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15 Finds to Spark Your Wanderlust at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

by Maia Marquez
February 23, 2019

After a successful run last year, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is back, better, and even bigger.

With around 2 million titles spanning different genres at 50-90% off, the open-24/7 book sale—(or in this case, 24/11 since it’s open for 11 days)—at the World Trade Center in Pasay can get a little overwhelming. But if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug like we have, then visiting the Big Bad Wolf’s Travel section might just be the perfect cure—or fuel—to your wanderlust.

While we have yet to decide whether or not our curiosity for seeing the world has been temporarily satisfied or if we’re even more inspired to pack up and go, here’s a list of some of our favorite travel-themed finds that lend a new meaning to booking that trip.

1. The New York Times Explorer: Beaches, Islands & Coasts

Discounted price: PhP 780

“Reading this gorgeous book and slowly taking in its photographs is a bit like a vacation in and of itself... There’s the feeling of having traveled somewhere incredible and relatively undiscovered in flipping through the pages. The writing is wonderful... but with its beautiful design and full-page photographs the images are far more immersive—and impressive—than ever possible on newsprint. Kudos to the editor for such a diverse selection of locales (many of which I’d never even heard of) and for including essays that along with revealing incredible places, explore the political and cultural complexities of travel as well. There’s escapism and luxury for sure but there’s also astute commentary; it’s like traveling somewhere fabulous with your smartest friend.” —Amazon Customer Review

2. Hip Hotels: Budget by Herbert Ypma

Discounted price: PhP 290

A fun read with excellent photographs, this book is also described by readers as a collection of recommended stays around the world that won’t break the bank. They all fit the Hip Hotel criteria of originality, a great sense of style, and an ideal location. Whether it be in a Marrakech medina, a Balinese villa, or a canal house in Amsterdam, both photos and narratives are going to make you want to pack your bags ASAP!

3. The 50 Greatest Musical Places of the World by Sarah Woods

Discounted price: PhP 230

More often that not, personal memories come with a specific song attached. But imagine the cafés where these songs were written, the bars where bands behind these songs were formed, and cities where music legends were born… From dance clubs to cabarets and mosh pits to jazz bars, this book takes you on a musical journey around the world. Think of it as a trip all over, accompanied by the world’s best-selling soundtrack!

4. The 50 Greatest Walks of the World by Barry Stone

Discounted price: PhP 230

Whether you’re all for taking the road less traveled or prefer to walk through famous trails, this book is for you. While most trails listed are located within the UK, it still is an insightful read featuring personal accounts, making it relatable and engaging. Perhaps this is the inspiration you need to embark on a long-distance walk in pursuit of discovering something new.

5. 501 Must-Visit Islands by D Brown

Discounted price: PhP 480

A perfect treat for beach bums and city dwellers alike, this book takes you through an experience of the world’s best islands. Whether they’re the most famous, the hardest-to-reach, the most off-the-beaten-path, the most culturally diverse, the richest in natural resources, the most untouched or the most commercially developed, you can count on this book to take you there. Consider this an easy-access pass to island exploration sans the hassle of leaving the comforts of home.

6. 501 Must-Be-There Events by Arthur Findlay

Discounted price: PhP 480

Experience cultural and religious immersion and take part in all the festivities and fiestas around the world. Witness colorful celebrations, sing along to joyful merrymaking, taste the best of what each cuisine has to offer, and meet, mingle, and live like a local simply by turning the page. Whether it be kite flying in China or Germany’s Oktoberfest, by the time you finish this read, you’ll be able to say, “been there, done that!”

7. Food Lover’s Guide to the World: Experience the Great Global Cuisines by Lonely Planet

Discounted price: PhP 480

“This is exactly what I was hoping for. As I've begun to explore the world, I find that I'm increasingly interested in the various dishes and ingredients used by other cultures; I love the history and the insights you get into daily life. Some of my favorites are in this book, along with beautiful pictures and detailed history/explanations. Lots of recipes are included, as well as recommendations on where to find the best local dishes when traveling. It's also very well made with a gorgeous cover. Perfect!” —Amazon Customer Review

8. Fifty Places to Dive to Before You Die: Diving Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations by Chris Santella

Discounted price: PhP 480

Ditch the road trips, plane rides, and your SCUBA gear—this book is all you need to discover what lies beneath our vast oceans. A collection of expert divers’ favorite spots, it introduces you to creatures big and small and waters shallow and deep of places near and far. Diving into the colorful underwater world has never been this easy or accessible!

