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20 Batangas Beach Resorts to Spend Your Long Weekend in

by Angelu Zafe
August 22, 2018

For full-time employees like myself, long weekends are kind of a big deal.

I’m certain I’m not the only one who has an official list of national holidays even before the year starts, taking special note of the holidays that fall on a Friday or Monday. Long weekends are something we patiently wait for, and something we make sure to get the best out of.

While all of us dream to travel to beaches like Palawan and Siargao, the smartest way to maximize these much-anticipated long weekends is to choose a destination that is in close proximity to the city. That way, you wouldn’t have to spend almost a day of your limited vacation stuck in long car rides or stressed about delayed flights.

This makes Batangas an ideal choice. Just three to four hours away from Manila, this province boasts countless destination options when it comes to resorts. Whether you’re looking for white sandy beaches to sunbathe in, hoping to learn a new water sport, or simply want to sit back and watch the sunset on the horizon, this southern province will definitely not disappoint.

Don’t know which one to choose? Here are 20 beach resorts in Batangas that are guaranteed to give you the best long weekend possible.

1. Acuatico Beach Resort

Who would have thought that you can experience a little part of Indonesia after just a two-hour drive from Manila? Located at the popular vacation destination Laiya, Acuatico Beach Resort is best known for its infinity pool and Balinese-inspired interiors and facilities. With 21 spacious rooms and villas to choose from that can accommodate a total of 70 guests, Acuatico will definitely give you value for your money.

INSTAGRAM: acuaticobeachresort

Whether you’re the active vacationer or an idle beach bum, Acuatico is the perfect long weekend escape for you as it offers a wide range of activities from water sports and kayaking, to more relaxing options such as body treatments, sauna, and the Simona Spa.

Acuatico Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan
(02) 408 8383

2. Acuaverde Beach Resort

If you’re itching to get away from the noise and crowd of the metro, Acuaverde Beach Resort is where you need to spend your long weekend. This award-winning beach resort promises a stay of serenity and comfort with its famous white sands and cozy, modern rooms.

INSTAGRAM: acuaverdebeachresort

At Acuaverde, you don’t have to choose between relaxation and adventure. Boasting a stunning beachfront and the widest coastline in Laiya, Batangas, Acuaverde is the perfect place when you need time to unwind but also when you’re game for some excitement. Water sports such as jet ski, fly board, banana boat, speed boat, and more will definitely give you one of your most thrilling and fun-filled long weekends to date.

Acuaverde Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan
(02) 403 1899 / (02) 847 0953
(0916) 405 7388 / (0928) 854 3805

3. La Luz Beach Resort

INSTAGRAM: nikkakholetz

Originally a private beach property, La Luz opened its doors to the public a few years ago and quickly became popular among local tourists. Although outsiders are now welcome, the people of La Luz did their best to maintain the exclusivity and relaxing feel of the place. Only native materials are used as furnishing for the cozy villas, and raking the beachfront is done every morning to maintain cleanliness. Your furry friends are also welcome at La Luz, making a complete family bonding experience possible.

INSTAGRAM: minglagman

If you've grown tired of the usual beach activities, the resort also offers hiking in Mt. Daguldul as one of their activities. This 670 meter-high mountain is a six-hour hike from La Luz, and the resort can even arrange packed breakfast and lunch for your hike. The best part? You can take a detour to the equally beautiful Naambon Falls. If you want a long weekend jam-packed with amazing sights and exciting activities, La Luz Beach Resort is the perfect choice.

INSTAGRAM: iampamdls

La Luz Beach Resort
San Juan
(02) 726 6687 / (0916) 370 4017 / (0920) 603 881

4. Camp Netanya

Greece has always been on the list of everyone’s dream getaways, and in Anilao, Batangas, you can finally get a taste of it. Famous for its Santorini-inspired architecture, Camp Netanya offers an experience of luxury and serenity. With only 48 villas available, you don’t have to worry about the place getting too noisy and crowded. Camp Netanya obviously gained popularity through their captivating, aesthetically pleasing interiors, and rightly so, but it definitely has so much more to offer.

