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6 Energizing Massages to Get Rid of the Rainy Day Blues

by Abby Singson

August brings forth several thunderstorms, along with two-hour traffic jams and the temptation to stay in and wrap yourself in a blanket all day.

Believe it or not, the rain does have effects on mood and temperament, influencing a person’s total productivity. Even if you feel drained, you might actually be getting less things done.

But because we can’t control the weather, we've got to take matters into our own hands. A walk outside or an hour at the gym might help, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way you could re-energize without having to move a muscle?

Whether you want to chill after a hard week or just need to wait out the rush-hour traffic, we've got you covered. Here are 6 massages you can treat your tired body and restless mind to:

1. The Healing Massage

As we go about our daily lives, our body’s energy points begin to get clogged up. Massages help keep them spinning in the right direction, making you feel rejuvenated and pumped up for the week ahead. Combining Swedish and Shiatsu techniques, this 60-minute Unity Combination Massage reduces tension and promotes a total-body healing experience. This combination is one of the best ways to unwind and energize at the same time.

The Swedish massage focuses on joints and stretching, rubbing muscles with long and firm strokes that provide a feeling of relief. The Shiatsu method, on the other hand, focuses on specific points by applying “finger pressure” on them to soothe away stiffness and restore the regular flow of your Ki or the vital energy of life.

A combination massage is also great for those who aren’t regular massage-goers, as it introduces you to both techniques. This will help you figure out what method works best for you and your body.

Try one session of a rejuvenating 60-minute Unity Combination massage for only ₱545 (from ₱700) from Transcend Spa & Nails with this exclusive Deal Grocer offer.

Transcend Spa & Nails
The Third Eye Wellness Center, 600A
6/F, 20th Drive Corporate Center
20th Drive McKinley Business Park
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 808 2984
(0917) 636 2800

Official Website

2. Aromatic Salt Glow Scrub & Massage

Massage therapies cleanse the body internally. In gentle practices like yoga, whenever we physically twist from the mid-section, we massage internal organs to aid in digestion. For women, it also helps boost the healthy function of the ovaries and the uterus. These effects are reproduced during a massage. Problem areas and energy points are revitalized with long strokes and slight pressure so you get that feeling of lightness after a session.

In one Aromatic Salt Glow Scrub & Massage session, you not only get to cleanse the body internally during a 60-minute body massage, you also eliminate dead skin cells on the surface of the skin through a 30-minute body scrub using a special sea salt scrub enriched with ylang-ylang, vanilla, and lavender extracts.

All products used are premium eco-friendly and vegan products, too!

This reinvigorating Aromatic Salt Glow Scrub & Massage at Transcend Spa & Nails is so popular, it has been extended to 90 minutes! With this offer by Deal Grocer, you get a session for only ₱900 (from ₱1,200).

Transcend Spa & Nails
The Third Eye Wellness Center, 600A
6/F, 20th Drive Corporate Center
20th Drive McKinley Business Park
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 808 2984
(0917) 636 2800

Official Website

3. Massage for Overworked Muscles

After a long day at your desk, it’s difficult to resist the urge to do a giant morning stretch, similar to when you get out of bed. It may not seem like much, but it somehow wakes you up and gives you that much-needed relief from being hunched over your desk for eight grueling hours. Here’s a little trivia for you: the body will always crave a good backbend. Sitting down all day can overwork your back, shoulder, and foot muscles, creating tightness that are commonly referred to as “knots”.

When you feel that tension in your muscles mounting, the best option for you is a classic Swedish massage. With long and rhythmic strokes, this massage aims to revitalize the entire body and improve blood circulation. On the other hand, it also calms the mind and helps give you a good night’s sleep once you get home.

The Swedish massage isn’t one-size-fits-all—every body is different. One of the best places to get a personalized experience is Sophie’s Salon and Spa. Their well-trained masseuses will be able to address your specific concerns. Plus, they’ll give you a relaxing foot massage to match!