9. Capital: Explore the World’s Capital Cities by Taraneh Ghajar Jerven

Discounted price: PhP 290

“This wonderful children’s book makes traveling and exploring the world accessible for young people. It can broaden children’s horizons, whether they are privileged to actually visit other countries at a young age, or whether this book and Jerven’s great wordsmithing as well as the beautiful illustrations are the only way they will get to visit somewhere beyond their home for now. A perfect gift for your own child, a classroom, a library, or a friend or family member’s child, this book will not only entertain them, but will also subtly help them realize how much big world there is out there!” —Amazon Customer Review

10. Map Stories: The Art of Discovery by Francisca Mattéoli

Discounted price: PhP 480

More than just an ornament on your coffee table, this book holds a collection of historical maps narrating voyages and explorations. Let your mind scour the world’s most enchanting places through fascinating charts and anecdotes, and be prepared for one-of-a-kind adventures to places like the South Pole, Petra, Angkor Wat, and even lost trails waiting to be discovered.

11. The Eco-Travel Guide by Alastair Fuad-Luke

Discounted price: PhP 350

Eco-warriors, rejoice! This book is your ultimate guide to green travel: from the whats and the whys, transit and daily commuting, and eco-friendly destinations, to products and resources that help you reduce your carbon footprint while traveling. It’s the perfect read to help you start traveling responsibly and without guilt.

12. A Traveller’s Year: 365 Days of Travel Writing in Diaries, Journals and Letters

Discounted price: PhP 480

A collection of travel and exploration stories, journal entries, and letters, this book features accounts from various contributors who have traveled to vast places across different time periods. Experience the world according to celebrated explorers and contemporary travel writers with two to three stories for every day of the year. Whether you take some time off every day for a quick read or you feel like flying through the pages in one sitting, you’re guaranteed to see the world through different sets of insightful, curious eyes.

13. Wonders of the World: Breathtaking Photography of the Planet’s Greatest Locations

Discounted price: PhP 160

Want to see the world’s most magnificent places without breaking the bank? This travel tin contains a 64-page photo book that serves as your ticket around the world. Experience the wonders of Rome’s Colosseum, Peru’s Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, the Northern Lights, and more through beautifully taken photos. And because it comes with nine souvenir magnets, too, it’s like you’ve just made your way back home from a great trip, complete with keepsakes in tow!

14. Travel Origami: 24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes by Cindy Ng

Discounted price: PhP 190

"The author's lightbulb idea is to transform travel-related paper stuff—brochures, picture postcards, sweet wrappers, maps, paper bags, bank notes, even drinking straws—into almost-instant origami mementos. Tah-dah—you are simultaneously recycling, occupying/entertaining the kids, and producing fun origami souvenirs. Magic! The projects are suitable for origami beginners. This title would make a fabulous bon voyage gift. Captivating keepsakes are just a few folds away. Guaranteed to bring a smile." —The Paper Craft Post blog via Amazon Editorial Review

15. How to Be An Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith

Discounted price: PhP 290

Not everyone is readily afforded the leisure of exploring places far and wide. Good thing that sometimes, all it takes to enjoy the wonders of the world is to stop and appreciate the little things around you—and this guided journal lets you do just that. Leaf through interactive prompts, quirky illustrations, and inspiring quotes to help you see each day in a new light. Immerse yourself in these simple tasks and activities and realize that there’s truly something worth exploring every day.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale runs from February 22 to March 4, 2019 at the World Trade Center in Pasay. For more updates and information, check out their Facebook page here.

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About Maia
Maia’s passions in life are to travel and tell stories. Born in the States and raised in Manila while having studied in France, her ultimate goal is to travel all countries of the world. While she’s not abroad, she spends time tanning at the beach, exploring the underwater world or chilling with her 14 dogs. Follow her adventures on her Instagram @maiawillseetheworld.

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