From its 25-meter infinity pool, island hopping on a jet boat, to the hiking and diving activities it offers, Camp Netanya goes beyond its luxurious Greek design. The resort is also popular for its world-class snorkeling and diving sites, giving you a chance to explore and get to know the underwater world of Anilao.

Camp Netanya
Brgy. Ligaya, Mabini
(0939) 7535 074 / (0927) 8954 092

5. Club Balai Isabel

INSTAGRAM: saizerv

Ever since the Inflatable Island in Subic, Zambales opened in 2017, floating attractions have become widely popular in the country. If a drive to Zambales isn't on the agenda, you can get the same thrilling adventure in Talisay, Batangas. Club Balai Isabel jumped in on this trend and opened its very own Aqua Park a year ago, and continues to be one of the most-visited sites in the province.

INSTAGRAM: soitsjencie

But even before they opened their Aqua Park, Club Balai Isabel was already popular for its up-close-and-personal view of the Taal Lake and Volcano. If you get hungry after enjoying a dip in the pool and witnessing the gorgeous sunset, you have to try the ‘farm to table’ activity that Balai Isabel offers, wherein you can pick vegetables and catch fish in their organic farm, Balai Organiks, and then cook them on your own. The experience will be one to remember!

Club Balai isabel
(02) 584 4068 / (043) 773 0004 / (0906) 518 5494

6. Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Tagged as the Maldives of the Philippines, it isn’t hard to see why Stilts Calatagan is one of the most visited and most talked about resorts of Batangas. The resort’s white-sand beaches, cozy cottages and treehouses make Stilts an ideal spot for a relaxing and nature-loving long weekend.

INSTAGRAM: stiltscalatagan

Whether you’re a camper who opts to stay in a tent and wants to be in touch with his surroundings, or a traveler whose priority is to enjoy a luxurious vacation, Stilts has different accommodation options for you: floating cottages (which are situated above sea water—perfect if you can’t get enough of swimming), treehouses, beachfront villas, and camping tents.

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan
(0917) 586 3343 / (0917) 580 7653

7. Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort

INSTAGRAM: aiyanarresort

If you want to spend your long weekend learning something new, Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort provides a majestic stay for vacationers who are seeking to discover the underwater wonders of Batangas. Famous for its diving courses, Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort offers various packages, and even underwater imaging, so you can learn as much as you can about the ocean world. You will surely come out of this vacation with new skills under your belt.

INSTAGRAM: aiyanarresort

Meanwhile, for laid-back guests who are seeking more serene vacations, Aiyanar also offers facilities that are perfect for your dream relaxing long weekend. Aside from its stunning infinity pool overlooking the Anilao coastline, it also has a state-of-the-art clubhouse, game room, and camera room.

Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort
Sitio Looc, Barangay Bagalangit, Mabini
(0917) 594 0056, (0917) 866 6332, (0917) 883 1439

8. La Chévrerie Resort & Spa

INSTAGRAM: nicooleangelaa

Literally translating to “The Goat’s Place” in English, La Chévrerie has come a long way from being the owner’s personal place, where he let his pet goats roam freely. Now, it has become a famous vacation spot for people craving both relaxation and recreation in the province of Batangas.

Situated in Anilao, diving activities are to be expected. But if that doesn’t excite and you just want to settle down and take your time, Le Chévrerie is also a place for a lazy seaside staycation. With numerous comfortable bean bags, pillows, and couches scattered around the stunning poolside and beachfront, the resort’s atmosphere invites you to take things slow and enjoy every second of your much-deserved long weekend getaway.

La Chévrerie Resort & Spa
52 Barangay Ligaya, Anilao, Mabini
(043) 706 2351 / (0917) 703 3320

9. Anilao Awari Bay

INSTAGRAM: anilaoawaribay

Away from the city life, Anilao Awari Bay is a relaxing haven for those in dire need of an escape from their everyday hustle. Located at the heart of Mabini, the resort’s primary goal is to provide a sanctuary for urban escapees. The resort exudes a peaceful and calm ambience, presenting an excellent opportunity to forget your stressful life in the city even for just a couple of days.