Get a Swedish body massage and a foot massage at Sophie’s Salon & Spa for ₱520 (from ₱650) with this Deal Grocer offer.

Sophie’s Salon & Spa
G/F Asian Mansion II
109 Dela Rosa St., Makati
(02) 844 4111
(0922) 883 3363

Official Website

4. Abhyanga Massage with Medicated Herbal Oil

Some massages can be a little uncomfortable for certain people. A stranger pressing on random points on one's back? Unfamiliar hands making firm strokes all over the body? Rather than an image of revitalization, even the common Swedish or Shiatsu massages can sound intimidating, especially for someone who's new to this kind of de-stressing.

That’s what makes the Abhyanga technique perfect for massage rookies. Performed by two skilled and highly synchronized Ayurveda therapists, the massage uses soothing strokes and warm oils to activate your body’s energy points and remove toxins from the body and the mind. The Ayurvedic oils are infused with special herbs to not only nourish but also give your complexion a radiant, even glow.

What makes it a holistic experience is the spa itself, which is not a traditional spot but more of a place of healing. There, the therapists have mastered the traditional methods of Ayurveda, the oldest known system of health and medical treatment promoting wellness for the mind, body, and soul.

Experience the healing benefits of the age-old Abhyanga Massage with Medicated Oil at Shanti Ayurveda for only ₱1,500 (from ₱2,500) with this exclusive Deal Grocer offer.

Shanti Ayurveda
56 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Heights
Quezon City
(02) 952 1845
(0917) 849 9830

Official Website

5. Abhyanga and Ksheeradhara

Shanti Ayurveda takes the Abhyanga healing massage a step further with Ksheeradhara, a treatment where medicated milk is poured over your scalp and hair as you enjoy a gentle head massage. This process helps with one’s mental health and overall wellness by clearing the mind through a continuous stream of milk. The temperature of the milk also dilates the hair follicles so the solution gets absorbed into the pores, making you feel like you’re in a nice warm bath.

It’s not something you hear about every day, but this 45-minute process is an age-old purifying therapy said to treat insomnia and stress that builds up in the head. People also use Ksheeradhara to aid in mental wellness through the promotion of enhanced blood circulation. Pair it with the soft strokes of Abhyanga and you’ll be one calm and collected individual as you leave the wellness haven.

Shanti Ayurveda
56 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Heights
Quezon City
(02) 952 1845
(0917) 849 9830

Official Website

6. Mecca Flow Massage

What if we combine not two, not three, but four different massage techniques? Overwhelming? Hardly! Mecca Aesthetic Clinic & Spa has devised a special massage that combines Swedish, Shiatsu, Indian Massage, and the use of Dagdagay Sticks on the whole body. This flow’s relaxing, invigorating, and therapeutic properties are perfect for anyone whose body has gotten too accustomed to the “usual” massage techniques.

The earthy smell of petrichor on a rainy day might not be your thing, so for your next massage, you can select your own oil. Mecca has four different oils for you to choose from—fresh bamboo, green tea, jasmine, and lavender. They’re all equally soothing, but lavender will make you feel extra calm and peaceful. Go ahead and relax while treating your body to a 90-minute flow for the reset you deserve!

This exclusive Deal Grocer offer gives you 90 minutes of Mecca Flow Massage at the Mecca Aesthetic Clinic & Spa for only ₱720 (from ₱900).

Mecca Aesthetic Clinic & Spa
238 Sct. Bayoran corner Tomas Morato
Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City
(02) 794 5036
(0915) 757 6595

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About Abby
Abby is a Manila-based photographer and writer enjoying her early twenties taking photos of her casual adventures and trying new yoga poses. She graduated with a Communication degree focusing on multimedia production so she can fulfill her childhood dream of shooting food and travel for magazines. Clothed with a passionate soul, she writes about anything she can overshare on.

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