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14 Real Life Lessons You Can Learn from Trying a New Workout

by Marla Miniano-Umali
April 24, 2019

Fitness clichés are a dime a dozen. Team work makes the dream work. Practice makes perfect. Slow and steady wins the race. Just do it.

But clichés are prevalent for a reason: they are in fact a reflection of reality. And the reality is that our fitness journeys truly are rife with life lessons just waiting to be discovered. When you strengthen yourself physically, you toughen yourself up emotionally as well, creating space for discipline, perseverance, audacity, and grit. The fulfillment you get after a good workout is more than just an endorphin rush—it’s also a sense of pride in taking care of yourself, and the confidence boost that comes from knowing you’re doing your body, mind, and spirit a favor by sweating out all the toxins, stress, and negative energy.

Sounds great in theory except you haven’t come across the workout you’re in love with yet, or are getting restless with your usual routine and looking to switch things up? Our Fitness Flash Sale is the perfect avenue to explore different kinds of workouts to find the one that suits you best. Dip your toes into everything from yoga to boxing to barre, pilates to dance, crossfit to martial arts. Not only will you see what’s out there, you’ll also gain a deeper appreciation of what you’re good at, allowing you to eventually commit to the perfect workout for you.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Here are all the life lessons you can learn from trying these various workouts—all of which you can score at a steal for a limited time only.

Find grace under pressure.

Long-time crowd favorite barre3, a functional workout that combines movements from ballet, yoga, and pilates, is popular among all ages and personalities for a reason: it teaches you to be graceful (and to smile and enjoy the journey!) even when you feel like giving up.

Persist until the punches land.

Sharpen your reflexes and learn how to put the power in your punches at Elorde Boxing Gym, where a one-on-one boxing session develops your fortitude and perseverance. New to the ring? Don’t worry—your punches won’t always land but when they do, it’s going to feel pretty awesome.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Yoga isn’t just about flexibility and fancy poses. It’s about letting your breath guide your movements, allowing you to center yourself and be truly in the moment. Jumpstart your practice at Urban Ashram Yoga, and be on your way to total mind-body wellness.

Challenge yourself every day.

Daily exercise tends to get monotonous quickly, but not at F45 Training, where you can do a different workout every day for 45 minutes. Feel yourself becoming physically stronger with every lift, pull, and squat, and gain confidence with the help of the friendly coaches and the camaraderie they foster.

Small moves make a big difference.

At Physique 57, you can experience supermodel Chrissy Teigen’s favorite barre-based workout, a modern take on the famed Lotte Berk Method, where even the smallest movements make a huge impact on shaping you up and producing the results you want.

Just have fun!

At Curves® Philippines, ladies can spice up their fitness routine and enjoy a total-body workout through fun classes such as circuit with zumba, kickboxing, and tai chi, among others. Plus, a fitness consultation ensures you’re on the right track to achieving your goals.

Focus on what you CAN do.

Yoga can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating, but when you celebrate your small wins—such as simply showing up and taking time out for yourself—and improve at your own pace, it becomes more rewarding than overwhelming. Beyond Yoga allows you to deepen your practice and get better on and off the mat.

Keep going—you’ll thank yourself later.

Pain is temporary, and although a class at Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio definitely isn’t a walk in the park, it’ll all be worth it as you boost your flexibility, coordination, balance, and control, and discover a stronger, braver you.

It’s never too late to start.

Dreamed of being a ballerina as a kid but never got around to pursuing it? There’s still time to make it happen, thanks to Ballet Philippines, where aspiring adult ballerinas not only develop their dance skills but improve their posture and instill discipline in themselves as well.

Fight for yourself.

Gain crucial self-defense skills and grow tougher physically, emotionally, and mentally at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts, where you can dabble in boxing, Muay Thai, or Brazilian Jiujitsu. Feel your hard work pay off as you learn to fight smart and savor the power in knowing you can look out for yourself.

Go with the flow.

Express yourself with different kinds of dance at Movement Dance Studio. Ever wanted to get into K-pop dance, striptease, pole fitness, or aerial hoops? This is your chance to try! Get your groove on and ignite a different, more exciting side of you—all while getting in a good cardio workout.

Take a leap of faith.

A low-impact workout with potent results, Bungee Workout PH seamlessly marries dance and fitness training in a dynamic acrobatic performance that effectively tones your body, strengthens your core, and allows you to defy gravity.

You are stronger than you think.

Sweat it out and unleash your maximum potential by taking on Primal Ape Crossfit’s 5-day challenge, where you can push your limits at the biggest Crossfit box in the country. Slay your fitness goals and be reminded that you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Don’t stop surprising yourself.

Navigate the twists and turns of going beyond your comfort zone at Pole Dolls Dance Studio, where you can pulse to the beat and rake in the positive vibes as you burn those calories. Let your inner star shine and have a blast while you’re at it!

Get a chance to win a 1-month meal plan from Freshfuel when you avail of any of the deals in our Fitness Flash Sale. Available in limited stocks, and for a limited time only!

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About Marla
Marla Miniano-Umali is the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Philippines, Candy Magazine, and Summit Books. She has written four YA novels and two short story collections, and co-authored two poetry anthologies—including the travel-inspired The Maps that Contain Us. She likes long drives, snack pit stops, and adventures on and off the page.

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