INSTAGRAM: anilaoawaribay

With a kiddie pool, infinity pool, and dive pool, Anilao Awari will surely be enjoyed by every family member. It provides a wide range of activities for the energetic travelers such as kayaking, snorkeling, island hopping, and diving. Meanwhile, the more relaxed and easy-going vacationers will definitely fall in love with the resort’s exquisite lounges and massage and spa offerings. With the pool’s overlooking view of Balayan Bay, you can immerse yourself in the pure nature and fascinating beauty you don't get to see every day.

Anilao Awari Bay
Brgy. Solo, Mabini
(0917) 720 3915 / (0998) 994 0866

10. Terrazas de Punta Fuego

INSTAGRAM: badethbertulfo

With its 800-meter stretch of fine white sand beach, Terrazas de Puenta Fuego is a taste of Bali, Indonesia situated in the heart of Nasugbu. This exclusive resort club boasts of its Hispanic and Asian architecture and its beach club which is considered the best swimming beach in Batangas. It also offers a cascading pool and yacht club.

If you want a long weekend of exclusivity away from big crowds, Terrazas de Puenta Fuego is a worthy destination for you.

Terrazas de Puenta Fuego
Brgy. Balaytigue, Nasugbu
(02) 584 4405 / (02) 843 8700

11. Pico Sands Hotel

IMAGE: Abby Singson

No Batangas beach resort list is complete without Pico Sands Hotel. Situated in Nasugbu, Pico Sands is a tropical paradise of Pico de Loro Cove that offers an amazing mountain and lagoon view from your hotel room. Apart from its spacious rooms with quality amenities, Pico Sands provides numerous adrenaline-pumping activities such as diving, the Santelmo Eco trail, and a Mangrove tour.

Pico Sands Hotel
Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast
Barangay Papaya, Nasugbu
(02) 464 7800

12. Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa

INSTAGRAM: canyoncoveofficial

With an awe-inspiring view of the West Philippine Sea, Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa is unlike anywhere else in Batangas. Aside from it having the biggest recreational swimming pool in the province and the whitest pristine sand in the Nasugbu coastline, Canyon Cove offers an array of activities and modern amenities to keep you occupied.

Aside from water sports such as free diving, cliff jumping, snorkeling, and more, Canyon Cove also takes pride in its large inflatable water park for all ages, the Waterpark Adventure Philippines.

Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa
Far East Road, Piloto Wawa
Nasugbu-Ternate Highway, Nasugbu
(032) 908 1111

13. Vivere Azure Hotel

INSTAGRAM: andiesyyap

A little paradise tucked away in Anilao, Vivere Azure Hotel is a worthwhile weekend destination for those who are in serious need of some R&R. Tagged as Luzon’s Premiere Dive Destination, Vivere Azure is loved by many travelers for its peaceful ambience and magnificent sunset view from the pool. The interiors of the hotel’s 13 boutique suites are influenced by Mediterranean, Asian, and Filipino designs.

INSTAGRAM: andiesyyap

Because of its location, it’s no surprise that the resort also offers scenic diving for you to enjoy the spectacular underwater view of the island. Not your thing? A magnificent infinity pool where you can refresh and relax also awaits your visit.

Vivere Azure Hotel
KM 108 Barangay Aguada, San Teodoro
Anilao, Mabini
(02) 771 7777 / FAX: (02) 771 0158

14. Matabungkay Beach Hotel

If you’re planning a long weekend full of family bonding, Matabungkay Beach Hotel is known as a family-friendly destination for those looking for a quiet but activity-filled vacation. Located in the town of Lian, Batangas, Matabungkay Beach Hotel provides affordable accommodations that makes bringing the whole fam along possible.

If you’re keen on trying a new water sport, Matabungkay is also the perfect place to do so. They offer Stand Up Paddle (SUP), an outdoor sporting craze that is basically a combination of surfing and kayaking. Matabungkay’s SUP Center has boards and paddles for rent, instructors, and lifeguards. All that’s missing is your drive and willingness to try something new!

