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5 Answers to Questions About Getting Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

by Abby Singson

Not everyone has the right mindset when it comes to dental health.

Knowing for sure you brush your teeth twice or thrice a day and then floss right after will make you think you don’t need to visit your dentist ever again. Dentist visits can be scary after all, especially with all the drilling sounds and having to be awake for the whole procedure. So why even bother?

Here’s why: Dental plaque forms when leftover food particles and saliva mix inside your mouth. It soon hardens into tartar, which explains that rough feeling on the tongue when you run it over your teeth. Brushing and flossing help get rid of plaque, but we can’t completely avoid it because our mouth can still house bacteria from all the kinds of food we eat. There are also nooks and crannies in our set of pearly whites that we tend to miss even if we brush and floss regularly. Without professional help, the bacteria living in the plaque near the gums can also release toxins that can eventually lead to inflammation—a sign of gum disease.

As plaque turns into tartar, regular brushing and flossing becomes futile. Before things get out of hand, call your dentist and schedule an oral prophylaxis: a dental procedure done to rid teeth of the tartar buildup and help restore them to their optimum health.

Still wary? Here are some answers to questions you may have about oral prophylaxis to guide you through the whole process:

1. Do I need to get a consultation first?

Before you go marching into your dentist’s clinic requesting for a deep cleaning, always make sure you get your teeth checked first. Though generally the process is safe for everyone, an assessment from your dentist will help greatly with the procedure. You may have sensitive teeth, which can cause some discomfort during oral prophylaxis. You may also have existing dental conditions that need to be addressed before the procedure.

What’s great about dental clinics nowadays is that they offer special discounts for complete cleaning packages that include pre-care (which is your dental consultation), the oral prophylaxis procedure itself, and even post-care such as fluoride treatments.

And for complete packages like that, try Novodental. They have three branches across Metro Manila, all with expert dental teams on board and the most advanced dental technology and treatments—from general to cosmetic dentistry—that are incredibly affordable for the quality of service.

Novodental currently has an exclusive offer up for grabs on Deal Grocer that includes dental consultation, oral prophylaxis, and fluoride treatment all for ₱699. Original price is at ₱3,200 for everything, so that’s 78% off!

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G/F Grand Adriatico Residences
1415 Adriatico St., Malate, Manila
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2. Will I undergo any other dental procedures before the cleaning itself?

A teeth cleaning session is kind of like getting your car maintained—a regularly scheduled event that’s not really something you prepare for or feel nervous about.

However, again, we’d recommend getting a consultation first. Some dentists will recommend you undergo a Panoramic X-Ray, just so you can get the most out of your consultation. That’s also the best way to know if you’re expecting wisdom teeth anytime soon!

Some clinics don’t have X-Ray machines, so you have to head over to another place and pay a separate fee. Thankfully, dental institutions like MetroDental—which has over 15 branches nationwide—can provide you a consultation, a Panoramic X-Ray, and oral prophylaxis all in one go.

MetroDental currently has a 65% off sale on this package on Deal Grocer. Instead of paying ₱3,550 for everything, getting all three procedures will now only cost you ₱1,250!

View list of branches here.

3. Is oral prophylaxis painless?

If this is the first time you’re having it done, your apprehension is valid. Trips to the dentist may be quite daunting, but trust us when we say oral prophylaxis isn’t one of those procedures that will send you running to the door.

But while there’s technically no unbearable pain, you can expect a little bit of discomfort. Plaque buildup near the gums is troublesome to take off, and the procedure isn’t exactly a relaxing one. The best way around it is to have cleaning done regularly. Every six months is ideal but for people with periodontal disease, dentists recommend you undergo oral prophylaxis every 3 to 4 months. If you have braces, this can be as regular as every time you get them adjusted.

Set those worries aside, because Skin Pro is offering one session of Painless Oral Prophylaxis for half its original price. With this exclusive Deal Grocer offer, you’ll have freshly polished teeth painlessly for only ₱950 instead of ₱2,000. Say hello again to fresh breath and clean teeth!

Skin Pro
8481 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati
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4. What are the other benefits of oral prophylaxis?

Oral prophylaxis can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. The consultations with your dentist can also help in early detection of tooth and gum diseases too, since prevention is still better than cure. If you’re an avid coffee, tea, or wine drinker, this teeth cleaning procedure can remove stains caused by those liquids as well.

There are dental clinics in the Philippines that offer a dedicated stain removal procedure to really get in there and focus on bringing back the teeth to its natural color. Fashion Smile Dental Health & Spa does just that—and even goes the extra mile to offer a 20% discount on any additional basic procedure or service availed on that day.

Fashion Smile Dental Health & Spa offers an Oral Prophylaxis treatment with Stain Removal and that enticing 20% discount on any basic procedure all for the affordable price of ₱1,250 through this one-of-a-kind deal on Deal Grocer!

Fashion Smile Dental Health & Spa
U601 Heart Tower, 108 Valero St.
Salcedo Village, Makati
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5. What extra steps can I do to take care of my teeth?

After dealing with plaque and tartar for so long, it won’t be a surprise if bacteria proves to be the reason for erosion on the surface of your teeth. To bring back the minerals to the tooth surface, many prefer to undergo fluoride treatments. It may not remove decay altogether but it can help in strengthening the teeth, preventing further damage.

Some also consider having their teeth professionally whitened through a peroxide-based whitening bleach to break down stains and make the teeth look whiter. This is great for those who can’t live without coffee and sodas, and for regular cigarette smokers.

You can’t say no to that megawatt smile! Metafactor Wellness Center has a 58% off discount on Deal Grocer for Whitening Bleach, Oral Prophylaxis, and Fluoride Treatments all for ₱5,000 from the original ₱12,000.

Metafactor Wellness Center
Baypark Roxas Boulevard Service Road
Malate, Manila
(02) 353 3130
(0917) 816 6428
(0997) 869 0502

114 Jupiter Corner, Orbit Street
Brgy. Bel Air, Makati
(02) 871 4262
(0915) 925 5224

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About Abby
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