!


Sun Bar
This beachfront bar in Marimegmeg Beach is known to serve “cold drinks as cold as your ex” from morning until 8 PM.

INSTAGRAM: monicamanifests

The Beach Shack
Just a little ways down the beach from Sun Bar is The Beach Shack, an all-day beachfront casual dining facility that serves the best fruits shakes and sandwiches until well beyond happy hour.


INSTAGRAM: markthehush

Lolo Nonoy's Food Station
A Biyahe ni Drew-recommended place for Filipino comfort food, this homey restaurant is best known for its lechon kawali, sinigang tuna belly, and gambas (Spanish-style shrimp).

INSTAGRAM: cheyserr012790

Coron Village Bar and Resto
Coron Village Lodge's on-site restaurant, Coron Village Bar and Resto offers affordable and sumptuous local and Western cuisine. We recommend the marinara pizza and sisig!



6:30-7:30 AM: Arrival at Puerto Princesa; take tricycle to hotel for quick check in
8:00 AM: Proceed to Sta. Lourdes Wharf; register and rent boat from Tourism Information Center
9:00 AM: Arrival at Pambato Reef
10:30 AM: Arrival at Luli Island
11:30 AM: Pandan Island
1:00 PM: Snake Island; lunch
3:00 PM: Starfish Island/Cowrie Island
4:00 PM: Go back to Sta. Lourdes Wharf
5:00 PM: Back at wharf for wash up; go back to hotel


7:00 AM: Breakfast
8:00 AM: Begin city tour:
- Baywalk
- Provincial capitol
- Immaculate Conception Cathedral
- Plaza Cuartel
- Baker's Hill
- Mitra's Ranch
- Crocodile Farm
- Iwahig Penal Farm
2:00 PM: End of tour; proceed to Cherry bus terminal
3:00 PM: Travel from PP to El Nido
9:00 PM: Arrival in El Nido Town Proper; check in hotel in Corong-Corong


7:00 AM: Breakfast
8:00 AM: Start island hopping tour (Choose from Tour A, B, C, D, or a combo tour)
4:00 PM: End of tour; take tricycle to El Nido View Deck for photo ops
5:00 PM: Proceed to Las Cabanas Beach for sunset drinks or cocktails
6:00 PM: Leave back to hotel


7:00 AM: Breakfast
8:00 AM: El Nido Canopy Walk (Taraw Cliff)
8:30 AM: Canopy walk summit
9:00 AM: Start trek down
9:30 AM: Back at base; go back to hotel to freshen up
12:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM: Depart for Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach
2:00 PM: Arrive at Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach
6:00 PM: Depart for hotel
7:00 PM: Back at hotel; freshen up/ dinner


5:00 AM: Proceed to Montenegro Shipping Lines terminal
6:00 AM: Travel from El Nido to Coron via ferry
9:30 AM: Arrival in Coron; early check in at hotel
10:00 AM: Proceed to Coron town port for Coron Island tour
10:30 AM: Banol Beach
11:00 AM: Lunch
12:00 PM: Skeleton Wreck
1:00 PM: Twin Lagoon
2:00 PM: Barracuda Lake
3:00 PM: Kayangan Lake
4:30 PM: Siete Pecados
5:30 PM: Back at Coron port


6:00 AM: Breakfast; proceed to Coron port
7:00 AM: Leave Coron port for island hopping tour
9:00 AM : Arrival at Bulog Dos Island
11:00 AM: Banana Island
12:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM: Malcapuya Island
3:00 PM: Leave for port
5:00 PM: Back at port


4:00 AM: Breakfast
4:30 AM: Take tricycle to Mt. Tapyas; trek
5:30 AM: Sunrise at Mt. Tapyas summit
6:30 AM: Start descent to jump-off point
7:00 AM: Back at jump-off point; explore town proper:
- St. Augustine Church
- Lualhati Park
- Municipal Plaza
- Souvenir shops
- Cashew nuts
8:30 AM: Go to Maquinit Hotspring
10:00 AM: Leave Maquinit Hotspring
10:30 AM: Back at hotel; freshen up
12:00 PM: Check out; lunch; board flight back home

Find even more Coron travel inspiration when you check out our Travel Guide.

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