Matabungkay Beach Hotel
Brgy. Matabungkay, Lian
(02) 752 5252 / (0917) 834 1269

15. Palm Beach Resort

INSTAGRAM: palmbeachlaiya

For a perfectly low-key and chill long weekend, Palm Beach Resort promises a stay defined by peace and tranquility. Tucked away in a secluded part of San Juan, Batangas, Palm Beach Resort is a quiet retreat from the usual noisy city life.

The spacious rooms with a panoramic view of the ocean and a jaw-dropping infinity pool will definitely give guests a getaway fit for royalty. If a weekend of island hopping and beach parties doesn’t excite you anymore, this resort will give you a chance to rediscover yourself and just be close to nature.

Palm Beach Resort
Barangay Hugom, Laiya, San Juan
(02) 850-9544, (02) 836-8956

16. Coral Beach Club


For a long weekend with the best of both worlds, meaning getting to experience both the thrilling ocean and chill poolside, head on to Coral Beach Club. Located in Lian, Batangas, Coral Beach Club is one of the oldest and most popular beach resorts in the province. The resort boasts 24 spacious rooms which have modern amenities and are all maintained to a high standard.

INSTAGRAM: dinagztm

What’s also convenient about staying in Coral Beach Club is its close proximity to other popular attractions in Batangas such as Ang Pulo Mangrove Forest Park, Enrique Zobel Museum, and Calatagan Solar Farm, giving you the opportunity to plan a well-rounded weekend.

Coral Beach Club
Lian, Batangas
(0917) 901 4635 / (0919) 822 0833 /

17. Halo Anilao Dive Resort

A weekend getaway in Halo Anilao Dive Resort is a remarkable experience you won't regret making time for. With their first-class services and amenities, Halo Anilao is well worth a visit for those seeking a superior escape.

If diving is your scene, Halo Anilao has one of the best diving spots in the province, where you can witness dozens of different habitat types including montane and mixed-monsoon forests, coral reefs and coral islands.

Halo Anilao Dive Resort
Brgy. Ligaya, Mabini /

18. Sabangan Beach Resort

INSTAGRAM: sabanganbeach_me

If a ‘home away from home’ kind of weekend is what you’re looking for, Sabangan Beach Resort can give you exactly that with their clear blue waters and white sand. With the soothing sound of waves crashing into the shore, you can finally get your much-needed relaxation and break away from modern city living. Their offered homes come in four beachfront types: Yakal Bungalow, Narra Bungalow, Molave Bunggalow, and Acacia Cottage.

If you want to disconnect, de-stress, and experience living in a jungle-inspired setting for the long weekend, Sabangan Beach Resort will give you a new sense of home and belongingness.

Sabangan Beach Resort
Brgy. Laiya, San Juan
(043) 774 7198 / (02) 914 9640 /

19. Puesto del Sol Resort

INSTAGRAM: egnucup

A trip to Puesto de Sol Resort is nothing short of an adventure. Aside from their 21-meter infinity lap pool and fancy villas and casitas, this resort is famous for their marvelous sunset view, with the Calatagan historic lighthouse visible from the resort’s viewing deck as well.

Staying in this Calatagan gem, even for just a few days, is a treat for the whole family, for romantic couples, and even for a lone vacationer. It'll give you the fresh perspective you need to hit reset and feel brand new!

Puesto del Sol Resort
Brgy. Bagong Silang, Calatagan
(0915) 988 8011 / (043) 724 6883

20. Virgin Beach Resort

INSTAGRAM: emeyzinggg

For somewhere a little more quaint and charming, head to Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan. With more than a kilometer's stretch of pristine white sand and one of the cleanest bays you'll ever see, the resort promises an untouched and natural state that'll allow you to connect with the sea and its bounty.

With the resort’s open-air bamboo cabanas and the scenic Mount Lobo that serves as a backdrop to its jaw-dropping beachfront, Virgin Beach Resort is an unparalleled destination for those who want a quiet, calm, and soul-nourishing weekend.

Virgin Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan
(02) 815 2584 / (0917) 813 1301

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